Forms – Should I hide the Continue button until the tasks are completed?

In a multi-level wizard, some steps show the user a list of tasks that must be performed before the next step can be performed.

Each task in the list opens a popup where the user completes the task.

I have three possible solutions for the Next button:

a) Show it all the time. If the user clicks on it before all tasks are completed, the user will be shown information about what to do before he can proceed.

b) Display a disabled button that activates when all tasks are completed. When disabled, the button has a general message that all tasks must be completed before you can continue.

c) Hide the button and do not show it until all tasks have been completed.

Unit – Ensuring that a recursive method is completed in an update tick?

OK, I have a method that invokes itself, as this is the only way I can think to achieve the behavior I need. It's a Tetris clone I'm doing, and this method is for checking for complete lines along the X axis.

                void CheckForFullLine (int starting_Y)
for (int y = starting_Y; y <frozenCells.GetLength (1); y ++)
for (int x = 0; x <frozenCells.GetLength (0); x ++)
if (! frozenCells[x, y]is filled)
CheckForFullLine (starting_Y + 1);

if (x == CELL_COUNT_X - 1)
tetrisLinesThisTick ++;
Debug.Log ("draws this checkmark:" + tetrisLinesThisTick + "at check mark:" + check mark);
ClearLine (y);

But when I test the game (more than 9/10 times), if you get multiple lines, the debug log says that we only have one line in that & # 39; check mark & ​​# 39; to have.

Here's the update method, where I set tetrisLinesPerTick to 0 at the beginning of each frame.

                private void update ()
tick ++;
// reset the Tetris lines to this tick value:
tetrisLinesThisTick = 0;

ClearScreen ();
CheckForFullLine (0);
HandleMovementAndBlockCreation ();
DrawFallingPiece ();
DrawFrozenBricks ();

For example, if I get two lines at once, the debug log will be displayed twice in quick succession with the message "… linesPerTick 1".

Oddly, I occasionally get the 2 or even 3 lines and it's the right amount, but that's rare and I still do not know how to reproduce that.

Another very strange thing (the relevant code might not be here for this part ..) … quite seldom does one of the frozen blocks gray after falling, then I can still use it in the game to make more lines, but it does not disappear like the others, then make a few more lines with this gray block and it disappears as usual: S (well, just in case you want to help me with this part, it is more code: P):

                void ClearLine (int line)
// TODO: add score

// remove complete line
for (int x = 0; x <frozenCells.GetLength (0); x ++)
frozen cells[x, line].isFilled = false;

// move all lines down // todo: find out if it's a multi-line Tetris for better results ...
for (int y = line; y <frozenCells.GetLength (1); y ++)
for (int x = 0; x < frozenCells.GetLength(0); x++)
            if (frozenCells[x, y].isFilled)
                if (y > 0)
frozen cells[x, y].isFilled = false;
frozen cells[x, y - 1].isFilled = true;


For some reason, I believe that it's the recursive method that I've done, and the fact that the & # 39; linesPerTick & # 39; value is reset to zero before the other lines are removed (in the same turn) , that's what causes my problem, but i could be completely wrong!

The entire project is just a .cs file and a block texture I created in GIMP. I could put the entire script here if you want to try it. Please let me know. Cheers for any help!

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4/4 Jazz Pattern Section – More than half completed | Forum Promotion

More than half of all samples are advertised. Basically, this stuff is known as Jazz Comping Patterns. It's the little things that are done on the snare and bass drum while the jazz song is playing. Anyway, I've planned more than 4/4 – since I also want to have a totally free 3/4 jazz pattern – and maybe it's 3/4 ready.

Here is an example in 4/4:

Here is an example of the 3/4 stuff:

Completed – for the fireside chats | Forum Promotion

Your Obsidian Package is in progress

Overall progress
Notes: 10/10

Packager work

Shole (Srdjan Solkotovic) (5/5 comments)
* PTM * (5/5 comments)

In case you do not want to get any further

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