dnd 5e – How does a magic spell run if the spell has a special relationship to its material components?

According to the magic roll rules, casting from a roll does not require any other material components than the roll itself; Similarly, the rules in Xanathar's Guide to Writing a Magic Scroll state that you must provide the material components at the time of creation.

Nice and good. However, there are some spells that have an unusual relationship to their material components. For example:

  • aircraft movement requires a tuning fork specific to the target level
  • Immediate summons from Drawmij enchants the sapphire element so that it can summon the object by crushing it.
  • Leomund's secret chest requires a chest and its replica, one of which is sent to the etheric level and the other is used to remind them or send them away again.

How do these (and other) spells work when written in a spell? Is it only at the DM to find out something?

Javascript – Error importing web components in the "wrong" order

I've created a small library of several HTML web components for corporate use. Some components are interdependent, so I also import them. Until recently, I did not have any serious issues with this approach, but now loading an HTML page that uses such interdependent components displays an error message.

I have worked out the problem with a small example. Please check the following three files.


Import {TestItem} from "./test-item";

Export class TestContainer extends HTMLElement {
Constructor() {

this.attachShadow ({mode: "open"}). innerHTML = `
`; } connectedCallback () { if (! this.isConnected) { Return; } for (const node of this.childnodes) { if (node ​​instance of TestItem) { // ... } } } } customElements.define ("test-container", TestContainer);


Import {TestContainer} from "./test-container";

Export class TestItem extends HTMLElement {
Constructor() {

this.attachShadow ({mode: "open"}). innerHTML = `
`; } } customElements.define ("test-item", TestItem);




This code seems to work well.

However, if I change the two

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