I am a double US citizen and South Korean flight attendant. Can I enter the US with a foreign passport?

Would I be able to simply buy my ticket with my Korean name and passport, but when I enter the US just explain my situation and show my US passport to show that I am a US citizen.

Yes. If you have documents that match your Korean name with your US name, it may be a good idea to bring them, but I doubt you really need them.

I suspect your biggest problem will be that the airline enters your passport without ESTA approval. If you can convince them that both passports are yours, you should not have a problem.

You can also try to apply for your ESTA Korean passport. We have received some reports about dual citizenship ESTA approval on this site, even though they have disclosed their US citizenship in the application. If you have an ESTA approval for your Korean passport, you do not even need to show the US passport to the airline.

When you arrive at the US Immigration Checkpoint, present your US passport. If you have any questions about the manifest of the flight, you can declare that you have booked the ticket under the Korean name and may even show your Korean passport.

Indian citizen – Canada Tourist visa with few connections to the homeland

I would like to visit Canada for two weeks for tourism purposes only. This is the first time that I apply in Canada. In the past, I was in the EU in 2017 and in England in 2018. I do not have a letter of invitation from Canada, although the two other visas I received with the letter of invitation. I have a decent business here in India. I am happy to book a return ticket and a hotel reservation in advance. In proof of ties I can show: –

1) Bank balance 10k
2) Itinerary (EU / UK)
3) Business registration documents
4) The last 3 ITRs (last year it was 6lakh)
5) NOC from my business partners on the letterhead of my company (and business account during my stay in Canada)

I heard that my case is not that strong because:
1) I have no invitation letter
2) I have not registered any property under my own name
3) I am single (not married)
4) Sudden transfer from the business account to the savings account

uk – How do I make a successful application for Irish visa as a family member of an EU citizen?

My husband is a British citizen and currently lives in the UK. I am a Pakistani citizen and currently live in Pakistan. I would like to apply for a visa from a family member of an EU citizen. I also have a letter of denial for a short-term study visa for the UK in 2017. I have read the documents required for the visa. Policy does not require you to provide an accommodation and travel plan and bank statements. However, I read some objections to a family member of an EU citizen for not providing accommodation and travel plans and for not showing their relations with Ireland.
I will travel to Ireland with my husband. The documents I have to provide are:
1. my passport
2nd copy of my husband's passport
3.Merriage certificate
4. Invitation letter from my husband declaring that he is a British citizen and will travel with me and has the right to free movement.
5. Letter from the applicant (I)
6. My rejection letter for a short-term study visa for Great Britain
What else do I have to attach to the application?
Please lead me.
thank you in advance

Standard visa for a British citizen

Okay, that's a very strange question.

My son is Bolivian and we apply for his British citizenship. Most likely, this will happen before we travel to the UK. But to be in the UK, if we have to be, we probably do not have time to get his British passport. My question is: is it possible to get a visitor's visa for him if he is a British citizen? Or is there a way to get into the country without a British passport? He will have a Bolivian passport.

Bolivian citizens can travel to the Republic of Ireland without a visa. Can we travel up, apply for the passport, and then live in the Republic until his passport arrives? I know, that's a very obscure question.

Paperwork – When registering with the police, if you are an EU citizen in the Czech Republic, is there a 30-day registration earlier?

https://www.policie.cz/clanek/reporting-of-the-place-of-aliensresidence.aspx states:

An EU citizen is required to report his or her residency within 30 days of entering the territory of the police if his probable stay is longer than 30 days. This obligation also applies to family members of an EU citizen if that EU citizen resides in the territory. The duty to report residence to the police does not apply to a foreigner who has fulfilled this obligation at the tourist accommodation.

Is there an advantage if you register with the police 30 days ago when registering as an EU citizen to visit the Czech Republic?

Paperwork – What happens if you register with the police when you visit the Czech Republic as an EU citizen?

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Indian citizen – Can I still travel to Australia on a TSS 482 visa for a vacation?

I have an Indian passport and a TSS 482 visa so I and my wife can work for my sponsorship company in Australia. However, I would not join my Australian company because I have another job offer in the US.

Can I and my wife travel and return to Australia on a TSS 482 vacation / vacation visa without starting employment?