News – How can I completely reset iMessage on MacOS X Catalina 10.15.4?

I have an iMac with two user accounts. After the update to MacOS Catalina 10.15.4, one of the two users can no longer use iMessage. iMessage just doesn't start. Starting leads to

  • iMessage immediately stops responding without ever displaying a window.
  • It can be "ended immediately"
  • The user cannot log out until iMessage is "quit immediately".
  • Works well for the other user on this iMac
  • Works fine on all other devices (iOS and other MacOS devices of the affected user)
  • iMessage on iCloud was disabled for this user when the 10.15.4 update was performed
  • If iMessage doesn't start (and crashes), the badge on the icon will update correctly with the number of unread messages!

My idea was to completely reset iMessage to its factory state, but I don't know how to do it. Things I've tried

  • Sign out of iCloud and sign back in
  • Restore this user from a time machine backup
  • Delete settings and IdentityServices like in this question and this thread (no McAffee is used here).

The behavior is all the same. The only thing I haven't been through is letting the user start over with a new user account. That would be pretty painful.

New website offers completely free trading and payments with crypto exchanges?

Had a friend who told me about this site. Not sure if it is legitimate or not? I didn't use the exchange, but we used the zPay function and my friend sent me Bitcoin. I emailed it back to him directly. The transmission took seconds and had no fees.

Simply withdraw the btc within 10 minutes.

Check if anyone else has heard of this website?

Patriots 2019 completely free business profile: Danny Shelton may provide some inexpensive line of defense details

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Notebooks – Why do comments sometimes go to zero instead of being completely removed?

Consider the following definition:

Piecewise({{(*comment*)-1, x > 0}, {0, True}})

This is interpreted as intended, with the comment simply removed and just left -1 in the cell.

But when I type it in (Piecewise) followed by Ctrl+, To get the following result, it is misinterpreted:


Basically that is (*comment*) Part is replaced by Null instead of being completely removed like comments.

Interestingly, this only happens since Mathematica 8.0 (and is still available in 11.2.0), i. H. I do not reproduce it in 7.0.

So what's going on here? Has the language or something changed? Or is it just a front end mistake?

Are all Democrats completely obsessed with hating Trump and blaming him for everything that is wrong in their lives, or are they just YAnswers?

So true !

We Republicans don't blame Trump for our problems.

We only blame Muslims, immigrants, media, gays,

the universities, blacks, feminists, poor, liberals, hollywood,

Communists, Socialists, Obama, Illinois and Mexico

Is it strange that liberals are completely dependent on conservatives, but conservatives don't need liberals?

It’s just wrong. I assume you are talking about it economically. Liberals are mainly dependent on conservatives. The country's agricultural regions are generally more conservative, even in largely liberal states such as California or New York. On the other hand, conservatives rely on liberals for almost everything else. All of a country's economic drivers are concentrated in liberal areas. In addition, conservative states tend to be net borrowers when it comes to public support, with liberal states tending to be net losers. This means that liberal states receive less money from the federal government than they send to them, while conservative states receive much more money from the federal government than they send to them.

How do I convert PDF to Word freely and completely?

Use Method 1 and select the format to add the document. After reading the PDF file many
Colleagues sometimes want to convert the PDF file to Word. Most Word files have been converted from
Some conversion methods are garbled. How can you solve this problem? Some people should take too
the method of copying and pasting, but the workload when copying and pasting PDF content in Word
will be very large and the efficiency of converting files will be very low. It is basically impossible
to convert 100% perfect word format. There is no free to almost perfect conversion method ?! she
need to know about this converter!
Use method 1 to select the conversion format
Enter the image description here
Step 2: Add a PDF document, click Convert and download it after conversion
Enter the image description here

This converter is very powerful! It is also very convenient to use. You can test it if necessary.