Javascript – How can I use the Chrome extension to get an HTML element from a website and display it in the extension?

I'm creating a Chrome extension and I'm responsible for it myself. I just have to add an element that appears on one page to my extension. Is it an API that I have to use?

Google Chrome – Brave Browser, top browser automatically complete in the address bar


I have set up Google as the default search engine and expect an automatic completion like in Chrome. I tried googling a solution, but I couldn't find a solution based on the scattered links I could find.

Chrome's drop-down list is below. It would expect to get the same or similar results.

P.S. I'll give an example with Google as the default search engine, but the same goes for DuckDuckGo. Autocomplete when I go to the actual page and not in the address bar of the browser.

Enter the image description here

Catalina – Why isn't Google Chrome showing up in the screen capture options in Security & Privacy Settings?

I recently upgraded to Catalina (which I now regret). After upgrading, I had many strange problems, one of which was unable to share the screen in Google Hangout Meet. I have followed some of the approaches mentioned in other forums.

The solution was simply where to go System Settings> Security & Privacy> Screen Capture and make sure Google Chrome is enabled. The problem with me, however, is that "Google Chrome" does not appear in the list when I go to the "Screen Capture" section. And I have no idea how Google Chrome should appear on the list. Can somebody help me with it? Thank you very much

Why do nonces work in Firefox but not in Chrome?

I created the nonce when I localized a script file:

wp_localize_script('cad-search', 'cad_ajax', 
    array( 'ajaxurl' => admin_url( 'admin-ajax.php' ),
         'nonce'=> wp_create_nonce('cad_nonce'))


However, if the nonce is evaluated in the function called via AJAX, the values ​​are not the same:

if ( !wp_verify_nonce( $_POST('nonce'), 'cad_nonce')) {
    exit('Missing nonce! Please refresh the page.');

This code works in Firefox, but not in Chrome.

google chrome – How do I make a non-printable website printable?

Some websites I've been to in the past have actually successfully prevented me from printing their content on my printer.

  1. How do you do that?
  2. How can I avoid that?

Unfortunately I don't remember which website that was at the moment … If someone has an example, it would be #

  1. A good example of this problem.

Applications – Is it possible to open new tabs / links next to the current tab in Chrome?

In Chrome (or Chrome Canary) I want to be able to open new links / tabs next to the current tab I am on. If this were on a PC, the equivalent would be tabs / links that open at the top of the tab tree / stack.

The best workaround I found is to select any text on the page of the current tab and then do a "web search" from the pop-up context menu. This will open a tab next to the current tab. Then I use this tab for what I wanted to look for. However, this doesn't work for opening links next to the current tab. And I would prefer it to be possible without a workaround.

Applications – is it possible to search for an open tab in Chrome?

Is there any way to search for a currently open tab in Chrome (or Chrome Canary)? And to get to the focus of that tab instead of just loading its URL into the current tab you are on.

Because of the way Chrome opens new tabs and links and throws them to the far right / bottom of the stack of tabs (and if it's a new tab, you'll be taken away and lose the currently focused tab you were on) Lose the tab focus / location you were in, and then have to go through a potentially long tab list to return to your location.

Catalina – How do I open the profile management window every time I open Chrome?

Chrome allows multiple people to use Chrome on the same computer, with each profile having its own custom bookmarks, settings, and accounts. By default, Chrome opens with the profile that was used when the browser was last opened.

I don't want that to happen. I want to see this screen when I start Chrome

Chrome profile selection

It's easy on Windows and Linux

How do I do this on my Mac?

google chrome – I want to change the location on youtube every time I visit

What I want is that every time I visit instead of going to, it goes to**, where ** is a random country code or the next one in a list ,

In this way I can see the YouTube homepage of another country each time I visit to explore different cultures / tastes.

Is there maybe a Chrome extension or some other way to do this automatically?