python – Is there a weather website that I can scrape off with a city name?

I'm in a recruitment process for a small business and have received a strange homework assignment.
They asked me to display weather metadata such as wind speed and temperature for each location in the world without using an API,

The only option I see now is the scraping of an HTML site. I have not found a website that can only be scrapped with a city name. The only thing that is easy to scratch but requires a country code is

Does anyone know a website like this? Or maybe you can recommend a different approach to this problem.

I use Python's BeautifulSoup library, but of course I use any other language / technology you recommend.

Thank you ;]

dnd 3.5e – What other spells can drive the Locate City Bomb?

The search for city bomb is a series of metamagic tricks that you can apply to any of these Locate city Spell that deals high damage over a very large area.

Typical process:

  1. occupation locate the city from Races of fate,

  2. Use the snowcasting talent of Frostbrand add the cold descriptor locate the city,

  3. Use the flash frost feat of Player Guide IIwhich can only be used for cold spells to inflict 2 cold damage to all snowcast creatures locate the city,

  4. Use the Energy Substitution feat of Deities & demigodswhich can only be applied to a spell that causes acid, cold, electricity, fire or sonic damage to convert the cold damage into electrical (or sonic) damage.

  5. Use the "Born of the Three Thunders" property of Complete Arkanwhich can only be applied to an electricity or sonic spell. This forces creatures inside, among other things locate the cityArea where Reflex should be stored.

  6. Use the Explosive Spell feat of Complete ArkanThis can only be applied to a spell in the area of ​​cones, cylinders, lines, or bursts, which allows a reflex save. As a result, those within the spell who fail reflex storage are pushed to the edge of the effect and suffer 1d6 of damage per 10 feet of movement.

If that locate the city Spells were banned. What other spells could use this combination of talents to achieve a similar effect?

The locate the city Spell has a radius of 10 miles / level; I would think a spell to have a similar effect if its scope was also very large (and if the rest of the spell had a similar effect) locate the city feat stack worked with it).


identify that – Yoshino, Japan – Where is the view over cherry blossoms and the city on the hill, surrounded by other hills?

I've already tried Google Reverse Image Search. I do not just want to fish, but teach me to fish! If you have never been here, please explain how you were.

Can I drive and just get out of the car to look out? I do not want to hike Or does drone photo-graph do this?

Enter image description here

Picture 2 on r / villageporn

Enter image description here

Are the microstates (Monaco, San Marino and Vatican City) eligible for a one-time Schengen visa?

If a person has a single entry Schengen visa, would a visit to these microstates be considered as leaving the Schengen area?

I know that Monaco, San Marino and the Vatican City are de facto Schengen but since they "stop" the clock for counting the 90/180 day rule (according to this question) for the time spent there, I wonder whether they do that Also consider it as an exit from the Schengen area.

Specifically, the question concerns the Vatican that other states may be of interest to OPs with a similar problem.

It would be quite a hassle to get stuck in the Vatican. There is only one hotel (Residenza Paolo VI) with prices between 125 and 320 euros. But it would be a shame to visit Rome and not the Vatican.

Hidden City Ticketing – Booking a replacement flight for a short stay

City A – City B – City C, all one card, about $ 220. The stopover in City B is only an hour, and City A – City B is a transatlantic flight. The direct flight for the first leg costs about 380 US dollars. A few hours later there is a direct flight City B – City C for $ 30.

My question: Does it make sense to book the entire route? and the single leg later, if I miss my connection? That's over $ 100 cheaper. The second flight gives me the guarantee of when I will reach the final destination. However, if I miss the connection, the flight in question may be full and I may have to wait longer. If I do not miss the connection, I will not take the second flight.

This feels like booking in a hidden city, but I plan to go all the way through the trip, so most of the concerns are not there. The remaining concern is that airlines do not like me or I do not allow myself to book two flights because I know that I will only take one of them (but I do not know which one at that time).

international travel – How to book a car in Bagan City before traveling to Myanmar?

I (French citizen with French, US and international driving license) would like to reserve a car for about 24 hours in Bagan City, Myanmar. I am not yet in Myanmar and would like to book the car before my arrival in Myanmar. How to book a car in Bagan City before traveling to Myanmar?

The only car rental company in Myanmar I found, Yoma Car Share, does not let customers book a car before they receive a Yoma Car Share membership card, which, according to their website, is only available at one of the Yoma Car Share branch offices in Myanmar.

Tupel Relational Calculus – Find names of people who own at least one house in every city in Canada

Determine the names of people who have at least one home in each Canadian city using the tuple relationship bill.

Bold are keys.

City(city ​​name, Country name, area, population)

House(ent, # Room, StNo, name of the owner)

Street(StNo, City name, length)

That's what I thought up:

{h.owner-name | House (h) and forAll c (City (c) and = "Canada") ->
(Does s (street (s) and s.cityname = exist and does x (house (x) and x.St.No = s.St.No and x.owner name = h.owner name))}

As I read out loud: "For all Canadian cities, there is a street with a HOUSE x, which has the same owner as the HOUSE."

Is that correct? I stripped my hair and tried to understand tuple relationship calculation.