magento 1.9 – Catalog search database issues – Clean up unused data

We have recently encountered a problem on our Magento site because we believe that the search function of our site was overloaded by security or SPAM attacks that overcrowded useless data in our database mage_catalogsearch.

The following is the data for the following tables in phpMyAdmin:

phpMyAdmin (database teamss5_mage1)

mage_catalogsearch_query 1,782,506 InnoDB utf8_general_ci 215.5 MiB
mage_catalogsearch_result 700.538 InnoDB utf8_general_ci 47.6 MiB

You can see that these lines store a considerable amount of data. We try to keep the size of our database as small as possible to ensure optimal site performance.

When logging in to the Magento administrator, we also notice that when navigating to "Catalog> Search terms" there is 89.126 Pages and total 1,782,506 Records found. That seems to be an incredibly large amount of data.

Does anyone have any idea what this might have caused and how we can clean up these pages and records so we can streamline our Magento site? Is it possible to trim or delete these records without compromising our site and causing it to crash? And if so how?

Please tell us how to fix this. We thank you for any support!

You can also see the following screenshots with image links to better understand the problem:

Reference requirement: clean interface between subdistributors

To let $ N_1, N_2 $ be two smooth subdistributors in an environment distributor $ M $,
There are two definitions of clean intersection between $ N_1 $ and $ N_2 $:

  • $ N_1 $ and $ N_2 $ clean cut if $ N_1 cap N_2 $ is a smooth sub-variety, so that $ T_x (N_1 cap N_2) = T_xN_1 cap T_xN_2 $ for each $ x in N_1 cap N_2 $,
  • There is around everyone $ x in N_1 cap N_2 $ a diagram $ (U, phi) $ so that $ phi (N_1 cap U) $ and $ phi (N_2 cap U) $ are open subsets of affine subspaces $ V_1, V_2 subset mathbb {K} ^ d $,

No doubt, with the implicit set of functions, you can provide elegant (or not so elegant) proof that both definitions are equivalent. But if possible, I would like a reference (to a standard textbook?). Do you know some?

.net – c # Does the assertion method use bad or not clean code?

I read Uncle Bob Martin's Clean Code and now have a question about the code I wrote. Is using a method as an assertion method good or bad for clean code? example

// Simple example
public class EmployeeSearcher
    private readonly _service;

    public EmployeeSearcher(IWebService service)
        _service = service

    public Employee GetEmploy(int id)
        var myEmployee = _service.GetById(id);

        // DoStuff...



    // Assert Method
    private void ThrowIfNotEnabled(bool isEnabled)
            throw new MyCustomException(State.EmployIsNotEnabled)

PS: Resharper has an attribute (AssertionMethod).
Thank you very much

Plugin Development – Clean array in WordPress options page

I have an array like this

(select_post_template_repeater) => Array
            (0) => Array
                    (0) => post
                    (template) => Array
                            (0) => Array
                                    (0) => 234




Is it the right way to do it this way?

$sanitary_values = array();
        if (isset($input('select_post_template_repeater'))) {
            foreach ($input('select_post_template_repeater') as $key => $value) {
              sanitize_text_field($value (0));
              intval( $value('template')(0)(0));
            $sanitary_values('select_post_template_repeater') = $input('select_post_template_repeater');

canon – stain on photos – can not figure out how to clean

I bought a Canon eos 6d about 10 months ago and all my pictures are stained at the top center of each photo. I looked back at a picture the salesman had shown me before I bought the camera, and that was in his picture as well, but I never noticed it zoomed out that way.

In any case, I noticed that the stain is NOT present when I make a video with the camera.

I tried cleaning the sensor with Amazon sensor cleaning strips, and that did not help. I just do not understand how the stain can be there. It does not matter which lens I use, but not here on videos (taken with a bright background to see them).

Suggestions or help would be appreciated.

Thank you very much,


ARIN / RIPE LOA & # 39; s | IPv4 for the transfer | Residential real estate / RDP | Clean up IPv4 for ALL uses NO IPJ

The Letter of Approval (LOA) includes:

2 x ARIN / 21
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The IPv4 is 100% Comcast. You can have all ports open, but we recommend that you block MAIL !! We are looking for the right operation that knows how to use it properly in the long term. This is for a proxy, a VPN, or a larger enterprise, where many ports and users require a large bandwidth. This is not a good product for the customer of Small Fry Single Consumer Shoe stores.

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We've expanded our Verizon Wireless product offering with additional geoip sites and features that are suitable for both social media and use.


* Unlimited IP pool
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* US based wireless RDP IPs
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This is an excellent service for:

– Anonymous market research
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Other locations to be launched in 2019:
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In the past, you were tied to one of the Geoip locations when you set up a line. We've updated this product offering so you can now navigate in ALL available geoip location pools. You can do this through a Chrome / Firefox browser plug-in (Squid Proxy also available).

The Verizon wireless system is ideal for customers who use social media or who engage in competition that requires anonymous surfing. However, if throttled at any time, you can change your IP address within the platform as often as you like. With just one click you can change your Geoip from one city to the next! For those who use social media or similar applications, this is a great solution that works well for customers since we launched them 18 months ago.

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If you need virgin, clean IPv4, we can offer / 24 to / 19 in ARIN and RIPE. These are delivered on one or more servers and monitored for abuse. Virgin Clean IPS are a premium service and reasonably priced. We do not offer smaller quantities than a / 24 assignment, and these ranges are not available through LOA. If you have further questions, please contact us directly with your inquiries.

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– Tampa

– Amsterdam
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Note: Some of these locations are premium services / prices. However, if you really need these locations for data centers or RDP locations, they are possible if you have the budget.

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Premium Services are only available for the purchase of discounts or promotions if announced. These are available at extra cost. Not available in all data center locations and limited by inventory. Additional configurations available in ARIN & RIPE. If you need a mixed A / B / C subnet server or a dedicated GEOIP server, we have it in both VPS and Dedicated.

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Inventory changes daily, which is possible in different data centers. However, these are premium services that would not fall under a kind of advertising price. Further locations and options can be found on our website. Please contact the sales department if you have special requirements with your budget.

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You Got to consist Pre-screen at registration to be eligible for the service. If you log in via proxy, VPN, or with information that does not match your geoip *, you will often be flagged as a possible fraud in the billing software and your order will be rejected. In addition, some orders have been received requiring manual review based on the MaxMind and FraudRecord rating prior to final approval. The delivery time is usually 48 to 72 business hours from receipt of payment, depending on the hardware and the complexity of the IPv4 network.

We accept payments by Paypal, credit card, Bitcoin and bank transfer.

If you are disconnected from the connection due to non-payment or abused due to misuse, you are not entitled to any further purchases.

We can also assign SWIP and update GEOIP via MaxMind / Databases for your locations.

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What makes us different?

* IPv4 from all over the world in different RIRs for maximum diversity
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The essence of a clean, good home for your family

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$ 0.29 / IP ** Get your IPs here, fresh and clean! ** ISP White Label IPv4 for Leasing (LOA) (ARIN | RIPE) (rDNS) | Web Hosting Talk

& # 39);
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  1. * $ 0.29 / IP ** Get your IPs here, fresh and clean! ** ISP White Label IPv4 for Leasing (LOA) (ARIN | RIPE) (rDNS)



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    How to offer your customers a value-added service

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