dnd 5e – Can you wield a Greataxe and Claws with the UA Barbarian Path of the Beast?

The UA Barbarian Path of the Beast has the following option when you rage:

Claws. Your hands transform into claws, which deal 1d6 slashing damage on a hit. When you take the Attack action on your turn and make an attack with your claws, you can make one additional attack using your claws as part of the same action.

Can a level 5 Barbarian attack with a Greataxe or other two-handed weapon then attack twice with their claws?

This would look like this:

—- Take Attack Action —-
attack with Greataxe (1d12+2+STR)
attack with Claw (1d6+2+STR)
attack with Claw (1d6+2+STR)

On one hand it seems that it is allowed by the rules considering nothing is mentioned about only attacking with the claws or that the claws cannot hold a weapon.

On the other hand it seems odd to make two attacks with claws while holding something.

On the third hand (which may or may not be required) the feature makes no mention of the claw attacks needing to be from different hands.

dnd 5e – If an Eldritch Knight has a Weapon Bond with cat claws, when summoned, does the cat teleport with their claws?


The Weapon Bond rule describes summoning as teleporting the weapon.

There is no rule (that I am aware of) indicating an appendage of a creature can be teleported separately from the creature.

The only rules regarding separating appendages from creatures is an optional rule for lingering injuries (DMG 273) which stipulates criteria which would not be met in this case.

  • They take a critical hit
  • They are dropped to 0 HP but aren’t killed
  • They fail a death saving throw by 5 or more

Since the natural weapon “Cat claws” is summoned and they can’t be separated from the ‘cat creature’ by teleportation, then the cat is transported whole.

The cats natural weapons are an appendage of the creature, the summoning teleports the natural weapon “Claws” but these claws are integral to the cat, so the cat itself is summoned.

To bring the point home I’ll make an analogy. When an Eldridge Knight summons a sword, the hilt and pommel are also teleported, even if they are very ornate.

Can an Eldritch Knight bond with natural weapons?
This well reasoned answer indicates yes.