Automator – AppleScript – (Condition) If the X button exists, click, if not, click the Y button

I'm having trouble writing a script to open a webpage and clicking different buttons depending on whether the button itself exists.

I want an X button, and then click the X button.
When the Y button is stopped, click the Y button.

Both keys do not exist at the same time.

I tried to enter the following:
if available,
then click

but it does not work.
So far, I have used the Watch Me Do recording function and have received:

on run {input, parameters}
– Click on the "X" button.
Delay 5.615004
set timeoutSeconds to 2.0
Set uiScript to click UI element "X" from UI element 1 from scroll area 1 from group 1 from group 1 from tab group 1 from splitter group 1 of window "XXXXXXXXXXX" of the application process "Safari"
my doWithTimeout (uiScript, timeoutSeconds)

-- Click the β€œY” button.
delay 1.079871
set timeoutSeconds to 2.0
set uiScript to "click UI Element "Y" of UI Element 1 of scroll area 1 of group 1 of group 1 of tab group 1 of splitter group 1 of window "YYYYYYYYYYYYY" of application process "Safari""
my doWithTimeout(uiScript, timeoutSeconds)
return input

Finish run

on doWithTimeout (uiScript, timeoutSeconds)
set endDate (current date) + timeoutSeconds
to repeat
To attempt
execute the script "tell application " System Events "
"& uiScript &"
Tell the end "
End repetition
on error error message
if ((current date)> endDate) then
Error "Can not" & uiScript
Try to finish
Repeat end
Exit doWithTimeout

Any feedback and instructions would be very grateful !! Thanks a lot!

Dropdown – When should the selection list be opened? With the mouse? Or click? And why?

  • Component: Select aka. Drop-down list
  • Platform / System: Web, NotTouch device (laptop with trackpad or desktop with a mouse)

Are there any policies, conventions or studies that allow developers / designers to decide when to open the selection list exactly?

Some third-party design systems prefer to open the selection list first click (mousedown+mouseup on the same element) while other selected controls – especially native – already open it mousedown, For example, try the native HTML List with reasons behind it.

Personally, I would also prefer to open the list mousedown improve perceived Performance and consistency with native behavior. But instead of personal opinion, I would like to know what the general recommendation is (if any) and Why pay with some.

PHP – I can not click bootstrap input

I'm developing this web system out of curiosity, but I've started using bootstrap, and it's my first experience with it, which by the way is not cool, lol.

Already searched somewhere where the error can be, but not found.
I've searched in scripts, CSS and nothing, maybe for lack of experience and knowledge about the tool, I had the problem when I made the input, but when I got there where I wanted, I fixed the bugs and this is the first.

The project is here, sorry, I do not even know if you can put this kind of link here:

And I climbed it here for testing:

Password: test

To access where the inputs are, simply go to the menu pages. Sorry for the uncertainty since I said I'm new to the web.

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How can I click and drag in a specific window in C #?

Hello, good night, I want to know how I click, move the mouse and let go in a particular window?
I use SendMessage to click on a specific window, but now I have to click, drag the mouse up a bit and release the click. I could also use the mouse scroll which would help me in the same way.
If you can help me, thanks

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