design – Bot + Customer communication with human agent as moderator between the conversation

I am basically trying to implement a complex product that has following features

enter image description here

  1. Customer can send message to our support/bot via different communication channels.

  2. Communicate Channels customer side: Should have integration for famous communication channels like Line, whatsApp, Telegram etc (Have a iOS/Android SDKs is plus point)

  3. Customer’s message (Plain Text) send over server for further processing. i.e check wether bot is turned on/off, If bot is ON message is passed to our NLP engine (dialogFlow for example) to get the intent and perform the action get the final response. but

  4. Final response should not be passed directly to the customer, but it should first come to an human support agent (moderator), s/he approve and send the response to the respective customer

    4.1 Some more features
    Human agent can turn on/off the bot for any particular customer.
    Human agent can send response to customer and Train the bot for similar queries from guest in future.
    Human agent can change his/her can be away at any time, in this case only bot will serve the customer with auto generated response.

I have good experience in making bots via dialogFlow. but this not fulfil my above features requirements. I am searching for any similar product to clone that have the above (all/some) feature.

Any help will be appreciated.

Thank you.

Provide Services to many Lightweigh Nodes (SPVs) and Save The Communication History

I am investigating on privacy violations of the current communication protocol between lightweight clients and full nodes in the Bitcoin network, which utilizes Bloom filters. I run a full node on my Machine.

First, I want to make sure that a sufficient number of lightweight wallets are connected to the node. Second I want to save the communication history of each session between the full node and an SPV node. Specifically, filterload, filteradd, transactions, merkleblock, etc. (According to bip-0037)

Many Thanks!

How to extract communication history from Iphone/Imessage

Hi guys,

I have a client, and he has a history with another person going back to months. What I need is to extract this communication history from the Iphone and be able to print it. Currently the simplest way is to use the Imessage app on the desktop, but that only captures communication with another party who uses Imessage, which is not the case here.

So another client is using Android.

Is there any way to extract this communication history from the Iphone and be able to print it ?

dnd 5e – Would an Antimagic Field block telepathic communication with a familiar?

Ichabod the Inscrutable has an imp familiar and is exploring a dungeon. He comes across a series of trapped rooms that have Antimagic Fields in them, and he wants to send his familiar in to do some exploring.The Antimagic Fields completely fill each room, but do not extend beyond their walls.

Ichabod is currently standing outside of the first room.

Would an Antimagic Field block telepathic communication with a familiar?

architecture – Communication in a hybrid tenancy model

I’m designing a system where customers need to be isolated from one another (separate database/application stack). Users can interact with those organizations (a user can interact with multiple organizations) so there is another database that stores user information, individual users don’t need to be isolated. Think of the Slack model, except each slack workspace was a separate isolated tenant, and a user’s information (that can belong to multiple workspaces) is in a different database (so users can have global statistics).

I have most of the architecture down, I’m just not sure the best way to: Track user data and store it in the user db, and pass the data to the organization.

One way I came up with is when data is stored in the user DB, an event is triggered and data is sent to a message queue. The organizations subscribe to the message queue, and when data is received store the data in their db. But not sure if this is the best solution.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

rest – How to abstract the communication protocol used to communicate between different microservices?

I would like to implement a microservice which can support both REST and SOAP, and will use the protocol based on the client preference (or what the client is already using).

I have been thinking of a way to do that, I thought of header which will be set by the client to specify the protocol to be used, I am not sure if this is the right way to do it.

wi fi – Counting the number of mobile phones in communication range with an Android phone

It is clearly possible to count how many WiFi devices are in the communication range using a computer with a wireless card. The idea apparently is to sniff WiFi probe requests coming from the WiFi devices, including smartphones with WiFi enabled.

Here comes my question – is it possible to do the same using an Android smartphone instead of a PC? That is to say, can a phone WiFi be put in such a mode that it is able to count not only the access points in the range, but other devices as well?