❓ASK – Can anyone complaint for his brand name used by another domain? | Proxies-free

So it is hard. Firstly, do you have a copyright/trademark on the name? If not, I don’t see there is anything you can do.

And then, even if you do, international law is complex – if the name is registered in a different country you might have problems.
Years ago I started a website with the name PAYPAL in the domain name. I got lots of threating emails from Paypal and decided to close the site – but I noticed the site paypalsucks.com remained online – if paypal cannot take down this site then that is clear proof that it is possible to register a domain with someone elses name in it and there is nothing you can do about it.

air travel – What is the process to raise a complaint to the manager at the check-in counter?

From my understanding, the hierarchy at the check-in counter is base employee < supervisor < manager. The supervisor is typically around the check-in counter, but I don’t know about the manager. What is the process to raise a complaint to the manager at the check-in counter, regarding some issues that happened at the check-in counter? Assume that the supervisor refuses to connect to the manager.

If specific to the airline, I’m currently interested in Qatar Airways. If specific to the airport, I’m currently interested in SFO.

refunds – Filing consumer protection complaint about Swiss Air

My flight with Swiss was cancelled and I’ve been trying to request a refund for several months now. Every time the customer service tells me that they are solving the issue and it was sent to the refund department. They never want to send me any confirmation email. I did not receive my money back.

I am a European Union citizen. What are my best options to file a complaint about the company? Can I file a complaint about Lufthansa, which I understand is the parent company?

VULTR opens complaint tickets and claims that they come from Google :) And more about abusive claims

I run a site that hosts Android apps and APK files. It's a pretty big site with roughly 500,000 entries.
I recently tried Vultr Cloud Hosting. The site has some traffic, of course, so I put an above-average load on the CPUs and the network.

I received Safe Browsing Report tickets in my Vultr account almost immediately

Dear customer,
We will notify you of malicious software that Google has discovered on your servers. Please review the following warnings:

I've browsed through them, most of them were simple, clean files, I scan them with ~ 50 antivirus software using the VirusTotal API, some had reports on ads / adware and I removed them, but just to be clear that this was the Types of files are These are also accepted on Google Play (same number of false alarms or files with ads).

I tried to explain it to them. You keep telling me that "Google is the complainant" and not her. I told them that if Google actually sent these complaints, they would have to have an original email or something similar.

After asking three times and pretending not to see my question, They told me I had 48 hours to move my domain because my account is closed.

– The actual files are not even in the Vultr network, but under a "download". Subdomain because this other host offers unlimited 100 Mbps traffic and site brands around 24 TB of traffic per month.
– I checked all Google services (Google Webmaster console, Google Safe Browsing report). Everyone says they have no records and the website under these Google services is clean.
– Google AdSense ads are also displayed on the website. Strict guidelines apply to AdSense websites.

Nevertheless, Vultr claims that Google sends these complaints, but refuses to show me the original "complaint".
It looks like they just want me to go away because it is more profitable to house customers who pay and use little resources.

Due to the size of the website, legitimate complaints can also arise. There was one such complaint and I removed this file in less than 24 hours. However, I found that many complaints from competitors are abusive. As far as I know, the DMCA law enables me to make a counter notification.

For example, Coinbase pays a company called RiskIQ to take out competitors. This company has reported most of the Bitcoin wallet applications on my website and claims to be infringing Coinbase's copyrights. These apps have nothing to do with Coinbase except that they are other wallet providers. And ISPs like Vultr have their backs free without a minimal investigation. None of these complainants replied when you contact them.

You can also take people's ads offline by making a false DMCA claim with Google. These automatically take ads offline and then activate them manually after you have proven that the claim was improper (takes about 7 days). The abuser can then take them offline again immediately. It's crazy.

So Vultr, can I please see this complaint from Google? Ticket # DHZ-84ODO

What is the link complaint? | Forum promotion

Just take a quick search on GG: "Link complaint the process of locating, contacting and fixing is interrupted Left on your company website and other websites Left point to yours. The only tools for a Link complaint Project are Microsoft Excel and Open Site Explorer "

Source here: https://www.searchenginejournal.com/link-reclamation-best-practices-–-the-complete-guide/31812/

Database Design – Does the ComplaintMessages entity need to be related to the User and Admin entities, or is it sufficient to relate to the Complaint entity? (ER-model)

I have doubts about the ER model of a scenario in which a user can file complaints.

The user enters the title and description of the complaint and submits the information. A site administrator can view and respond to all user complaints.

The user then also has access to the administrator's response, and the user should be able to respond to that administrator's response, similar to a chat scenario in which the administrator also has access to the user's new complaint message, allowing more than one are notifications.

I have doubts in which ER model this scenario is correct for 1 or 2. Do you know whether it is also necessary to relate the ComplaintMessages entity to the User and Admin entities?

1] It is not necessary to link the "ComplaintMessages" entity with the "User" and "Admin" entities.
Enter image description here

2] Or is it also necessary to relate the ComplaintMessages entity to the User and Admin entities?

Enter image description here

What is your biggest complaint about working with SEO companies?

I write this in General Marketing because I think a lot of business owners see SEO as marketing. or do not necessarily know to go into the SEO thread.

I pull together an article that describes how companies think about SEO companies.

For example, I had a guy who told me he didn't know if anything was going to be done. He got a report, but he did not understand what was actually done.

If you work with an SEO company, what do you dislike about these companies? Or why did you switch to the one you have now?

I look forward to hearing from you.
Bottom up!

How long does it take for Amazon to respond to the complaint letter? | Forum Promotion

From my own experience and after helping appeals to numerous sellers, I find that Amazon answers within 2 to 4 business days. Experience has shown that we have also received answers that can take up to 1 to 3 weeks. In some cases, they respond within minutes or hours if the complaint is clearly good or clearly bad.

If your POA is very long, hard to read, written in unusual format, and has multiple attachments or documents, or is sent after repeated rejection attempts, it may take longer for a response to arrive, for several days or weeks.