Trying to buy a replacement battery but I worry about whether it will be compatible due to the differnce in voltage and capacity

I’m going to replace my HP 740004-121 OA04 battery,the originally is 14.8v but the one I’m looking to buy is only 14.4v. Would this not power my computer fully or not fit or be dangerous in any way?It also has less capacity will it totally not work in my laptop?

Custom Enfold theme tab layout not compatible with WPML

I’m trying to create a new page with the Avia Layout Architect but there are some problems. I used the health check plugin to disable all plugins and tested if the tab works with my custom theme, which it does. However, as soon as I activate WPML, the tabs are broken. How they are broken is visible from the image attached.
I have to state that I’m not sure if the tabs ever worked with WPML. I got the responsibility for the website but didn’t design it and don’t have too much knowledge about WordPress. Could you guide me towards a solution so that I can use the tabs with WPML? How would I go towards solving this? enter image description here

Your device isn’t compatible with this version – Play Store

I am the developer of an app, I have published the APK to the Play Store’s Internal Testing channel. I added the Google account of test device B to the email list. For some reason, it shows ‘your device isn’t compatible with this version’ when I try to install my app from the Play Store. I can sideload the APK generated by Android Studio without any problems…

I can install the app from the Play Store on my Galaxy Note 20 Ultra (test device A) but not on my Zebra TC26. Even though the device catalog in the Google Play Console shows the device is compatible with my app.

What’s going on here?

Are laptop screens with the same interface cross compatible?

The screen on my laptop just cracked and I’m looking to replace it. I did find a new panel for sale that is described to be for my exact laptop model, however I also red up on laptop screens and it appears that my laptop has a 40 pin LVDS connector which is supposedly used by quite many laptops and screens.

The lightbulb moment was this question – are these connectors just like DVI or HDMI, as in, universal? Could I hook up just any 17.3″ 40 pin LVDS screen and have it work?

The vast majority of screens that are the same size and connector seem to be 1600×900, but I did read that the connector supports up to 1920×1080 and I found a few for sale too. In theory the video card shouldn’t have any issue with the resolution as I’ve hooked it up to even a 4k desktop monitor through the HDMI connector.

Can you force “Windows HDR Colour” without HDR compatible display?

So the reason why I’m asking this is because I’d like to record HDR gameplay and the only way to record HDR is to turn it on in windows so that games know to output in HDR.

As I’m trying to record footage to be viewed with my HDR compatible TV, I don’t care if it looks poor on my monitor which doesn’t support HDR. I’m just asking whether or not this can be done. Can SDR monitor use HDR signal even if haphazardously

linux – Compatible graphics card

I am building a Linux server. I have a motherboard without graphical card and a CPU without GPU. In order to install Linux I need a monitor so I must install a graphics card. The quality of the output is of little or no importance because it will be text only. Therefore I do not want to install a heavy, power consuming, expensive card. I have an old monitor that has VGA input and I found some simple VGA cards that are based on ATI Rage XL (from Dpofirs, Gigabit and Zopsc) for less then $20. The chipset dates back to 1998.

The manufacturer of the motherboard warned me that the card needs to be recognised by newer types of BIOS. How do I know if a card, based on old technology, is recognised by a newer BIOS? I cannot check the BIOS because I cannot connect a screen to my motherboard.

storage – Are previews compatible between Lightroom versions?

Lightroom creates a folder to store previews next to each catalog. This folder is named <CATALOG> Previews.lrdata so when a new version of Lightoom Classic is installed and migrates the catalog, it generates previews again for all the same images. This folder takes much more space than the new catalog.

Can the preview folder be shared between version of Lightroom? A link would be required to make it accessible via the names of the original and migrated catalog.

The Lightroom Classic Catalog FAQ mentions that certain catalog versions are compatible but I could not find anywhere that has a similar table for previews. Could they be all incompatible?

hardware – Is there a list of linux compatible RAID/HBA cards?

I purchased an LSI Logic HW RAID controller on ebay without doing much research and discovered the hell of 10-year old proprietary drivers and command line tools with no documentation. I’d like to avoid that experience again, and so I’m looking at what will be compatible before making another purchase.

I understand that this question has been asked before. Here is one example. However, every answer I’ve seen is horribly outdated and full of broken links. The most liked answer in the question linked above directs people to, a now defunct website.

For the purposes of this question, “linux-compatible” means it is supported out of the box in the linux kernel or has an open-source driver and tooling.

Before asking this question, I also looked at the ubuntu certified hardware page (my server runs ubuntu) but all the hardware listed there seem to be complete systems, not individual components. I will be using this for a home NAS/media server but I’m looking for general information so that answers to this question will be useful to a wide variety of cases. Any help is appreciated!