computer architecture – Throughput increase/decrease by how much percent

I am learning computer architecture and organization. I am stuck in the following question. Can someone please help me?

The stage delays in a 5-stage pipeline are 300, 200, 100, 400 and 350 picoseconds. The second and third stages are merged into a single stage with delay 350 picoseconds. The throughput increase/decrease by ………… (percent).

This is what I tried:

Throughput of 1st case T1: 1/max delay =1/200
Throughput of 2nd case T2: 1/max delay= 1/350
%age increase/decrease in throughput: (T2-T1)/T1 * 100
= (1/350 – 1/200)/(1/200)*100
= -42.8
So the throughput decreases by 42.8%.
But the correct answer is given to be 0. I don’t understand why?

computer architecture – Difference between Multiprocessor and uniprocessor in terms of Run time system

In the book “Advanced Computer Architecture and parallel processing “, there is a question in the exercises of chapter 1 that needs the reader to compare between multiprocessor systems and uniprocessor systems in terms of many factors including run time system. I know how to compare between these two systems in terms of the other factors (ease of programming, need for synchronization, and performance evaluation) but I cant to compare between them in terms of run time system as I don’t know what is the exact meaning or run-time system?
Edit: The question is :

Compare uniprocessor systems with multiprocessor systems for the following
(a) ease of programming;
(b) the need for synchronization;
(c) performance evaluation; and
(d) run time system.

Viewing using computer Chrome a HTML page downloaded on Arndroid Chrome

I save webpages for offline reading by opening the three-dot menu icon and tapping the download icon up top, which will download a version of the page. I also take regular backups on USB drives.

Now if I wish to view these html pages on my computer’s Chrome browser, how do I do the same.

These files do not have any file extension. I tried adding .htm to them and then trying to open but was not successful.

All help is sincerely appreciated.


permission – Impossible to downgrade admin user — “Allow user to administer this computer” box greyed out

I am trying to remove the admin right from my personal user account. To do so I created another admin account, but the checkbox in System Preferences > Users & Groups remained greyed out. Then I tried from the root account (screenshot below), to no avail. I also tried to use the command line with this command,

sudo dseditgroup -o edit -d RemiLePriol -t user admin 

but it did not work either. I do not know what else to try. Any idea ?
users and groups menu

computer architecture – The following problem Decidable? If a Turing Machine M, on input w, will M ever move its read/write head to the left?

Decidable? If a Turing Machine M, on input w, will M ever move its
read/write head to the left?

I think the problem is decidable. We simulate M for |w| steps. Either it has moved to the left (accept) or otherwise, M never moves left on w (reject). In the latter case, M is making a single pass on the string. It eventually finishes reading w and starts reading blanks/spaces. We simply look at which state q M is in when it finishes reading w and look at the subgraph of states that M visits on reading spaces. None of these should ever involve moving to the left. Thus, we reject it.

Does my logic make sense?

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