kubuntu – Google Meet streaming freezes but freezes when the Chromium window is pulled

I am using Kubuntu 18.04 and have a strange Chrome and Chromium issue when attending a Google Meet video meeting. When someone makes a presentation, or when too many participants share their video, the videos and presentation, as well as the entire contents of the Chromium window, are updated with a very low FPS (i.e. 1 frame per 3 seconds).

The strange thing is that when I drag the window onto my desktop, I see that the videos are smooth and have a high refresh rate. If I stop pulling the window, everything will go back to bad condition.

The same problem occurs in Chrome and Chromium.

I keep running:

  • 5.3.0-42-generic 18.04.4 LTS Kubuntu;
  • KDE Plasma 5.12.9,
  • KDE Frameworks version: 5.44.0
  • QT version 5.9.5.
  • Chromium Version 80.0.3987.87 (Official Build)
    Built on Ubuntu
  • Chrome setting If possible, use hardware acceleration: OFF (switching on does
    change nothing in my case)

Does anyone know what could be the cause and is there a solution?

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Vertical opening in PDFs with Microsoft Edge Chromium and Google Chrome

When I scroll through a PDF in both Chrome and the new Chromium-based Edge browser, horizontal cracks appear randomly, like in the middle line of this screenshot:

Screenshot of a broken line.

If I scroll the affected line out of the screen and back again, or if I select it and then deselect it, it will render correctly again. This has been happening to me on two different laptops for years and only under Windows.

Sometimes this just distracts, sometimes it makes a line difficult to read.

Is this a known bug and is there a way to fix it?

Chromium – capture Delphi input values โ€‹โ€‹(TChromium)

Good Morning

I'm using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create a chat layout for a messaging system I'm developing. All right, but due to a caveat problem I found in TWebBrowser, I switched to TChromium. It helped me in many ways, but I'm wondering how I can get the values โ€‹โ€‹of an input my HTML code. With TWebBrowser I used the following code arqID := Browser.OleObject.Document.All.Tags('input').item('arqID').value;

Does anyone know what equivalent function I have used in TWebBrowser (OleObject) in TChromium?

Chromium Browser: How do I move the BubbleDialogDelegateView widget without flickering?

I have a popup dialog based on views :: BubbleDialogDelegateView (similar to ProfileChooserView).

class WebViewPopup : public views::BubbleDialogDelegateView,
                       public ExtensionViewViews::Container,
                       public content::NotificationObserver,
                       public TabStripModelObserver,
                       public content::DevToolsAgentHostObserver,
                       public zoom::ZoomObserver,
                       public FullscreenObserver
static void ShowPopup(views::Button* anchor_button,
                        Browser* browser) {
  auto* popup =
      new WebViewPopup(anchor_button, browser);

And I have to move it from left to right (animating) when the window pops up. Similar to the Opera Easy Setup bar.
Is there a cross-platform way to move or animate a widget without flickering?

If I imitate the animation using the timer and gradually change the widget size, it flickers

void WebViewPopup::SetPaneWidth(int w)
  views::Widget* this_widget = this->GetWidget();
  gfx::Rect bounds(); //calculate new widget size
  this_widget->SetBounds(bounds); // flickers!

I found a window animation in chrom src ui wm core window_animations.cc and it works fine, but it uses aura and is only available on Windows.

Again, the main question: Is there a cross-platform way to move or animate a widget without flickering?

google chrome – Browser extension in Firefox / Chromium to retrieve the regex from the link text

I'm wondering if Firefox or Chromium support or have an add-on that lets you define a regular expression in the configuration. When enabled, there is a right-click option to "Regex Copy" links, with which the text is extracted from the link and put it on the clipboard. Is there something like that?

Chromium Single Executable Build

I followed the documentation here to create Chromium on Ubuntu 18.

I was able to build successfully with these flags gn gen out / amd64 --args = & # 39; is_official_build = true is_debug = false & # 39;

and to build that order

autoninja -Cout / amd64 chrome

The problem is that the output Chrome file is dependent on all other files in the directory. If I copy the Chrome file to another directory and run it, that error will be displayed

[0608/170138.585281:ERROR:icu_util.cc(165)] Invalid file descriptor for received ICU data.
Trace / Breakpoint Trap (Core Dumped)

How do I create Chromium so I can run it from a single file, as Puppeteer contains a single executable file?

firefox – HTML link with "noopener" and / or "noreferrer" in Chrome / Chromium causes unexpected behavior

There are several attacks when links are embedded in target = "_ blank", That's where rel = "noopener" rel = "noreferrer" should help.

I expect clicking on the following link


leads to a new browser tab with a new HTML5 session memory.

This works fine in Firefox 65.0, but not with Chromium 71.0.

Chrome / Chromium preserves the same HTML5 session memory.

Exactly the same behavior can be observed during use rel = "noopener" or rel = "noopener noreferrer",

The implementation status is listed under:

My questions are:

  • Is this behavior appropriate?
  • Am I missing something?
  • How can I achieve the desired behavior?

Continue reading: