dnd 5e – Can an animal master's ranger choose a swarm as an animal companion?

The simplest argument is that the ranger must choose an animal in the plural, not a flock of animals. Jeremy Crawford even supports this interpretation (though in this case we're talking about wild shaping druids.)

There are also additional arguments that argue that a swarm is a valid option.

For example, consider the description of the Beast type in the Monster Manual:

Monster Manual p6

Beasts are nonhuman beings who a Naturally
Part of the fantasy ecology.

Then look at the sidebar in the section with the different types of swarms.

Monster Manual p377

The nature of the swarms

The swarms presented here are not ordinary or benevolent gatherings of
little creatures. They form as a result of some sinister or
unwholesome influence

A creature with the beast type is a natural creature. A swarm is something that does not happen naturally.

Of course, your DM can allow you to choose a swarm. However, be careful when making such a choice. Every flock, including the flock of ravens, has the following text:

The swarm can not regain hit points or get temporary hit points.

If you are unable to heal your crush, this can cause problems, especially given the pet's relative crushability in general.

dnd 5e – Ranger Beast Companion AC: Is the new number the new base AC?

According to the Ranger Companion feature, you can add your Competency bonus to your companion's AC.

I would like to know how to interpret this in terms of AC calculation.

Could I interpret my pet as giving a bonus to its base AC? (Example: A PC with a shield). Or is this new number the new base AC?

Let's take the wolf in formulas:

AC = 13 (natural armor)

AC with Ranger Companion Level 3 = 15 (13[base] + 2[Prof])

The second interpretation would be that the new base of Wolf's AC is just 15.

The way the feature is formulated makes me believe it's the former. The reason I am asking this is to understand how it would interact with spells like Barkskin.

Barkskin states that your AC should not be below 16. So if you choose Barkskin as the calculation method for your AC, it's now 16. You can choose to wear a shield over Barkskin and get the bonus as usual. That means it's a total of 18 AC.

Now we go back to the wolf. If the earlier interpretation is correct and I apply Barkskin to my wolf, it means that his base AC can now be 16 instead of 13. and In addition, he receives a bonus for his armor class that matches my proficiency bonus. Assuming Ranger Level 3, this means that my Wolf's Armor Class is now 18.

Otherwise, if the latter is true, his AC is under bark leather 16, but he does not receive the bonus, as the latter interpretation says that the bonus is simply part of his base AC calculation rather than an extra amount of AC he receives due to The characteristic.

Thank you in advance! Let me know if I need to clarify something.

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Ranger – Ask an animal companion to help

To play a YARV ranger with whom I can do one of the following: Two attacks or a beast attack. I made two attacks and ordered my Giant Owl Companion (verbal) to take the action "Help", which is referred to as something the Animal Companion can do. And it's not an attack … but it feels like something. Do I have to cheat?

dnd 5e – What accessories could you give to a Hawk Companion to improve its combat effectiveness?

Not unbelievably handy, but you could take magical initiates and take Warlock / Druid cantrip Magic Stone. Depending on your DM's decision, may he allow the hawk to drop magical stones at enemies?

Magic Stone states:

You or another person can attack with one of the ranged attacks
Pebbles by throwing or spinning with a noose.

If your DM liked to allow the Hawk to drop magic stones (throw them), then it's a free 1W6 + die. Once again not very practical, but a thought!

dnd 5e – How can I improve the survivability of Beastmaster's Animal Companion?

I'm brand new at D & D. I've selected a Beast Master Ranger as my first course and have serious problems with the pet's survivability.

I have chosen a panther as my pet. I see many lists of the original pets to choose from, but it seems I can not find a list of animal enhancements (stronger pets at higher levels). My Panther is pretty good now, while I'm only level 4, but she has a hit and died almost twice. (Her AC = 14 & HP = 16) So I have to be very careful with her. This seems to be a really big problem that will only get worse at higher levels.

How can I best improve the survival of my companion?

I'm open to all options, including strategies, spells, class functions, and so on, that help my animal companion survive more in combat.

Magic items are an option, but in our world they are not common at all, so I would prefer that answers do not include them.

dnd 3.5e – What happens if a Druid uses Share Spells to cast a spell that blocks extraordinary abilities with his companion?

The question of constant targeting– That is, when an effect existing on a creature, an object, or an area is always confirmed or denied, if the destination is valid, and if this is denied, something (scatter, suppress, explode, etc.) will happen to the target Effect As far as I know, it is not generally mentioned anywhere. (Specific effects can Mention constant targeting, but for example, the skill of a known share spell can not affect the 3rd level Sor / Wiz spell prototype [trans] (spell Compendium 161).)

The D & D Main FAQ– which some people deal with – addresses this idea, albeit at an angle:

If, while under the effect of a spell that depends on the type (such Person hold), my character is being transformed by another creature type polymorph, does the effect of the spell persist?

Yes. A spell only checks if you are a valid target when cast. If you later become an illegal destination (for example, over the polymorph Magic) the spell remains in effect. (87)

(I'm not aware of the origin of this question.) If nothing in the rules says constant goals is one thing and that judgment, that – for this particular case anyway – it is not One thing, this DM feels good about governing If the target of an effect was legal at the time the effect was activated, the effect will persist even if the target becomes illegal later,

In short, this DM – as well as yours – would also cause the familiar to continue to benefit from the common spell, even if the familiar no longer had the skill spell after receiving the common spell.

dnd 5e – Are there resources from other editions that are a good companion for the 5th edition of the Waterdeep Adventures?

The 5th Adventure Waterdeep: Dragon Heist is an urban-style adventure set in a very large city. While the adventure itself is good and has plenty of resources in the city, there is a lack of details that will help the DM bring the city to life. Similar to Water Défep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage, while dungeon crawling takes place, the player expects players to spend some time in the city between dives in Undermountain.

For example, there are no details about the placement of many of the buildings he refers to in the adventure and leaves it to the DM to place them. This places a heavy burden on the DM to make room for things like taverns, shops and the like on most of the streets in Waterdeep (of which there are many!).

There are also no details on how or where the sewers run in the city, while playing an important role in various stages of the adventure.

Are there resources from other issues that can help to fill these gaps?

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