integrity – Consider a Fraudulent bank website, would it violate all the aspects of the CIA triad or any one?

No, that’s not what the CIA triad is about. It’s about the data, not what will be done with the data later.

If the scam site uses proper TLS, even if the information ends up sold, the information on the connection is private because TLS encrypts it. So Confidentiality holds.

The same with Integrity. Using proper TLS means nobody can change the information being sent and received.

Availability is not about the website being taken down by the operator, but the operations of the site allowing proper operation.

Cia lix ME Pills

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Confidentiality – Why Define CIA in Security?

As we know, from the security demand, the CIA means:


I don't understand why define that Integrity and Availability.

  1. If we make a plaintext confidentiality, integrity is a whole plaintext, that's the basic, why is there a gold lily?
  2. if there defines that Integritythe decrypted plaintext must be usable so that the Availability the lily is also gilded.

Web Application – What is the process of developing secure software in NSA, CIA or FBI

I'm interested in how CIA, NSA and FBI protect their software when developing software. My company develops software and products that we want to make safer so that we can demonstrate the safety of our products to our customers. We come across tools like checking source code. What else do we have to think about when developing software and products? We looked at SQL injection and source code auditing tools. For example, does the NSA perform security checks? If possible, please give an example from the beginning to delivery and maintenance.

CIA experiments


I'm experimenting for the CIA right now and want to stop it now.
They ignore me and I do not know who to contact.
I am not free to do anything and it became dangerous.
It is against my rights as an American citizen.
Does anyone have a suggestion?
I am unemployed.
Is it against the Constitution to block a citizen without his consent?
Do I have to go to the Supreme Court to solve this problem? If so, are my thoughts enough or do I have to hire a lawful attorney …

CIA experiments