Class diagram of an Hotel Management System

I am given the following system description :

Consider a hotel
management system to manage a group of 5-stars hotels. If this system is modelled using OOP methodology, and the classes are identified as Hotel, Trip, Room, VIP Room, Regular Room, Suite, Customer, Payment, Cash_Payment, Credit_Debit_Payment, Reservation.

Now I need to draw its UML class diagram, here is my solution :
enter image description here

I have related the customer class indirectly with the Hotel using the reservation class which is related to the Room class and Trip class and both of them are related to the Hotel class is this a valid solution ?. Also, did I miss any composition or Aggregation relationships? Finally, are these multiplicities right? I am just participating in some problems for class diagrams to understand it, so please help me.

spring boot – CE_CLASS_ENVY Method excessively uses methods of another class Java

Spotbug is giving the violation for the below code

    class LocationServiceTest {
    LocationService locationService;
    void shouldFetchAllLocation_whenQueried() {
       when(locationService.findAll(any(),any()).thenReturn(List.of(location("LOC1"), location("LOC2"))
   private Location location(String id) {
        return Location.builder()

This method(location) makes extensive use of methods from another class over methods of its own, but the method location(String id) calling in the same class only not in any other Test class but still gives this spotbug violation .

Thanks for your help !!

software – Could you help me understand what a problem domain is and how can I build my class diagram based on it?

So I just started studying Software Engineering because I am really interested in it and my professor in London asked us to create an app which is like Instagram (only theoretically, without the actual implementation of code) and I would like some help on something.

I have started with writing and studying different parts, like risk analysis and everything and now I just created a class diagram with the classes that are in my opinion essential for the project. Like content, photos, users, display, etc. What I really haven’t understood is that we needed to draw the class diagram based on the problem domain of my case.

Maybe it’s because of my lower English level, but problem sounds literal to me and while some websites mention that the problem domain relates to the risks and the problems of your project, others say that the problem domain is whatever is essential for the creation of the app.

Can someone please elaborate on that? You will really help me get deeper into the project because it’s very confusing and they haven’t explained it so much at uni yet..

Thanks 🙂

dnd 5e – How much does this Favored Foe tweak for the Ranger’s class feature from TCoE buffs the Rangers when compared to other martial classes?

I want to tweak the Favored Foe optional class feature for the Ranger from Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything

I’m fairly disappointed with the Favored Foe optional class feature for the Rangers released in TCoE, it’s essentially just a worse Hunter’s Mark. This feature allows more versatility with your Foe Slayer feature at level 20, but it also locks your concentration. Since it’s a worse Hunter’s Mark, Favored Foe will probably see less use until you get Foe Slayer (and how many games reach level 20?). The only saving grace to this feature is the improved action economy. Two weapon fighting or crossbow expert Rangers might see some use out of this.

While the UA version is definitely better in terms of damage, I’d have to agree with this Reddit post that says that the UA version incentivizes 1 level dip to the Ranger class, but doesn’t incentivize more levels in Ranger. User u/ZatherDaFox added “One of the ranger’s biggest issues has always been a lack of really cool mid and late game abilities to justify taking the class that high.

Now, I’m trying to come up with a solution after Favored Foe was officially published in Tasha’s Caudron of Everything. tl;dr, here’s the changelog:

  • Renamed it to Hunter’s Mark
  • If you take this optional class feature, it replaces your Favored Enemy class feature and removes the Hunter’s Mark spell from this Ranger’s spell list
  • The damage still scales exactly the same as TCoE’s Favored Foe, but now it applies to every attack that hits (even spell attacks)
  • Added the advantage to track and find it bit from the Hunter’s Mark spell
  • Duration is 1 hour, following the Hunter’s Mark spell
  • Number of uses equal to proficiency bonus per short or long rest
  • At level 11, it no longer requires concentration

Hunter’s Mark

1st-level ranger feature, which replaces the Favored Enemy feature and works with the Foe Slayer feature. Furthermore, Hunter’s Mark is removed from your spell list.

When you hit a creature with an attack roll, you can call on your mystical bond with nature to mark the target as your favored enemy for 1 hour or until you lose your concentration (as if you were concentrating on a spell). Until your concentration ends, you deal an extra 1d4 damage to the target whenever you hit it with an attack, and you have advantage on any Wisdom (Perception) or Wisdom (Survival) check you make to find it.
    You can use this feature to mark a favored enemy a number of times equal to your proficiency bonus, and you regain all expended uses when you finish a short or long rest. This feature’s extra damage increases when you reach certain levels in this class: to 1d6 at 6th level and to 1d8 at 14th level. Furthermore, once you have reached 11th level in this class, this feature no longer requires concentration.

What this aims to fix:

As stated before, I want people to want to play the Ranger class and experience them at higher levels, not just as one level dips. I play a Ranger in my homebrew campaign, but I use the Revised Ranger UA version because the PHB just seems very DM-/campaign-dependent and, to me at least, is poorly designed compared to the other classes. Tasha’s has introduced a lot of new optional class features for the Ranger that I’m eternally grateful for (I’ll literally never take the PHB Natural Explorer ever again). So it sucks to see that one of them just barely misses the mark (get it? Hahah).

The changes don’t really alter the playstyle of the Ranger prior to level 11, I think. I set the uses at PB per short or long rest since this Hunter’s Mark can’t jump between targets when you reduce one to 0 hit points. And every Rangers still need to contemplate the usual “do I drop my Hunter’s Mark now and try something different, or should I stick with it?” This has always been a problem with me in my campaign, and in its current state I do plan on multiclassing into Rogue very soon, since I don’t think I can utilize many spells because my Wisdom is not that high. I know that sounds more like a me thing but Wisdom is not generally the Ranger’s main ability score either, so it’s usually lower than their Dexterity, de-incentivizing creative uses of spells with a saving throw or a to-hit.

This changes in level 11, though. This Ranger’s Hunter’s Mark now no longer requires concentration. I read somewhere (can’t find it anymore) that advised people who wants to homebrew stuff to stay away from altering the concentration mechanic in D&D 5e, among other things (action economy was also mentioned). I removed the concentration at level 11 because it’s entering a new tier of play, so I think it’s a fitting jump in terms of prowess for this class. Also, since it no longer requires concentration at this level, Rangers can now try more experiments with their spells! It removes one decision point in combat for the Ranger, which I think is a good thing.

The Ranger’s current level 11 class feature is tied to their subclass, so this adds another oomph to those as well. But, I am also deathly afraid that messing with concentration like this is going to overpower the Ranger when compared to the other martial classes. My biggest argument is that the Paladin gets Improved Divine Smite also at 11th level, which is very similar to this Hunter’s Mark since it a straight damage buff.

tl;dr, the question: do these changes for Favored Foe, now renamed Hunter’s Mark, significantly buffs the Rangers, to the point of overpowered when compared to the other martial classes?

java – openjfx package is installed but I still get a NoClassDefFoundError when loading any javafx class

Hello I have been trying to export my javafx application as a runnable jar file and I get a NoClassDefFoundError when my application tries to load any javafx class:

Error: Unable to initialize main class
Caused by: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javafx/embed/swing/JFXPanel

I am using debian, both the openjdk-11-jdk package and the openjfx package are installed on my system.

My application works from within eclipse using javafx through gradle, I only get this error once I export the project as a runnable jar file and run it in the command prompt using java -jar

Any suggestions on what could cause all javafx classes to be unavailable like this? Again, the openjfx package is installed

dnd 3.5e – How to get your first 1d6 sneak attack without class levels?

There are numerous ways to get additional d6’s worth of sneak attack, but almost all of them require that you have 1d6 (or more) sneak attack before you can take them. How does one get +1d6 sneak attack damage from non-level sources when one has no sneak attack?

There is at least one way—Martial Stance (assassin’s stance) from Tome of Battle, which actually gives +2d6—but that isn’t available until 12th or (if the DM is generous) maybe 9th, and requires another feat besides.

  • Any Wizards of the Coast published 3.5e material, as well as any 3.5e content from Dragon and Dungeon magazines, is legitimate.
  • While stuff earlier than Martial Stance’s 12th is preferred, any content available pre-epic is acceptable.
  • Epic content is not allowed, even if you somehow cheese into it prior to epic levels.
  • Any kind of polymorph or shape changing is not allowed.
  • The sneak attack must be available on a continuous, permanent basis. A magic item is acceptable, as is a 24-hour daily effect (e.g. spell), but not anything less than that.
  • Persistent Spell, and any other means of turning a less-than-24-hour-duration spell into a 24-hours duration spell, are not allowed.
  • LA counts as “levels” for this purpose, as do RHD. No ECL can be consumed by a valid answer.
  • Bloodlines are not allowed.
  • Any form of “undoing” levels (e.g. level loss from energy drain or resurrection, curing lycanthropy, various rituals) is not allowed.
  • No assumptions about which classes are taken may be made, though you may leave achieving the necessary BAB/saves/skill ranks as an exercise for the reader so long as they’re non-epic values.

Really, what I want is feats and/or magic items that just say “you gain +1d6 (or more) sneak attack,” not some kind of shenanigan. Assassin’s stance proves it exists, and I’m fairly confident there’s some more out there (some named magic weapons, IIRC?). If you’re inclined to suggest a shenanigan, you may be well served running it by me in a comment before you spend your time—I have made every effort to provide a thorough list of the things I’m against, but if an answer manages to prove me wrong, I’m still not going to be happy with the shenanigan.

python – I have a script about class and inheritance get the info about student has already graduated or not

I have a script like below
I want to optimzize my code

class Person:
def __init__(self, fname, lname):
    self.fname = fname
    self.lname = lname

class Student(Person):
def __init__(self, fname, lname, isgraduated):
    super().__init__(fname, lname)
    self.isgraduated = isgraduated

def check_graduated(self):
    yes = 'graduated'
    no = "haven't graduated yet"

    return yes if self.isgraduated else no

def introduce_self(self):
    statement = ''
    if self.isgraduated:
        statement += 'congratulation!'
        statement += "I'm sorry"
    return f'Hi {self.lname} {self.fname}, {statement} you {self.check_graduated()}'

Any neat Pythonic way make my code cleaner? Thank for reading

dnd 3e – Do you get feats in addition to feats you get from your hit dice as a monster class?

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