[lifetime] Coastal city of Hyip As City build simulator

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Online date: November 14, 2019


Welcome to the economic game Coastal City. Here you can build your own city and earn money with it. Participate and convince yourself.
This project was developed by a professional team from SKY PROJECTS. We have developed a high quality, profitable and above all the most open and honest game for you.
Thanks to the integrated bux and the high-quality referral program, you can earn real money today without investing.

Plans (click on the picture):
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My deposit:
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Recommendation commission: 10% – 5% – 3%

Payment type: Immediate
Accept payments / withdrawal methods:
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google sheets – UHR Manchester City vs Everton Live Stream EPL Premier League 2019

CLOCK Manchester City vs Everton Live Stream EPL Premier League 2019

Watch live >> https://watchlivenow.org/soccer

Manchester City vs Everton As you can see the Premier League
How to play Manchester City against Everton
Premier League preview: Manchester City v Everton

Guardiola on Ancelotti's appointment in Everton: “I was with him, it was an honor to be with him a few times, to have dinner and talk, to meet with UEFA and to have private dinners. He is an incredible gentleman. He leads one of the largest and most experienced teams in Europe, the list is huge and if that happens it's because you are an incredible manager. I think it is incredible news for English that he is back and I think he can do an incredible job there. "

Ancelotti on Man City's table problems: “rpool won all the games. Therefore (Man City Trail). It's a fantastic run, but maybe Man City is not at last year's level. That is the difference. You remain a fantastic team with fantastic players and a fantastic manager. It's going to be a tough test, but we need confidence to be competitive and focus on our goals. "
What to know
Everton will play at Etihad Stadium and will try to win back a positive Manchester City result after losing their first round robin match. Everton is back on Wednesday playing against Man City at 12:30 p.m. ET at the Etihad Stadium. Everton has limited their last four competitions to one goal, so Man City should be prepared for a fight.

Meanwhile, City faced Sheffield United on Sunday, but Sheffield never followed suit. City didn't even leave Sheffield on the board and went with a 2-0 win. The goal was all a draw during the break, but Man City was the better team in the second half.

Her victories saw Everton 7-9-4 and Man City 13-5-2. We'll see which team can continue their success and which team will inevitably fall when Everton and City meet.
Manchester City will start in 2020 with a home game against Carlo Ancelotti's up and coming Everton team.

Everton has been unbeaten five games since his release and has won two out of two under Ancelotti.

City will welcome David Silva and John Stones back after manager Pep Guardiola releases the couple to play with. Both have missed City's last six games with injuries.

Guardiola could make changes to the team that beat Sheffield United at Etihad on Sunday while City play for the third time a week. Ederson will also return after missing a Sheffield United game through a ban.

City can temporarily close the gap and come up with a win on eleven points before Thursday's game. However, Pep Guardiola admitted that it was "impractical" to introduce City as a contender for the title.

Geography – How do I get a polygon for a city from GeoJSON?

Follow the instruction from the answer here:


I download the required city data in GeoJSON,


regina = Import["get_geojson.txt","RawJSON"];

Next I look at the format in which Mathematica stores polygon data:


So I get the coordinate data from the JSON in the correct format as follows:

data = Query[First@*"geometries",1,"coordinates"]@regina

But when I try to convert it into GeoPosition I get the following error:


GeoPosition :: ltrng: Invalid latitude
{{-104.65837970000000, -104.65687330000000, -104.64605760000001, -104.645, -104.64424790000000, -104.6414154999994, -104.64117950000001, -104.64115800000000, <<35>>, – 104.50330000000000, -104.50322160000000, -104.499201099999, -104.498408299999, -104.49734650000001, -104.49222179999999996, -104.49219340000001, <<178>>}}.

Whats going on here? Mathematica has a different coordinate system for GeoPosition?

python – City Construction Solution requires a timeout for extensive entries


The country of hacker land has n Cities connected by m
unidirectional streets. The cities are numbered by 1 to n,
The government recently decided to build new cities in the hacker land.

Your job is to simulate q Events. An event can be of two types
described below:

  • 1 x d : A new city n + 1 is built in the hacker land and connected to the city x, If d = 0 the direction of the new road
    is of x to n + 1, If d = 1 The direction of the new street is
    from n + 1 to x,

  • 2 x y : To press Yes If it is possible to move out of the city x to the city y, to press No Otherwise.


0 <n, m <= 50000

0 <q <= 10000

x, y always correspond to an existing city in the hackerland.

The total number of cities in the Hackerland will not exceed 50,000

A full description of the problem can be found here

My efforts

I tried to use one BFS here, however, all test cases fail except for the default due to a timeout. For these test cases n >= 4000. m >= 20000,


n, m = map(int, raw_input().split())
roads = {}
for _ in xrange(m):
    u, v = map(int, raw_input().split())
    if u in roads:
        children = roads(u)
        children = set()
        roads(u) = children

q = input()
for _ in xrange(q):
    c, x, d = map(int, raw_input().split())

    if c == 1:
        n = n + 1
        y = n
        if d == 0:
            if x in roads:
                children = roads(x)
                children = set()
                roads(x) = children
            children = set()
            roads(y) = children
        y = d
        visited = set()
        current = list()
        answer = "No"
        while current:
            parent = current.pop(0)
            if parent == y:
                answer = "Yes"
            if parent in roads:    
                for i in roads(parent):
                    if i not in visited:
        print answer 


Does anyone have a suggestion on how to optimize the solution?

python – Is there a weather website that I can scrape off with a city name?

I'm in a recruitment process for a small business and have received a strange homework assignment.
They asked me to display weather metadata such as wind speed and temperature for each location in the world without using an API,

The only option I see now is the scraping of an HTML site. I have not found a website that can only be scrapped with a city name. The only thing that is easy to scratch but requires a country code is wundererground.com.

Does anyone know a website like this? Or maybe you can recommend a different approach to this problem.

I use Python's BeautifulSoup library, but of course I use any other language / technology you recommend.

Thank you ;]