Import taxes – American citizen, Macbook was stolen and must get a new one

My Macbook was stolen last week. I need a new one for work, but I'm currently stuck in France until May 8 to fly back to the US.

It seems to me that I have two choices, both with big negative consequences:

  1. Buy a new or used Macbook in France
    • I'm pretty sure I have to pay customs fees when I enter the US because it was bought in France
    • If new, you will have to pay a French tax of 20% (TVA) on the original product and the US customs duty
  2. Buy new, ship to my parents in the USA, have them sent to me in France
    • If you receive the package, you will have to pay French customs tax (20% or more?).

In both cases, I see no way to get a new laptop without paying taxes twice, And I just can not afford that. Is there a way to buy a new or used Macbook without having to pay absurd taxes in both countries?

Can a resident US citizen with a phasing out Philippine passport travel to Mexico?

I am a permanent resident of the US with a Philippine passport and will be traveling from the US to Mexico City on March 13th. I just looked at my Philippine passport and saw it expire on March 14, one day after I landed in Mexico. Would I have difficulty leaving the US or Mexico? I read online that due to my permanent residency card I do not need a valid passport to enter the US and that Mexico does not need a valid passport for 6 months, which is only valid upon entry. I'm just wondering if anyone has answers here. Many Thanks!

Indian citizen – I will travel to Sweden for business reasons. Can I visit Londan from Sweden and how much British visa will it cost?

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The refusal of the Cyprus visa to the Nigerian husband of a Greek citizen

Enter the image description hereEnter the image description here
I am a Greek citizen and have been living in the Republic of Cyprus for three years. I recently married my husband, a Nigerian whom I met on the Turkish side (Northern Cyprus). Because of the problem with the Island Department, he could not enter the Greek side before returning to Nigeria and requesting a spouse's visa to fly across the country's borders. So he did it. He applied for the visa at the Consulate of Cuprus in Lagos and we have taken all necessary steps, including a bank guarantee of 850 €. The consulate asked for additional information to check the validity of our wedding. We were told that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Cyprus was not convinced that the wedding took place in Istambul Turkey (which allows the validity of these conditions), unlike the north side of Cyprus, where it would not be recognized. We have provided all necessary documents including tickets, boarding passes, hotel bookings and of course copies of the official Turkis wedding registration as well as my copy of the wedding registration in Greece! Without further discussion, however, they refused his visa, because they could not verify the authenticity of the documents provided! Today, I myself went to the consular department of the Ministry in Cyprus, found the person in charge of my case, showed them the original documents in my post and asked for their opposition to be lifted. Their answer was that the documents are indeed in order and valid, but since they have already declined, they can not change their decision. I have to go to a high court and challenge her decision, or wait three months to reapply !!!! Is that true? Can you do that? Can I insist that they re-examine the rejection? Since all our documents are correct? It's her fault, not ours !!! They confirmed that what I showed them is actually a valid wedding certificate! Please advise me what I can do! I can not wait to apply again, and the cost of lawyers and courts is too high! It's crazy!

Syrian citizen: USA Business Visa

I am a Syrian citizen and have lived in the United Arab Emirates / Dubai for the past 18 years.
I work in a French company and have to travel to the USA on business because the company has a project in New York. I am the head of the company's design engineering department and have been on tourism visas twice in the US The last visa expired last August 2018 with the last tip in 2017.