Sound – When I'm in hibernation, my computer will no longer recognize speakers. What should I do?

I have recently upgraded to Ubuntu 19.04 and have had sound issues. Every time the computer hibernates, my internal speakers are no longer detected. When I restart my computer, he recognizes her. So I always have to shut down the computer after each session. How can I fix this?

Only show headphones

Only headphones show in the settings

Speakers show unplugged in pavucontrol

Again, this happens only after hibernation, after the restart, everything is fine.

Memory Interface Issue – Computer Science Stack Exchange

I've learned that the problem of memory connectivity is used when a memory with a smaller number of memory locations needs to be connected to a processor with more address lines.
For example, for connecting memory chips with a net memory of 8 KB to a CPU that can handle 64 KB.

Can someone please explain or explain what that is? Why can not I just connect a chip with a smaller memory size to a CPU with more address lines?

macos – OS X computer name does not match what's displayed on the terminal

It is quite normal for this to happen. If you log in to Terminal remotely, bash does a reverse DNS lookup. This is the same only if the host name is not specified on the network you are connecting to, and there is no response from the DHCP server or the reverse lookup to the remote DNS server can not be resolved.

You can easily override the default by using this command in Terminal:

# sudo scutil --set HostName archos

You can check it by using:

# nslookup nn.nn.nn.nn
# host nn.nn.nn.nn

(Where nn is the IP address of your Mac)

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Computer networks – minimum length of the broadcast frame in a CSMA / CD protocol

I'm not sure about the following question, I would appreciate your support:

in a CSMA / CD network with a cable length of L and a propagation speed T, without the need for repeaters (the signal does not decrease): is it possible to determine the minimum length of the broadcast frame that can be transmitted in the channel?

That's what I think: $ L_ {min} = 2 * frac {max \ length} {spread speed} * RATE $ However, we do not have the rate, so I do not see how it can be overcome and calculated $ L_ {min} $

Can it only be represented as a function of T and L? I do not like it, but I would love to see how it is possible to portray $ L_ {min} $ Use only T and L as defined (propagation speed and cable length).

Many thanks for your help

Asymptotic Question – Computer Science Stack Exchange

Hello, how do I find the asymptotic for the repetition T (n) = T (n / 2) + T (n / 4) + T (n / 8) + n?

Can I only use master theorem or substitution method?
If so, I need help with the substitution method. My attempt is as follows:

Sub T (n / 2) in T (n / 2) + j (n) = T (n / (2 ^ 2) + j (n / 2)
T (n) = T (n / (2 ^ 2) + j (n / 2) + j (n)

Sub T (n / 2 ^ 2) in T (n / 2) + j (n) = T (n / (2 ^ 3) + j (n / 2 ^ 3)
T (n) = T (n / (2 ^ 3) + j (n / 2 ^ 3) + j (n)
= T (n / 2 ^ i) + (n / 2 ^ k)

ok then I'm not sure what to do from here …

Computer Architecture – Determine the Postbyte for the Indexed 6809 Addressing Instruction

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