finite automata – Regular language is closed given transposition of rightmost character to leftmost

This answer assumes that the transposed language never contains the empty string.

Let $L$ be a regular language, say accepted by a DFA with states $Q$, initial state $q_0$, accepting states $F$, and transition function $delta$.

We construct a new DFA with states $Q’ = q’_0 cup (Q times Sigma)$. The initial state of the new DFA is $q’_0$. The transition function is defined as follows: $delta'(q’_0,sigma) = (q_0,sigma)$, and $delta'((q,sigma),tau) = (delta(q,tau),sigma)$. Finally, the set of accepting states $F’$ contains all states $(q,sigma)$ such that $delta(q,sigma) in F$.

The new DFA reads the first symbol $sigma$ and remembers it. It then simulates the original DFA, accepting a word if adding $sigma$ would result in the original DFA accepting it.

Abstract Algebra True or False [closed]

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Below she has provided images of her answers and working out, she would like confirmation for her given answers and the working out, there are 8 questions in total.

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Also, if you could be kind enough to help on the following question also which she is struggling with.

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nikon – Recovering a video file that was never closed properly?

The situation has happened a few times now. My Camera a Nikon d5600 will occasionally give me a message about the battery not being being a Nikon battery and shut down the power. (It is an OEM Nikon battery) and another time when I was plugged in with the camera and accidentally pulled the plug. Anyway power went off in the middle of shooting a time lapse and the file was lost.

So I have looked around at recovery software and it seems all the stuff I can find is for recovering deleted files. While there maybe something that works to recover a file that was not deleted but not saved properly, I cannot find it with the free stuff. I don’t mind paying for software but it is not clear if the software will work in my situation and I don’t want to put cash out for a none solution. If you have been able to recover a file in this kind of situation I would appreciate knowing the software you used. I hate to be picky about an answer but if you have not actually had and fixed this particular problem you might be mudding the solution with conjecture.