sharepoint online – Power Automate – Changing a column’s properties removes it from the schema

Before I go tear apart an entire workflow and app to fix this, I wanted to see if there was a simpler solution.

I have a flow in SPO that needs to set a People column with an “Update Item” action. Originally that column was set to allow multiple people, and that was fine. Then I ran into an issue where I had to switch it to single selections instead. That broke the workflow, naturally. At first it was giving me an error saying the field didn’t exist anymore and should be removed from the schema of the update. I just deleted and re-added the “Update Item” action, but now the People column isn’t even showing up.

My only idea is to completely rip out and recreate the column, but that would bust various parts of the workflow and its associated app. Any thoughts?

how to handle divide zero in generate columns in MySQL

Now I am using generate columns in MySQL 5.7:

ALTER TABLE report_user 
MODIFY avg_trans_out_amount bigint 
GENERATED ALWAYS AS (round(trans_out_amount/(trans_out_count))) STORED;

but sometimes the trans_out_count could be 0, then the generate columns will encount divide zero. so I do it like this:

ALTER TABLE report_user 
MODIFY avg_trans_out_amount bigint 
GENERATED ALWAYS AS (round(trans_out_amount/(trans_out_count+0.00001))) STORED;

but the data could be a little problem like 100000/1.00001, the right value is 100000, but the actual value it not correct 9,999.90. what should I do to handle this problem?

python – Create a boolean column if one of the columns is greater than 0

I have a dataframe:

col1 col2 col3 col4 col5
2     3     4   5    2
0     0     3   2    4
0     0     0   0    3

I am trying to create a boolean column of True/False if one of the values in col2 , col3, and col4 is larger than 0.

For example, in second row, 3 and 2 are larger than 0, we have a value returned as True. In third row, all values are smaller than 0, it returns False.

My code is like this, can anyone help me fix it?

code = ('col2', 'col3', 'col4')

df('boolean_col') = df.apply(lambda x: True if x in code else False)

text formatting – Notepad++ – turning a long file into columns

I have a long file I want to stick in some other editor for later printing.
The file is of the format:


Seeing that all the lines are short, I wouldn’t mind turning this into two (or even three) columns:

line1   line21   line41
line2   line22   line42

line3   line23   line43

Can it be done in any efficient way?
Let’s assume the editor I’m pasting it into doesn’t have some easy WYSIWYG column mode.

Data tables: Combining 2 columns into 1

I am a budding UX designer currently working on a booking management system that allows both booking by the HR and employees. HR can make bookings on behalf of the employees via the management system whereas the employees make their bookings on a mobile app.

HR cannot overwrite data input by employees (e.g name, email, mobile) but can do so if it’s data input by HR themselves.

Presently, the system only shows 1 name column which is the one imported by the HR. As such, we have instances where the HR wants to change the name but couldn’t because it has been updated by the employees on the mobile app.

On the backend however, there are 2 names data, HR imported name and employee updated name.

Proposed solution:
I proposed to concatenate the 2 name columns and create a new column ‘latest name’ so the HR will not need to refer to 2 columns for the ‘same’ information. This column will always show employee updated name when available, otherwise HR imported name. All employee updated name will be indicated with an asterisk and upon hover, a tooltip will appear to tell the HR that it has been updated by employee.
Proposed design

We will still keep the 2 original name data, but tucked in a filter column button where user can choose to show.

However, my engineer mentioned that many rows are already overloaded and prefers a more generic solution.

Does anyone here have any ideas how else I can do it?

Issue passing action class to nested function. Admin Columns

Trying to run the same function for multiple actions. I’ve got it working for ACF, but the Admin Columns action has a class, and I think that’s where I’m struggling, though I’m not sure.

function acp_editing_saved_usage28( ACColumn $column, $post_id, $value ) {
    if ( get_post_type( $post_id ) == 'vbrands-products' ) {
        update_field( 'field_5ff7af3315c5b', 'hoop', $post_id);

add_action( 'acp/editing/saved', 'acp_editing_saved_usage28', 10, 3 );

//Does not work, but should:
function testfunction(){
    if ( get_post_type( $post_id ) == 'vbrands-products' ) {
        update_field( 'field_5ff7af3315c5b', 'tedsssst', $post_id); 

function acp_editing_saved_usage28( ACColumn $column, $post_id, $value ) {
add_action( 'acp/editing/saved', 'acp_editing_saved_usage28', 10, 3 );

//However, this does work with ACF and the following code using the same testfunction() from above:
function my_acf_save_post88( $post_id ) {
add_action('acf/save_post', 'my_acf_save_post88');

magento2 – Search for a deleted table’s reference id in all tables, rows and columns of a DB

I had copied the table structure of table ‘url_rewrite’ and created a new table named ‘url_rewrite_new’ with empty data in my Magento 2 store DB, also renamed the ‘url_rewrite’ table. Then I ran magento commands and the entries were added in table ‘url_rewrite_new’.

Then I deleted the new table ‘url_rewrite_new’ and restored old table ‘url_rewrite’ in DB.

But now I am getting the reference id of that deleted table ‘url_rewrite_new’.

How could I get Reference ID and remove that?

Sum Last 12 Columns In Google Sheets

I’m trying to track my recent 12 months spend on an ongoing basis. Each month a new column is added for the new month, but I want Column B to show the sum of the most recent 12 months.

The formula that I’ve tried in cell B2 is (not working):

=SUM(QUERY(SORT(C2:AZ2, Column(C2:AZ2)*ISNUMBER(C2:AZ2), 0), "select * limit 12"))

ms access 2010 – Managing and updating data from different tables with similar columns, centrally through a single form

I have year wise tables of mails in MS Access 2010. Tables are having fields : Mail ID, YYMM(Year and Month), Reference No, Subject, Reference Date, Needs Action(Y/N), Assigned to, Status(Open/Close), Remarks. “Mail ID” and “YYMM” are concatenated in the format YYMM-XXXX, for example 2101-7000, by query. Each table is having around 7000 records and around 50% records are of nature “Needs Action”. I need to regularly monitor and update the status of “Needs Action” mails. How can I merge all the mails from all tables into one table or query and update them through a form in there respective year table. I merged the tables with sql union query but it is not allowing to update the status. Please advise how can I do this.