Hardware – EU compared to non-EU-Chinese smartphones

I am looking forward to buying a new phone from China, which I have so far made without any problems.

However, I've noticed that some phones are currently available in two versions, EU and non-EU (for example, https://www.gearbest.com/cell-phones/pp_009603563645.html?wid=1817324#goodsDetail).

However, nowhere can I find information about what is physically or software-differentiated between the models.

Does somebody know?

To be clear, I do not spend most of my time in the EU (but in an English-speaking country), but I can move to the EU in the medium term. So I have no idea which one to buy.

Is the non-EU a euphemism for China? Does it have to do with customs and taxes? It is all opaque.

Many Thanks!

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dnd 5e – Is this homebrew life-cleric variant balanced compared to official life clerics?

I have a player who plays a complete pacifist cleric (please, no comments on how horrible the terrible horrible idea is that ruins DND, I know this is unpopular, but I find it a funny challenge for me as a DM) I've made some changes to the Life Domain cleric to make sure it's not burdened with a lot of useless (and nonsensical) spells and abilities.

The class

Some clerics are so dedicated to preserving and developing life that they refuse to harm another creature. These pacifists can insist that their traveling compatriots also refrain from killing or simply refuse to harm themselves. However, with their impressive repertoire of healing abilities, shields and buffs, these clerics should not be underestimated by those who face them.

Unless stated here, all functions of this domain are identical to those in the PHB.

At level 1: Do not carry any weapons skills. Instead, take two more skills from the list of clerics, for a total of four. With a tool or an instrument, you also gain additional competence.

Your launch kit will not contain weapons if you choose the standard packages.

Level 3: instead of learning the spell automatically Spiritual weaponYou learn the magic Spiritual shield

Spiritual shield

Evocation on the second level

Casting time: 1 bonus action

Range: 60 feet

Components: V, S

Duration: 1 minute

You create a hovering Spectral Shield within range, which lasts for the duration or until this spell reappears. The caster must specify a target when casting the spell first. It can target any creature that is enemy or not, and does not require a save throw. When the shielded creature moves in its turn, the shield moves.
As a bonus action in your turn, you can move the shield within 20 feet of the first creature to another creature. The sign can appear as you wish and its values ​​do not change depending on the look.
The shield can have one (1) of the following effects:

The target's AC is increased by +2 as if he had used a shield without actually having to hold one. If the target already uses a shield, it has no effect.

The target receives resistance to one of the following forms of damage: necrotic, toxic or psychic.

At level 7: instead of learning the spell automatically Guardian of the faithYou learn the magic Aura of life,

At level 8: instead of winning Divine beat Ability, you deserve the feat Dual-Focusedfrom the Tal'dorei Campaign Guide.

[I’m not sure if it’s acceptable as far as copyright goes to publish the entire text of this feat from the book, but the gist of it is that it allows for concentration on two spells at once, with the CON saves being much more difficult while doing so.]


I have already asked about the balance of the spell spiritual shield Here. Please forward your comments to the appropriate question. (In general, I'm not looking for more feedback on the spell at this point.) The player in question has purchased the Taldorei Campaign Guide so they can access the full text of the achievement.

Is President Trump the lesser of two evils compared to Hillary Clinton?

Many in Central America did not agree, many in New York and California and a few other places where the majority of American voters lived.

When you consider what Trump has done with the nationwide security of airlines and airline reviews by putting a government shutdown in his own words, you had to wonder if Central America made a mistake.


Equipment Recommendation – Can a full-frame camera be improved compared to my Canon T7i for wrestling and football at school?

I search my first canon in full screen. I mostly take pictures of high school wrestling and night football. I would like to stay around $ 1,000. Currently I have a T7i. Is there any advice I should pay attention to?

I want to reduce the number of pictures I get on photos. For wrestling I use a 28-75 Matside. For football a 70-200 on the edge. I was told FF was the way I wanted.
If a harvest suits my needs better, let me know.
I find a lot of noise with my T7i. All that I asked as far as FF was said

Device recommendation – How can different camera brands be compared in terms of build quality?

Who makes the foundation for the durability?

Canon and Nikon probably. I can not imagine anyone making an SLR or mirror "disposable" than the newly introduced Canon 4000D (which is not offered in the US). It also has the lowest MSRP value of almost all interchangeable lens cameras in the world that have an APS-C sensor. But you will not spend a few thousand dollars on one of these cameras, but even a few hundred, even with a few or three starter lenses. You get what you pay for.

Who makes the top class when it comes to durability?

Canon and Nikon are doing it. The Canon 1D series and the Nikon D3 / 4/5 series are legendary for the amount of abuse and abuse they can endure and continue their job. They will spend several thousand dollars on the body. You have to pay for what you get.

How can that be?

Quite simple: Canon and Nikon offer far wider range of camera housings than other camera companies.
They also offer a much wider range of lenses than other camera companies. Not just in terms of durability, but also in terms of capabilities, functions and performance.

If you want a lower camera that is harder than the average body, look at Pentax. They tend to focus their entry-level bodies on similar durability standards that Canon / Nikon sets in their enthusiasts.

If you are looking for a higher quality camera body that can look good on a datasheet (including very good sensor performance) but can not withstand harsh conditions, buy a Sony. Do not use it near water, sand or, in the sky, salt water.

Olympus, Panasonic and Fuji are mostly in the middle. Although they do not offer entry-level models for bargain basements, they also do not offer top-notch professional flagship models built like tanks to accommodate abuse journalists, war correspondents, wildlife and wildlife photographers traveling to exotic and long-distance travel, destinations around the world, etc They either carry out their equipment.

Leica is a very low volume brand that is proud to be a status symbol. At one time, their bodies were built by hand and assembled individually. They can still be done that way. But in terms of performance and reliability, they are nothing out of the ordinary. They are only marketed to people who will buy something because it is too expensive for most people.

I'm sure that there are some people who will ever defend "their" brand as the best and argue the merits of their camera based on "data" that they have found from every conceivable source, containing every imaginary metric , There are those who call the above statements biased and none other than "fanboyism."

But the above generalities I can draw on years of personal experience, the personal experiences of other photographers I know, and reading numerous reports from people like Roger Cicala, the founder of lensrentals.com. Rogers company rents not only lenses, but also cameras. Many cameras. Cameras of most major brands as well as some "smaller" brands. Roger likes to blog about what he finds when he disassembles cameras and lenses when he needs to "fix" one of them

Despite all this, there is one thing that anyone who has read Roger's blog for a long time should have understood by now:

Every camera model from each manufacturer can break. All of them. Some break more often than others.² Some break under conditions that others would most likely survive. But no camera manufacturer is indestructible. None of them. Not a single one.

As mentioned above, on most cameras you get what you pay for and you have to pay for what you receive. Sometimes you pay more features or higher image quality. Sometimes you pay for better handling with more controls and faster autofocus and frame rates. Sometimes it's a good build quality and a reputation for longevity. Sometimes it's a network of service centers that have a reputation for caring for their customers. Occasionally, the seal of approval is the only person with a specific logo on the front. For most cameras, this is a unique combination of all of these.

When you buy a camera, it's like a car or a boat. You make your choice, pay your money and take your chance.

¹ Sometimes Roger and his buddy Aaron take the earliest opportunity to dismantle the latest, hottest camera model on the market. It's something they need to do at some point as they write the repair manuals for the technicians in their company who are doing routine daily repairs that can not be sent to a service center (or come back from a service) center yet right).
Roger published a biannual list of cameras and lenses and their failure rates in his company. The advantage of someone like Roger publishing such a list is that the sample size of cameras owned by a company that is actually used on a regular basis rather than stored in warehouses waiting to be sold is likely in their company larger than any other single entity anywhere.

Color – Are colors different from CCD sensors compared to CMOS sensor colors?

Some of your previous answers have not been well received and you run the risk of being blocked from answering.

Please note the following notes exactly:

  • Please be sure answer the question, Enter details and share your research!

But avoid

  • Ask for help, clarification or answering other answers.
  • Make statements based on opinions; secure them with references or personal experiences.

For more information, see our tips for writing great answers.

Web Application – Why does VirusTotal have two different reports for the same hash, depending on the delivery of FILE compared to URLs?

Why should the same SHA256 hash of a file have completely different VirusTotal results at the same time?

Submitting a file to VirusTotal via file upload will result in numerous malware hits.
Submitting the same file, but by URL submission, results in a completely secure and clean delivery.

I understand that these files are accessed in different ways. AV software can view the file in a different context. Ultimately, however, the endpoint is at risk.

GUI design – are there any advantages for matte interfaces compared to glossy interfaces (or vice versa)?

I think it's a question of visual flair, as long as it's handled correctly.

The only usability problem I can think of is if your gloss or lighting indicates an unnatural light source (eg lit from below) or if the lighting does not indicate a bid (for example, the condition appears to be "pushed"). not physically pressed). Both glossy and matte buttons / ect can display the standard variety of favorable states.

As far as the actual UX is concerned, it only depends on how well it matches your interface. Mixing glossy buttons with dull buttons or flat colors can create a striking contrast that is usually not good.

Take a look at this example from Fark.com (only registered users can see the glossy buttons):
Enter the image description here

The glossy buttons "smart" and "funny" do not match the flat colors of the rest of the user interface.

Also, make sure that the gloss / matte / effect style fits your design persona. Is your design fancy, sleek and so shiny that you want to lick it? Does your audience appreciate that?? Shine is probably fine, if so.

If your design is practical, simple and efficient, gloss is probably a bad idea. For example, I have never seen many programming IDEs or editors that used super shiny and fancy buttons and the like. Technical people hate "fancy" interfaces. Most programmers and computer scientists I know do not like such interfaces. Many prefer the simple "classic" Windows 95 style design to the new Windows 7 glass design or brushed steel styles from OS X.