Schengen visa spouse British citizen with ILR

Yes, she can apply for a visa for a family member of an EU citizen. It does not matter how she got her ILR / residence permit / etc, which is irrelevant to the Schengen visa rules. She is the wife of an EU citizen and can therefore apply on that basis.

Since she has the right to apply for family members of an EU citizen, she has should do so – the application process for family members of EU citizens will be accelerated and will be free.

17-year-old US citizen traveling to Canada

I will travel to Canada while I am 17 (20 days past the age of 18) for a business conference and have questions about the page "Minor Children Traveling to Canada".

I do not currently live with my parents, which makes it difficult for me to get informed consent, but I've found that it says: "Minors trying to enter Canada without the right documents or with adults other than theirs Parents or guardians are together. "This means that you do not really need this form.

I wonder what the chances are of traveling to Canada alone with my valid US passport and no forms. Maybe someone with experience has an idea.

schengen – Regular weekend trips in Europe for non-British spouses (resident in the UK) of a British citizen

I am a British citizen and my wife is Indian and resident in the UK. We spend a lot of holidays in Europe (always together) and apply for a Schengen visa for them every time we plan a holiday – but this process is time consuming and we have to book flights, hotels etc. early.

We recently went to a VFS Global office to get a visa for our Italian adventure. The guy there said that there is a procedure that I can apply for and that my wife does not have to apply for a Schengen visa every time she travels with me (as long as we travel together).

Does anyone know this or a slightly easier long-term visa, etc., with which I and my wife can easily make last-minute weekend trips to Europe together? Very appreciated.

Visa – travel to France with a residence card issued by a family member of a Union citizen

I have Italian citizenship and my spouse owns a residence card of a family member of a Union citizen with the words "EU right of residence".

I'm planning a trip to France. I read that you do not need a visa if you have a residence card. Has anyone tried to make the journey with it?

Is it also important if I travel through the air with Eurostar?

Appreciate all help!

visa – Can a non-eu citizen within the schengen zone move freely (already inside) without a passport?

My current situation is that I have a residence permit for Germany (as a stamp in the passport) and would like to apply for a visa for Great Britain from Germany in the next few days.

I assume that the British visa office will take my passport during the processing time. Instead of waiting for the event, I would like to travel immediately to the Scandinavian countries during the holidays and return to Germany in one or two weeks to get my visa and passport for Great Britain.

I wonder if it is possible to travel without a passport within the Schengen area. Is a photocopy of passport and residence permit enough to prove the identity of the border control? Or what can I prove to be a valid identity permit for border control (if I stand in front of them)?

Visa – Indian citizen traveling via Bangkok from Vietnam to India

I travel from Vietnam via Bangkok to India.
My flight details are as follows:
Vietnam – Bangkok: Vietnam Airlines
Bangkok – Mumbai: Air India
Stopover in Bangkok: 2h20m

I would like to know:
1. Will the luggage be dropped off to India or will I have to pick it up in Bangkok?
2. Do I need a Visa for Bangkok? If so, can it be done in advance or do I have to do it only at Bangkok airport, as the waiting time is much shorter?

Ashish K.

usa – Baby with Father American citizen traveling to America

I am an American citizen living in Australia. My wife (Australian citizen) and baby (born here in Australia) live in Australia.

We're going to America in a few weeks. We received an Australian passport for my little girl, hoping to use it for her when entering the US.

My understanding, however, is that

  1. Any child born to an American parent is automatically an American citizen (at least until it is 18 years old) and
  2. In America, you must use your American passport to enter the country if you are an American citizen.

Does this combination mean that I have to register my daughter with the American Consulate here in Australia and apply for a US passport before I can travel to America with her?

Can an Indian citizen holding a UAE-registered visa travel to Kuwait on a visa?

I have a valid two-year residence card in the United Arab Emirates, but I have seen that I should have a specific name for entry to Kuwait (such as engineer, doctor, etc.) with a visa. However, in my UAE-based visa my name is "Sales". If I apply for a visa for Kuwait now, I can enter Kuwait if I apply for a visa online and do not go to the Embassy of Kuwait.