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dnd 5e – Do swimming and climbing gloves give you swimming speed?

Underwater combat, PHB pg. 198

If you attack a melee weapon, a creature becomes without
Swimming speed (either natural or magic) has one disadvantage
on the attack throw, unless the weapon is a dagger, spear, short sword,
Spear or trident.

Gloves of swimming and climbing, DMG pg. 172

Climbing and swimming with these gloves won't cost you anything extra
Movement, and you get a bonus of +5 on the strength (athletics) checks
climb or swim.

Would wearing swimming and climbing gloves count as swimming speed to avoid disadvantages with underwater attack rolls?

c ++ – n-dimensional egg-holding with hill climbing

Here's my code for a C ++ mountaineering exercise that tries to tweak the egg holding function. Here it works in> 1 dimensions 2 is used.


// globals
const static unsigned int DIMENSIONS = 2; // how many dimensions
std::array bestPosition; // best position so far
double bestResult = DBL_MAX; // arbitrarily large
volatile bool continuing; // for thread while loop

// function declarations
bool checkInBounds(std::array, int, int);
std::array getRandPosition(int, int);
std::string printBest();

 * Egg Holder function evaluation function
 * @param p - the position to evaluate
 * @return - the fitness of that position (lower is better)
double eggHolderEvaluation(std::array p) {
    double sum; // to aggregate dimensions
    for (unsigned int i = 0; i < DIMENSIONS-1; i++) {
        // split for readability, this is the EH summation
        double subSum = (p(i+1) + 47) * (std::sin(std::sqrt(std::abs((p(i)/2) + p(i+1) + 47))));
        subSum -= (p(i) * std::sin(std::sqrt(std::abs(p(i) - p(i+1) - 47))));
        subSum *= (-1);
        sum += subSum; // append it to aggregate sum
    return sum;

 * Hill Climbing worker function
void* hillClimb(void* ignore) {
    std::array position; // position for evaluation later
    std::array stoch; // stochastic element
    double best, tempBest; // best of thread, temporary best used later
    while (continuing) { // while thread alive
        position = getRandPosition(-512, 512); // find a random position -512..512 for each dimension
        best = eggHolderEvaluation(position); // find fitness of that position
        while (checkInBounds(position, -512, 512)) { // while the position is within bounds
            for (unsigned int i = 0; i < 4; i++) { // four possible moves
                stoch = getRandPosition(-5, 5); // stochastic summand position -5..5
                std::array tempPos; // for adding
                // add the stochastic element to the position
                for (unsigned int j = 0; j < DIMENSIONS; j++) { tempPos(j) = stoch(j) + position(j); }
                tempBest = eggHolderEvaluation(tempPos); // evaluate that new position
                if (tempBest < best) { // if better than loop
                    position = tempPos; // overwrite
                    best = tempBest;
            if (best < bestResult) { // if better than global
                bestPosition = position; // overwrite
                bestResult = best;
                std::cout << "New minimum: " << printBest();
    return 0;

 * function to find a random position
 * @param l - lower bound
 * @param h - higher bound
 * @return - a random position in all dimensions l..h
std::array getRandPosition(int l, int h) {
    std::array p;
    for (unsigned int i = 0; i < DIMENSIONS; i++) { // for each dimension
        // generate random position
        p(i) = l + (double)(rand() / (double)RAND_MAX) * (h - l);
    return p;

 * function to check if a position is within bounds
 * @param p - the position to check
 * @param l - lower bound
 * @param h - higher bound
 * @return - whether p is within l..h
bool checkInBounds(std::array p, int l, int h) {
    for (unsigned int i = 0; i < DIMENSIONS; i++) { // for each dimension
        // first dimension proc chance may come earlier; return F on per dimension basis
        if (p(i) > h || p(i) < l) { return false; }
    // if it gets here, it's all within bounds
    return true;

 * function to print the best to user
 * @return - the function with params and its evaluation
std::string printBest() {
    std::stringstream toReturn;
    toReturn << "f(";
    for (unsigned int i = 0; i < DIMENSIONS; i++) {
        toReturn << bestPosition(i);
        if (i < DIMENSIONS - 1) { toReturn << ", "; }
    toReturn << ") = " << bestResult << "n";
    return toReturn.str().c_str();

// interrupt handler
void interrupted(int signal) {
    continuing = false;

int main (int argc, char* argv()) {
    signal(SIGINT, interrupted);
    pthread_t thread;
    continuing = true;
    pthread_create(&thread, NULL, &hillClimb, NULL);
    while (continuing) { sleep(1); }
    std::cout << "nBest in run: " << printBest();
    return 0;

Compile with g++ -pthread -std=c++0x source.cpp -o eghc and with execute ./eghc, Here is a sample execution:

$ g++ -pthread -std=c++0x source.cpp -o eghc && ./eghc
New minimum: f(-431.589, -362.496) = 146.096
New minimum: f(-431.215, -363.239) = 137.753
New minimum: f(-432.044, -367.541) = 96.1419
New minimum: f(-433.497, -379.378) = -73.8794
New minimum: f(-433.581, -379.858) = -81.7316
New minimum: f(-429.106, -386.805) = -328.96
New minimum: f(-423.988, -389.813) = -513.774
New minimum: f(-422.713, -394.128) = -628.416
New minimum: f(-420.314, -398.311) = -726.148
New minimum: f(-416.017, -397.849) = -755.885
New minimum: f(-417.356, -401.802) = -766.056
New minimum: f(-415.791, -401.4) = -766.095
New minimum: f(-415.792, -401.024) = -766.201
New minimum: f(-417.295, -402.015) = -766.299
New minimum: f(-417.054, -402.14) = -766.429
New minimum: f(-417.055, -402.156) = -766.43
New minimum: f(-416.905, -402.017) = -766.43
New minimum: f(-417.038, -402.159) = -766.43
New minimum: f(-416.974, -402.094) = -766.431
New minimum: f(-416.962, -402.077) = -766.431
New minimum: f(-416.979, -402.091) = -766.431
New minimum: f(-416.971, -402.085) = -766.431
New minimum: f(-416.976, -402.09) = -766.431
Best in run: f(-416.976, -402.09) = -766.431

A thread is initialized to perform mountaineering. There is no other termination condition than SIGINTthat finishes the program after the best mileage issue. I only use one thread so it can be scaled to> 1 thread at a later time if I so desire.

It works by initializing a random position ((-512.00..512.00)) in n dimensions, then adding a random addend ((-5.00..5.00)) to every dimension. The fitness of this position is evaluated, and if it is better than the global fitness, the process is repeated to get closer to the best fitness of the function.

I can not find much literature for the function minimum for the egg-holder function in> 2 dimensions, so I can not verify how> 2 dimensions behave, but for 2 dimensions it is caught in local minima. Is optimal f(512, 404.2319) = -959.6407, however.

How could this be improved to get out of the local extreme? Sometimes I see insights into the optimal solution, but it's completely random.

dnd 5e – When climbing in certain areas where athletics check is required, do you need to retest the check on each turn?

The rules do not specify that

Athletics. {Snip}
• You try to climb a steep or slippery cliff, avoid dangers when climbing a wall, or cling to a surface while trying to knock it down. (Basic Rules, p. 62)

The PC performs a capability check when the DM requests one.

Ability checks

A skill check tests the innate talent and training of a character or monster to master a challenge. The DM will request a skill check if a character or monster attempts an action (other than an attack) that is likely to fail.
If the result is uncertain, the dice will determine the results. Basic rules p. 61

Ability checks if you are DM: roll once (recommendation)

Based on how our games have been going in the last 5 years, I recommend the following if you are DM:
Check once for a climb and classify the point as a "half up / down" ascent.

  • Midway up or down it is simplified how much (and even if) fall damage occurs.

  • Exception to the general recommendation: When conditions change to make it more difficult. For example, if a stone slide begins during the ascent,
    or a huge volume of water is released and disturbs the climbing –
    Conditions that did not exist at the beginning – to handle a re-inspection
    This change is an option.


  1. simplicity
  2. If you ask for a roll every turn, you will eventually force a failure. It is somewhat punishable for the player to do so.

Climbing usually costs half the movement

Climbing, swimming and crawling
Each foot of movement costs an additional foot (2 extra feet in difficult situations)
Terrain) when you climb, swim or crawl. You ignore that
additional costs if you have a climb rate and use it for climbing or for a climb rate
Swim speed and use it for swimming. Climbing a
A slippery vertical surface or one with a few handles requires a
Successful Strength (Athletics) Check. (Basic Rules, p. 67)

Many climbs do not require a DC / Ability Check at all. (Many trees are very easy to climb). Just in case the ascent takes place unassisted or there is a chance of failure, it is necessary to assign a DC and demand a throw. (Some trees are all trunk to about 30 "high: without special tools they are hard to climb)

References: DMG p. 237-238; 245

Are you tired when climbing the cathedral (Florence)?

A group of us will soon visit Florence. We want to climb the "il Duomo". We understand that this is a 463-step ascent to a narrow, one-person, one-lane spiral staircase. Some of us are worried that they may not be physically fit enough to complete the climb.

What happens if someone who climbs up the cathedral stairs gets tired and needs a break? Or you can not continue at all? Are there wide spots on the track where you can test? Or is that a big problem, so people who think they can not make the ascent are better off not trying to speed things up?

Rental – climbing in Peru: Shall I bring my things?

My girlfriend and I are traveling to Peru for a month and we would like to climb there because it looks wonderful. Although I have all the necessary things at home, I wonder if it's worth it to take everything for a whole month, in which we also plan some long hikes.

My question is: In Peru it is easy to rent a rope, a harness and a fast pull. Is that really expensive or is it possible to find a local community willing to share the stuff? Is it easier to just bring the stuff?

Order a literature search on the Early Intervention website to purchase Level 9 climbing aids

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