optimization – A paper claiming that optimizaion version of symmetric TSP can be solved in polynomial time

In the following paper :
Czopik, J. (2019) An Application of the Hungarian Algorithm to Solve Traveling Salesman Problem. American Journal of Computational Mathematics,9, 61-67.

In the Introduction, the author claims that the problem is NP-hard. They proceed to give a exact solution in polynomial time.

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My problem is that if we can solve TSP optimization in polynomial time, we can also solve the decision version of TSP, which is NP-complete in polynomial time.

The TSP decision problem asks that given the costs and a number $x$, decide whether there is a round-trip route cheaper than $x$. let us denote $min_x$ as the smallest path that satisfies our conditions. we can find min_x from the above claim in polynomial time. Then if $x > min_x$, the answer is Yes else No. Thus, the decision problem can be solved in polynomial time.

But TSP-decision belongs to NP-complete and thus there cannot be a polynomial time solution. Where am I getting things wrong?

private key – Having trouble claiming BCH from pre-fork BTC (managed to claim BTG with no issues)

I had some BTC in an old Jaxx wallet, that was then later updated to Jaxx Liberty wallet.

Though I held the BTC before the BCH fork I’ve never seen the BCH appear in my Jaxx Liberty wallet.

Using my private key I’ve managed to retrieve my BTG into a new ElectrumG wallet so I was hoping it would be just as straight forward to claim my BCH into a new Electron Cash wallet.

I’ve tried both Wallet > Private Keys > Sweep… and Import… to claim the BCH, but both fail when I provide my original BTC private key in the followings ways:

Sweep: “No inputs found. (Note that inputs need to be confirmed)”

Import: “The following addresses were added: (address was here, removed for posting)”

My BTC address is of the older variety starting with a 1, in case that’s relevant to my troubles.

Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?

Reason behind claiming from crypto faucets? | Proxies-free

That’s good if you have more referrals , earnings will be decent. But to get referrals we need to spend some money as well.

Yeah even when I was a newbie to cryptocurrency,I was interested in claiming faucets. But later felt it as a waste of time , so I switched on to other high paying platforms.

Yeah especially for the tier 3 countries , faucets are good way to spend time earning a little crypto.

I have seen people earning 5000-7000 Satoshis everyday spending everyday claiming from faucets. But the thing is reward is not worth the effort and time we invest in.

Ya same reason I have left claiming from faucets.

Does claiming that white people (as a group) benefit from “white privilege” and that all whites are racist help race relations in the US?

One cannot have been born and raised in America without being affected by racism:  either as a victim or as a perpetrator.  Since the country was founded on racism, and since that racism was perpetrated by white people who were in power, it stands to reason that all whites are racist to some degree.  This does not mean that blacks are not racist – many are.  But when you are racist (like whites) and you also have the power (like whites), the fruitage of that combo obviously is heavy against the blacks.  And it is unrelenting.  Implicit bias is undeniable.  So there is no point in trying to do that.

As for whether the claim that white people benefit from white privilege helps race relations, we have to know our enemy before we can defeat it.  White privilege is the undeniable result of white racism perpetrated and perpetuated against blacks.  If we cannot identify and understand the enemy, how can anyone possibly defeat it?

What do you think about Cons claiming that before Trump posted the video Twitter altered the link to a White Power video making him look bad?

What do you think about conservatives claiming ‘Left-wing Democrats have been ******* on low-income Black folks for generations’?

What do you think about conservatives claiming Black Lives Matter act like Hitler Youth in the 1930’s ?

What do you think about conservatives saying that putting an end to corruption in police, judicial, wealth and politics well stopping bigotry, hatred, prejudice and Ignorance is waging war on White folks in America?

Is Juneteenth an illusion claiming the liberation of black people?

No.  The end of slavery is different from the continuation of discrimination against African Americans. 

Juneteenth is the oldest nationally celebrated commemoration of the end of slavery in the United States.Slaves in Texas weren’t actually freed until the arrival of Union troops in Galveston, Texas on June 19, 1865, although they had officially been freed by the Emancipation Proclamation. The Emancipation Proclamation had become official two and a half years before, on January 1, 1863.  Slaves in Texas, however, remained enslaved due to the lack of Union troops to enforce the freeing of the slaves.

Libs don't you feel like fools right now after citing this horribly flawed study claiming hydroxychloroquine is ineffective in treating Covid19?

They actually think liberals are capable of shame. How can self-righteous, selfish people ever be put to shame? It was funny to see liberals try to downplay a medicine that saved lives. Rita Wilson took it to save her life, then complained about how terrible the side effects were. As if people should die instead of tolerating the minor side effects. I knew that Tom or Rita would find something to criticize the medicine that had just saved their lives

Check out all the miserable democratic sheep rushing here to publish their predictable ridiculous responses, imitating Democrat propaganda like the weak useful idiots they are so happy about. I wonder what you hope to publish online rants.

Why do liberals keep saying that we live in unprecedented times? Viruses are neither new nor are the fake liberal media claiming that we will all die?

These are unprecedented times in our lives. Have you ever been isolated or have you practiced social distancing? Shares are in the largest one-day decline due to the coronavirus crisis. Restaurants have been closed, travel has stalled, an unprecedented number of people have applied for unemployment benefits, and nearly 20,000 Americans have died since the virus made its debut. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Is that common with you? Have you done that before? If not, it is unprecedented.

Does a Paladin use the oath of revenge to concentrate when claiming his enemy's vows?

I play a game where I have a paladin who has taken the oath of revenge. With this oath, I like my Channel Divinity options and spells Hunter brand and sign,

In my game, I spoke the magic Hunter brand on the enemy in my first round. Second round of the fight I have taken my vows of the enemy. The answer of the DM was that I can not do that. He said it would require my concentration and break with it Hunter brand,

Channel Divinity is not a spell, according to this question:

Does Channel Divinity / Turn Undead the Sanctuary Break?

I can assume that no concentration is required because the PHB does not indicate that concentration is used. The channel divinity options can only be used once per short or long break, making them a very limited resource.

How can I convince my DM?

This is not a game breaker. In the game I dropped Hunter brand because my DM said it requires concentration. I missed the attack where I had an advantage. Then the giant was killed by the other adventurers in my group before I could do anything.