Do Swedish citizens need a tourist visa for China?

According to the Consulate General of the People's Republic of China in Gothenburg:

Foreigners wishing to travel to China generally need to apply for a visa in advance. However, ordinary passport holders from Singapore, Brunei and Japan can gain access to China for up to 15 days without applying for a visa for business purposes, sightseeing, relatives and friends, or transit. You can enter and leave the ports open to foreigners.

Swedish citizens are not on the list of citizens who have visa-free access to China. So you need a visa to visit mainland China.

However, you can also visit Hong Kong without a visa:

Ordinary passport holders from Sweden can travel to Hong Kong for up to 90 days without a visa application for business purposes, sightseeing, visiting relatives and friends, or transit.

I recommend you to read this Wikipedia article If you want to know which countries you can visit without a visa. It is generally a good source of information. howeverAlso check with an official source before you actually travel to a country to make sure that you can really travel there without a visa. Official sources include: embassies, consulates, updated government websites (preferably official websites of the country you are traveling to), etc.

Usa – Does TSA Precheck work when US citizens leave US with a registered foreign passport?

I have a global entry about my US citizenship. During the application they asked me to indicate all the foreign nationalities that I own and to take these passports for interview (where they were inspected).

I'm flying directly from the US to one of my other citizenship countries (not a legitimate global entry country) and need to check in with my non-US passport with the airline (as the country is not visa-free for the US citizen). However, this passport was registered as my property during the Global Entry interview.

Does anyone know if the purpose of submitting my other passports was for security purposes only, or whether it also enables them to be registered and used for the preliminary check?

Us Citizens – Lost Italian Study Visas, Travel to UK

I am an American student who studied in Italy for more than 90 days and received an Italian study visa. Within the first 2 weeks here my passport and my visa were stolen from a hotel. I quickly got a spare pass from the US embassy, ​​but no more physical visa. I traveled in Schengen countries, but this weekend I travel to the UK. I am worried about returning to Italy as I have been here for over 90 days. Should not I risk leaving the Schengen countries? Or is a photocopy of my visa and the receipt of my Italian residence permit at the border check sufficient?

legal – Do non-Burmese citizens staying in hotels in Myanmar have to register with the local authorities? If so, how?

I read on (mirror):

Persons staying in hotels must register with the local authorities by law.

However, the page contains no reference and dates from August 8, 2013.

Do non-Burmese citizens staying in hotels in Myanmar have to register with the local authorities? If so, how?

British Citizens – My B1 visa was exceeded by 60 days because I misunderstood the date format

Due to a misunderstanding of I-94, I exceeded my B-1 visa by 60 days (I am British and misunderstood the data because the US stated and misread the month before the date.) 07/11/2019) , In my mind, I had no intention of staying beyond this date because I had to return to school.

However, I would like to return to the US next year, 8 months later. I only want to stay 3-4 weeks to visit friends and my friend. I still have a valid ESTA by September 2020. Can I return to the US?

Kosovo Citizens – Travel to Spain with a Kosovar passport. What are the results when you are caught?

Not only do you need a passport accepted by Spain, but also a visa issued by Spain in Skopje.

A Schengen visa issued by the other members does not apply to Spain,

Unfortunately, the given link to their message in Skopje is currently not working and the page of the Foreign Ministry does not contain any details. The EU side is a bit dated (2016).

Suppose you will be Denied entry if controlled at the border.

If caught in Spain without valid papers

  • is faced with a severe punishment

Traveling from Kosovo to the EU – European External Action Service (2016-05-12)

Where can I travel with a visa issued by Schengen states? **
With short-stay visas issued by the following Schengen states in Kosovo passports, you can travel to all Schengen states except Spain, Slovakia and Greece:
Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Sweden and Switzerland.

The short-stay visas issued by Spain, Slovakia and Greece are limited to Spain, Slovakia and Greece.

Spanish Embassy in Skopje:
Ul, 27 Mart, No. 7, 1000 Skopje, FYROM.
Tel.: +389 2 3231 002 / + 389 2 3215 411
Fax: +389 2 3220 612

On the entry requirements page for the Spanish Foreign Office you will not find information about what a passport citizens of Kosovo need.

USA – Traveling to Cuba via the US after June 2019 (non-US citizens)

I hope to visit Cuba for a few days during my trip to the US. I stay in Tampa, so a direct flight to Havana is possible and probably the cheapest option. I read about the travel restrictions when you leave the US and how they changed at the beginning of this year. I will try to find a way to travel in the category "Support for the Cubans".

I would like to hear from non-US citizens who have successfully traveled to Cuba from the US since July 2019.

What is an example of an acceptable itinerary? I would like to stay with one casa particularThat falls into this category, but I'm not sure other activities. I will plan it myself and not use a travel agency.

What process will I go through as a non-US citizen at the border when I go and when I come back? Do I have to specify a itinerary when I leave (and how many details are required), and do I have to provide proof of my activities when I return (and what do I have to show)?

What are the consequences of returning to the US if I do not have enough evidence?