Travel abroad – can a Tunisian child with an EU residence card traveling with an EU citizen visit the United Kingdom without needing a British visa?

I am an Italian citizen and I live in Italy.
I would like to travel to London with my child for a week's holiday, but it has an EU family based in the EU, Italy, not a European (Tunisian citizen).
My question is, can my child travel without a visa?

My child has an Article 10 residence card. He will travel with an EU citizen (me).

international travel – does a citizen of Antigua and Barbuda need to apply for a UK visa?

Do I still need to apply for a UK visa while Antigua and Barbuda are among "countries whose citizens do not need a Schengen visa to enter a member country of the Schengen area for tourism or business reasons".

I hear that if I get the British visa, I will be more likely to enter the country while a Schengen visa will not automatically let you enter, and I can also travel through Europe.

China – What are the options for a British citizen to escape the corona virus?

At this point, it's best to stay at home, isolate yourself, and only go out when you really need it.

In some countries, the number of infected people is lower or already falling, as in the first infected area, but this is due to containment and isolation measures.
A new or second wave is expected to come, which in turn leads to restrictions. And probably no country in the world will escape while accepting people who visit or move in.

If you travel from the UK to another place in the world, there is a high risk that you will spread the virus. That will be for at least the next few months, but more likely for at least a year or even a few years. (This is the negative view, but it is realistic.)

At the moment there are enormous travel restrictions to prevent the spread of the virus, but also to keep people not far from home in a country where they have no support structure and no established life.
That could have changed by summer, but it can stay longer, nobody can predict that at the moment.

Travel abroad – where can I be returned if I don't live where I am a citizen?

How do repatriations work for people who do not live in their country of citizenship?

For example:
I am a Dutch citizen and live in Germany. The Dutch government contacted me to inform me of an updated travel advice for Germany, but they are not currently repatriating Dutch citizens in Germany (this would not make much sense for those who live in Germany). I am not currently traveling and probably will not be so soon, but what if I was in Spain at the moment from where both governments are from are lead their citizens back?

Would Germany allow non-Germans living in Germany to take part in German return flights?

Should foreign citizens residing in Germany first have to be returned to their country of citizenship and then find their own way back to their home in Germany?

Visa extension in India for a baby US citizen

I am an Indian citizen living in the United States with a dependent visa. My 5 month old son was born in the USA and now we are in India.
On arrival, the stamp on the baby's passport states that the stay should not exceed 180 days. (Until May 2020).

I applied for a visa extension for the baby online and received a certificate via email (no fee or personal visit to the office).
It says –

Service Granted – Registration certificate / residence permit valid
until October 2023

I just wanted to know if we want to extend our stay even after 180 days (May 2020) that RC is all that has to be produced at the airport when we return to the USA.
Do we need further certificates for the baby in India or the USA?

schengen – What type of visa should a non-EU citizen apply for for an unpaid one-month internship with a private company in Belgium?

A 22-year-old student who has just graduated will join a private company in Belgium for a month-long internship / training.
The company has provided no information or help with the visa that it needs to apply for. Instead, they said "please check what is possible on your site" (visa, accommodation, etc.).

Could it be that he only has to apply for a tourist visa and casually join them?

Any instructions or information before returning to the company and asking for information? I expected them to apply for a work permit for him (

untagged – Living in the UK as a US spouse of a pre-settled EU citizen – which of the different visa options is right for me

I am from the US. My German spouse works in the UK and has the status of a pre-defined EU comparison system.

What do I need to move to the UK permanently and live there (not to work)?

Various pages on the UK immigration website made me think I should either apply for one
Family visa, a family permit for the EU settlement system or the EU settlement system itself.

Which is it?

I know I can live in the UK for 6 months without a visa, permit or special status, but I need something for health insurance and the lease and probably other reasons that I don't know yet.