Should the German citizens who supported Hitler be jailed or punished in any way after the loss of World War II?

This post smells of National Socialism, Professor.

I'll throw this in here before we move on to the modern stuff.

If you had publicly said something against Hitler after the seizure of power in Germany, you would have been killed.

That is, Trump is * not * Hitler.

You may not like him, but people who do not deserve to be punished for not agreeing with you.

I think people who make unconstitutional public service proposals should be excluded from politics, but even I can see my own prejudices about that.

ESTA question – British citizens traveling to the US and Canada

My brother and I are planning a trip to our uncle to Canada next year and will spend part of the time in the US.

The official ESTA online application form titled "Travel Information" will ask if your trip to the US is on the way to another country.

I am not sure if I should answer this question with yes or no, as we have planned the following itinerary:


  • Fly from London to Seattle
  • Pick up rental cars in downtown Seattle and
    drive north
  • Find a motel and stay overnight (possibly in the US or Canada)


  • Travel the rest of the way to our AirBnB in Canada


  • Leave Canada and return to Seattle
  • Return of the rental car and a few days stay in another AirBnB in Seattle


  • Fly home from Seattle to London

So, a few questions here:

Yes we travel to the US on the way to another country, but We could spend the first night in the US, and if so, does that mean we really are not?

When we arrive in the US, they will probably want to know where we want to go, and I'm worried that they will not be satisfied with our answer, which is basically going to be "I do not know yet, could stay in the US, could fly directly to Canada"

Even if we say that we plan to stay in a motel (no matter on which side of the border), will they insist on knowing which motel?

Us Citizens – Are There Any Special Requirements for Using the 144-Hour Visa for Chinese Transit?

I will travel to Beijing, China for 3 days in January. I have confirmed here that I qualify for the visa-free entry into China for 72/144 hours as a US citizen.

Do I have to do something before traveling to China? I read mixed information from various forums and websites. Some say I have to contact the Chinese Embassy and the airline.

This article for example:

Travelers should check this in order to be exempted from the transit visa requirement
Conditions of participation and confirm their eligibility with
local Chinese Embassy. Upon confirmation, travelers must communicate
their intention to obtain an exemption from the transit visa requirement for their airline
prior to travel. The airline cooperates with the border control
Officials granting transit visa exemptions to travelers meeting each other
Requirements for verification.

Does that mean I really need to contact the embassy and the airline?

My ticket is a one-way ticket from DFW to PEK (American Airlines). I have another ticket (booked via Chinese Eastern Airlines) from Beijing to CNX (Chiang Mai).

So I'm a bit confused, and if I have to do anything or just show up, I'll put myself in a queue and get on my way.

Does the second change indicate what kind of firearms American citizens are allowed to own?

Well, there are a lot of documents related to the original constitution and the Bill of Rights. The blunderbuss was popular then, as were sharp weapons.

But it's not the 2nd, but the voting. 2 / 3rds White and landowners who need to consider.

Are you 2/3 white? Who is? Ah not much. And "land ownership" is something other than owning property or buying a "house" or "condominium".

The "land" property has changed, but originally the "land" property meant that you were ready to hold the land for the United States against all anti-union occupiers.

The second amendment documents are formulated so that you have the right to do so.

Then, I believe, the first third, the sixth and the eighth follow.

Their rights as "land" bow to the larger rights of the United States as a formative country.

All landowners in the United States fall for it as a full-fledged venture, and the Monroe doctrine states that otherwise all rights to the original American English holdings go back.

Indian Citizens – Regarding the duration of the visa decision for Ireland from Germany

I am an Indian citizen and am doing my masters in Germany (Dresden). I applied for an Irish short stay tourist visa for 25 days and submitted the application with all supporting documents on 23 July 2019. I have planned my trip from September 13th to October 8th.
Now the Irish Visa website states that it can take up to 8 weeks (to be exact 6-8 weeks) to process the application, which honestly sounds a lot, but since I apply from Germany, I thought it would be faster, still to do.
Any idea if this is actually true? Has anyone (non-EU citizens resident in Germany) gone through this process? Does it take legitimately 6-8 weeks?
I am 24 years old and travel alone. Will this affect my application? And now that I have mentioned it, what are the chances of success? I know it's subjective, but if someone has had a similar experience in the past, all the information would be great. Does an application from Germany increase or influence the chances in any way? Because I think one of the main reasons for the refusal is that they are unsure if you would return, but since my semester starts from October 1st and I have submitted a letter from my university that says the same thing, it should work well, imo.

Do I have to apply for a visa before moving to Great Britain as a spouse / family of British Citizen? My daughter and I are US citizens

Yes, you do. You can find out which visa you need at

In summary, if your spouse is a British citizen and you intend to live permanently in the UK, you will need a family visa is £ 1,523 per parent / dependent claimant. You and your spouse must also meet the minimum income requirements and possibly pay a health supplement. The processing of applications from outside the UK usually takes about 12 weeks.

Does a Ryanair boarding pass issued to non-EU citizens work? No visa check indicated

I have an upcoming Ryanair flight, for which I have a mobile boarding pass for Malaga -> Cologne, and no visa-checking provisions, but the warnings on the Ryanair website are a bit worrisome. I had a visa check on my first flight 12 days ago (Stansted to Malaga), so maybe they will not need another visa check soon? Has anyone experienced that? I wish they had made it a bit clearer. I read every Ryanair thread out there and saw no one in my position. It seems strange that I was issued a mobile boarding pass for the app when I was not in the EU.

Album with difference to the boarding passes:

There is no room for a visa stamp on the new boarding pass. cheers

I would vote for a Democrat on Trump in 2020, but does one of them support strong border security and put American citizens first?

Trump says he wants stronger border security because the Mexicans killed people who could be linked to both his construction and casino operations. Both areas can be heavily affected by money and drugs.

The average Democrat will not care about Trump or his views because they want to send drugs along with illegal immigrants for their cheap labor.

It fits in with the democratic communist manifesto of the worldwide spread of democracy.

As an American, I do not want any of this, but I do not produce cash for the greedy and the greedy have a hard time using schemas at all.

In my opinion, none of the Democrats going beyond a possible Kennedy is worth a term.

Or a Roosevelt.

But you do not see her running now, right? Only used car and vacuum cleaner buyers who want to import more waste and sell it to illegal aliens are slaughtering the remaining few cows and other ranchers for Spanish and California gold. It is still there in its trillions.