Bitcoin Cash in my Blockchain wallet was accidentally sent to my Bitcoin wallet with Coinbase

I have now read about 100 questions here, with no clear answer or update after being given advice. I had money in my Bitcoin cash wallet at Blockchain. I wanted to send the money to my Coinbase account / wallet. No idea how I messed this up, but I accidentally used my Bitcoin wallet address instead of the Bitcoin cash address. I am the owner of both accounts / wallets. It shows the confirmation with Blockchain that it has been sent (52 acknowledgments). I'm not familiar enough with the process with Blockchain and Coinbase to understand what people write as answers. I found the exact "address" I mistakenly used to transfer Blockchain to Coinbase. I called Coinbase and they basically said I'm dead water and it's gone (as most of the posts I read here say). Is there a solution please help.

Coinbase can not check ID – Cryptocurrencies Corner

Checking your account in the world of cryptocurrency is one of the steps required. If you are bugging the security-related platform, an ID check is required. This is often the case with the coin box. However, there are some examples Coinbase can not verify ID, At this point, you may be wondering what to do and what explanations are behind it.

Coinbase is the cryptocurrency exchange that offers its services worldwide. You can trade with all the leading cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and various key cryptocurrencies. It is terribly serious that someone has to go through the verification method before trading.
Someone has to check his or her ID, even though there are quadratic instances after he seems unwilling to try. In this article we will try to discuss the various reasons and precautions that can help you to avoid them.

How to earn $ 50 Free Stellar Lumens (XLM) at Coinbase | Proxies-free

First Coinbase is very popular and very legitimate
To solve this problem, Coinbase, the popular US cryptocurrency exchange, has launched the Coinbase Earn platform, which allows users to learn about the peculiarities of a wide variety of cryptocurrencies and marginally reward the privilege.


Coinbase offers users the opportunity to earn up to $ 50.
And all you have to do is watch a few short videos.

These videos are lessons of excellence when you're done watching these videos and get your $ 50
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Earn $ 50 from Stellar Lumens (XLM) at Coinbase | Proxies-free

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Hey, just earned Stellar Lumens (XLM) coins by watching videos CoinbaseThey're giving away $ 50 worth of XLM by getting to know Stellar.

You must have a Coinbase account to earn money. Just go to the Coinbase Earn section Here , and click the Getting Started button. You can watch 5 videos to earn free Stellar coins. Watch the video and then answer a multiple-choice question about the video. Each video is about 2 minutes long Answers are easy. Just watch each video individually and answer the question correctly to earn free XLM.

If you do not have a Coinbase account, just go register here,

Once you reach the "earn stellar" page and click on the "Get started" button, you will be asked to sign in to register your interest. You will receive an e-mail invitation. Within a week of registration, I received an invitation.

The 5 questions they ask you are

1. What is Stellar?
2. What are stellar lumens (XLM)?
3. Sending Transfers with Stellar.
4. How banks, businesses and people use Stellar.
5. How does Stellar protect digital assets?

So go over Coinbase Now you can earn Stellar Lumens (XLM) for free!

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Stellar Lumens Coinbase.png

script – Coinbase "convert" API?

Enter the image description here

I use coinbase's Convert features to take advantage of market changes to increase my position amounts.

This weekend, I'm going to write a PHP script that records the available conversion pairs and charts and notifications when the price of a coin you hold has risen and exchanging coins can be beneficial.

Example: 5 BCH = 8 ETH. BCH rises by 5%, now 5 BCH = 8.4 ETH. They make the exchange and wait. BCH retraces and / or ETH raises the price … Maybe now 8.4 ETH = 5.06 BCH.

The final result in the example is an increase of 0.06 BCH.

Does Coinbase offer an API for the conversion functions? Could not find it …

api – without fee exchange, alternatively to coinbase pro (formerly gdax)

According to coinbase, they will begin introducing fees for pro.coinbase (formerly known as GDAX) next week.

At 6:00 pm PDT on Friday, March 22, Coinbase Pro will make a number of changes to further enhance the market condition of our platform. These changes aim to increase liquidity, improve trading pricing and smooth price movements. […]

I wanted to know which exchanges you use for trading without fees.
I am now looking for exchanges that provide an API for their users, similar to the coinbase pro API, but still no brokerage fee. (Taker is fine in my opinion)

I looked at the following question: For which crypto-exchanges do not incur brokerage fees except the GDAX?

It mentions these:

  • GDAX
  • Listenpunkt
  • M├╝nzboden
  • itBit
  • Luno

is there more that you are aware of?