unity – Clipping speed when turning without using aggressive drag

I have an Unity project in which i want to control a player in a similar way to Source games, and so far i am clipping each input to the speed in the player’s coordinates, by using

transform.InverseTransformDirection( GetComponent<Rigidbody>().velocity )

after which i pass each of the player input vector direction through this function :

private float FLSMF ( float aInputVelocity, float aMaximumVelocityOnAxis, float aSpeedOnAxis ) {
    if ( Mod( aSpeedOnAxis ) >= aMaximumVelocityOnAxis ) {
        if( Sign( aSpeedOnAxis ) != Sign ( aInputVelocity ) ) {
            if ( Mod( aSpeedOnAxis + aInputVelocity ) > aMaximumVelocityOnAxis ) {
                return Sign ( aInputVelocity ) * ( aMaximumVelocityOnAxis + Mod( aSpeedOnAxis ) );
            return aInputVelocity;
        return 0;
    if( Mod( aSpeedOnAxis + aInputVelocity ) > aMaximumVelocityOnAxis ) {
        return Sign( aInputVelocity ) * ( aMaximumVelocityOnAxis - Mod( aSpeedOnAxis ) );
    return aInputVelocity;

There is only one problem : whenever i turn and strafe and walk forwards or backwards, the speed increases dramatically. I tried solving it by comparing each processed velocity axis to the velocity rotated by the difference in the rotations between the last 2 FixedUpdate’s. So far nothing worked, aside from driving the drag factor through the roof.

My best guess is that when turning, the unclipped X axis of the vector bleeds into the Z axis when turning, which can’t add anything, but cant stop the X axis from interfering because the forward key is pressed.

There is no issue when only one of the input axis are used, the speed remaining consistent when turning.

I tried to implement this function especially so i dont have to use any drag, to allow the player to be flung by other things, like grapples and explosions ( this issues is present irrespective of said external factors )

If you want to, i will share the entire code, but its messy and i dont think it would help.

Any ideeas how to solve it?

Edit : yes, i have normalized the input vector. The speed increases to more than triple of the maximum, in as few as 2 turns.

shaders – BIM Model clipping issues in Unity 2020

I have BIM model that I am using in 2018 version of Unity engine. When import the model into my project on 2019 OR 2020 version of the Unity engine, clippings on certain surfaces of the model occurs.

Has anyone encountered this issue with Unity 2020? Any solutions that can be suggested for me to try?

Examples attached.

Appreciate any help in advance…

Unity 2018 Version No Clipping
Unity 2020 Version With Clipping

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formatting – HowTo “correctly” avoid clipping in GraphicsRow[{Labeled[Graphics[]]}]? Both images and labels


(* "12.1.1 for Mac OS X x86 (64-bit) (June 19, 2020)" *)

gr = GraphicsRow({Labeled(Graphics({Circle()}), 
(C), (2)))"), 
(C), (2)))")})

enter image description here

The clipping does not occur. Compare your values for these options

AbsoluteOptions(gr, {ImageMargins, ImagePadding, PlotRange, PlotRangeClipping,

(* {ImageMargins -> 0., ImagePadding -> All, 
 PlotRange -> {{0., 1152.}, {-606.9, 0.}}, PlotRangeClipping -> False, 
 PlotRangePadding -> {6., 5.}} *)

Perhaps one or more defaults have been changed.

How do I create an HDR shot that avoids any highlight clipping?

I’ve taken three bracketed shots with a lot of contrast between the sky and the mountain valley below. Now I’m trying to create an HDR image which includes all the details from the clouds above without highlight clipping and likewise all the details from the forest below.

enter image description here

However currently the best I can do in Lightroom is this:

enter image description here

As you can tell, there is some highlight clipping on the left side of the image where the sun is, even though the least exposed shot does have the non-clipped version of the same clouds. How do I create an HDR that avoids clipping any highlights, even in scenes with extreme amounts of contrast?

If you’d like to download the RAW images above, they’re available here: 1, 2, 3.

sony alpha – Filming welding – avoid highlight clipping

I’m filming TIG welding on Sony A7 III without a welding mask.

The best results with auto-focus and automatic exposure I was able to get are below – using PP10 HLG3 with Knee set to 75% slope -5 and exposure adjustment to -2 – as you see, highlights are still blown.

Is there any way I can preserve the highlights without using manual exposure? Many thanks.

DaVinci Resolve showing highlight clipping

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Is there a way to layer 2D assets in Unity while maintaining correct player clipping?

I’m working on a 2D top-down game, currently building a scene where I want to place one asset on top of another (lamp on top of table).

Game objects are all on the same layer as the player so that the player clips accordingly when moving in front or behind an object, based on the pivot location on the y axis.

The easiest solution would be to adjust the ‘Order in layer’, setting the lamp asset to 1 instead of 0 so that it sits above the table. However, this interferes with player clipping in game, causing the lamp to always be in front of the player.

It’s making it impossible to build custom scenes on the fly inside Unity as I am unable to arrange assets in the correct order using layers whilst maintaining player interactions such as clipping.

Does anyone know of a solution for this issue?