t sql – SQL Server – Choose where to use split without declaring the function

SQL Server. Compatibility level 120.

I have a table in which a VARCHAR column contains semicolon-separated integral values. I want to SELECT against the values ​​in this column as if they existed somewhere in a column of ints.

Because of compatibility, I can not use STRING_SPLIT. I also can not create globally available functions.

If necessary, however, I can create a temporary table. How do I proceed? A kind of nesting of WHILE loops (one for the rows of the table, another for the semicolons in the string)?

Facebook page: Choose who can see your post and who can not

In the personal Facebook account, there is a feature that allows you to select your target audience Who should see this? Option as shown below?

Image from https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/guide-facebook-symbols/
Enter image description here

Is there a way to do the same on the Facebook page?

I do not want to block these users, but try to limit what they can see as they tend to send spam and write unnecessary comments.

Elementary Number Theory – Finding a Closer Lower Limit for $ {n ^ 2} choose {n} $

The standard lower limit of $ ( frac {n} {k}) ^ k leq $ $ {n} choose {k} $ gives $ n ^ n leq $ $ {n ^ 2} choose {n} $which is simple enough for my purposes, but I wonder if there is an almost equally simple, narrower lower bound.

For example, there is the very good lower bound of $ frac {4 ^ n} {2n} leq $ $ {2n} choose {n} $, derived from the binomial expansion of $ (1 + 1) ^ {2n} $but the above inequality would only exist $ 2 ^ n leq $ $ {2n} choose {n} $,

Is there a similar trick I can use for the binomial coefficient I'm interested in?

Ease of Use – How can users best choose items from a very long list in a responsive web app?

First of all – not ABCD … but autocomplete in the search (see Cyrillic, Greek or other alphabets).

Drag-n-drop is a nice feature, but consider it. 50 elements. I will be very time consuming. Click the item on the left to assign it to the group.

For mobile phones, my suggestion is to switch the view between Available <-> Assigned by simply tapping or dragging the dark gray bar up / down.

If your list of assigned items is long, it may also make sense to add autocomplete.
Autocomplete means limiting the list of available items to those containing the entered string.

I've tested a solution with dropdowns – it's difficult to implement because each new dropdown must exclude previously assigned items. And yet it is difficult to navigate in drop-down lists in over 100 lines.

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Why did you choose cloudflare?

Recent discussions have recently turned to CloudFlare. How many of us use it, whether business or small and paid or not. Whether they use their certificates or not and take advantage of things like Argo and Workers. Let's talk about CloudFlare. And in advance, yes, my signature is "CloudFlare Partner," but that does not mean that I can not be critical of them (like their cruel partner interface that makes me wince and hit my head against a wall). repeated).

Why use this service as a service that almost everyone relies on? Do you pay for a better plan than "Free" and if so, why did you choose this step?

What about the addons? Did you buy any of those, certificates or something like Argo? Why?

What use have you seen in CloudFlare over Stackpath, NS1, etc.?

At the beginning I will start this discussion with "We use CloudFlare Enterprise". Pricing is not bad at all for what it offers. We use Argo with Smart Routing and Workers to process Java Script, and we have uploaded our certificates to all Cloudflare Edge, making EV SSL less painful compared to communicating as a just-in-time certificate. We decided to enable QUIC and HTTP / 3 as well as Railgun.

Above all, our decision to choose CloudFlare over other vendors, such as Stackpath, was one thing: CloudFlare costs more for the enterprise plan, but is faster and offers additional benefits, as you can use CloudFlare Enterprise (and I think CloudFlare Business) Set failover for double redundancy (at least in the case of our network), so we could have six rather than four availability zones in the event of an Ashburn failure (and Ashburn has failed for any provider in the past).

Why did you choose CloudFlare?

canon – Choose a Black Friday deal camera and lens for on the go

In about 8 months I will be traveling for about a year and I would like to buy a new camera that I can take with me on my travels to take beautiful, high quality pictures with me. I mainly do architectural / landscape shots, but also some portraits and close-ups. I will travel to the following countries if it makes a difference:

Nepal, India, Korea, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Loas, China, New Zealand, Vietnam and Indonesia.

In the current Black Friday deals I try to make a choice between these two cameras:

Sony Mark a7r ii with 28-70 mm lens

Of course this is more expensive and I would rely on the 28-70mm lens to be interchangeable in my two different scenarios. I am worried that a complete frame does not make much of a difference and the lens that is in the amount that I would like to spend is not suitable for the type of photography I am going to make.

Canon eos m50 https://www.kamera-express.nl/product/12249577/canon-eos-m50-zwart-15-45-is-stm-50mm-f

This was my original choice and in this price range, I could afford me some really nice interchangeable lenses up to 1500 euros. Although I'm not a full-frame device, I'm not sure if it's surpassed by the above deal.

Is the full frame deal worth it or should I opt for a cheaper crop sensor camera with more lens selection? What will be the real difference for the end result?

Are there any other camera / lens options I should look for instead?

Before I choose my trading broker. – Discussions & Help

Before I select my trading broker, I have reviewed the trading platform of many traders. Traders can check FPA to see the review of various trading brokers. FPA is the best website to see how credible a trading broker is. Broker plays a very important role in forex trading. Because traders should invest their money in broker trading platforms. If a broker is secured and has all trading opportunities on his trading platform, a trader should choose that broker.

Graphic Design – How do we choose color gradients and flat colors for designs based on the image or attractive colors used?

Create creatives for social media or blog

We use gradient colors or flat colors for motifs.

My question is which way is the right one, based on the image we need to pick the color or random colors we will pick.

My answer:

In my opinion, I have selected colors based on the image we used in the creative.

Kryonet seems to have lost support. Should you choose an alternative?

I'm developing a project and need to build a client-server architecture. I wanted to use a library / framework hostet on (github). Unfortunately, I realized that this project received its last commitments almost a year ago, so I wonder if it's a good idea to use that for a new project. I mean, what are the potential risks and should I look for an alternative?