google sheets – Conditional Formatting Based on another Cell with Multiple IF’s

I had a Conditional Format in Place, but it somehow stopped working once I filled in an IF Argument into my cell.

A1 Contains a Number I put in manually
A2 Contains another Number I put in manually
A3 Contains a Number which changes (with IF Arguments) depending on which number is input into A1

A3 Is supposed to change it’s color depending on the Number it contains.

My Argument for A3 is

=IF(A1=1, "3", IF(A1=2, "6", IF(A1=3, "3", if(A1=4, "6","N/A"))))

I had my Conditional Format on Cell A3 as "Custom Formula is" with the Formula being

=A2=A3 -> Green  

and a second one as

=A2<A3 -> Red

php – Creating Conditional Fields in Elementor Custom Widget

How are conditional fields or field groups created in Elementor? I’ve not found anything in the documentation regarding conditional fields for widget development. A simple example of what I’d like to do is the following:

I have a dropdown:

    // Select Control
            'label' => __('Dropdown Example', 'vs'),
            'type' => ElementorControls_Manager::SELECT,
            'options' => (
                'default' => __('Default', 'vs'),
                'yes' => __('Yes', 'vs'),
                'no' => __('No', 'vs'),
            'default' => 'default',

If the answer in the dropdown is yes, then show text field 1:

    // Text 1
            'label' => __('Text1', 'vs'),
            'type' => Controls_Manager::TEXT,

Else, show text field 2:

    // Text 2
            'label' => __('Text2', 'vs'),
            'type' => Controls_Manager::TEXT,

Blood type with conditional probability

Everyone has 2 copies of the A/B/O gene. One gene is inherited from the mother and the other from the father. Everyone has a 1/2 probability to pass a randomly selected gene copy to their children.
Choosing to focus on A and O, people with AA or AO genes have blood type A; those with OO have type O blood. Suppose Eve and both her parents have blood type A, but her sister Eva has blood type O. Eve marries Adam, who has blood type O.

(a) If Eve and Adam’s first child had blood type A, what is the probability that Eve carries an O gene?

(b) If Eve and Adam’s first child had type A blood, what is the probability that their second child will as well?

So far I’ve done:

Let A = Eve carries an O gene, and C = first child has type A blood

P(A) = 6/12 = 1/2 because Eve’s parents have to be either AO/AO, AO/AA, AA/AO (they cannot be AA/AA because Eve’s sister has blood type O)

P(C) = 6/8 = 3/4 because parents have to be AA/OO or AO/OO.

I believe part a) is asking for P(A|C) = $frac{P(C|A)P(A)}{P(C)}$

However, I’m not sure how to calculate P(C|A) or the probability that the first child has type A blood given Eve carries an O gene.

Is there any WordPress plugin with conditional output message based on the filled data?

I have 2 columns in an Excel sheet the 1st column is a user name (which is unique) and the other 2nd column is the user’s promo code that he will use later (Offline in local stores)
So my question is there any WordPress plugin with conditional output message based on the filled data? with excel functionality to add the 2 columns to satisfy this example
Whenever user “Admin5562” enters his name “Admin5562” the unique answer for him only would be “Promo50%”

Why does Google Sheets Conditional Formatting not apply properly to all cells?

Alright, so I’ve been having this issue for a few hours now and am confident to say that I can’t fix it by myself.

I’ve been playing around with Google Sheets trying to apply Conditional Formatting when another referenced cell is not empty.

Here’s an image of the issue, it will definitely help you understand what I’m trying to do.

However, here’s what happens when I do the following two things (using an IF function to determine the state and then parse the true or false state towards the Conditional Formatting rule), here’s where the broken magic comes into play.

When I set it to =IF(ISBLANK(B2), false, true), this happens.
But when I reverse it and set it to =IF(ISBLANK(B2), true, false), this happens again.

I am lost to why this happens as from what you can see in the screenshots, B2 is never empty.

EDIT: For whatever reason, when I set it to =IF(ISBLANK(B2), true, true), it works as expected, as seen here. I would still like to hear an explanation if anybody has one.

Computing conditional probability with uniform distribution

Suppose that parameter $theta$ characterizes the probability that an individual takes an action. In the population, $thetasim U(0,1)$. Individual i has probability $pi(theta_i)$ of taking the action. Suppose further that

pi(theta_i)=begin{cases} pi_1 & if & thetaleq c\
pi_2 & if & else

What is the correct formula for the average probability? Is it
pi&=&int pi_i di\
&=&int_{0}^c pi_1 di +int_{c}^1 pi_2 di

or is it

pi&=&int pi_i di\
&=&Prob(thetaleq c)int_{0}^1 pi_1 di +Prob(thetageq c)int_{c}^1 pi_2 di

google sheets – Can you define a conditional format range without an absolute reference?

I would like to conditionally format a column in my sheet, regardless of how long the sheet is. This is because new rows are routinely inserted, and the sheet gets longer but the conditional formatting doesn’t adjust since it only uses absolute references.

To illustrate, for my range in the conditional format if I put in A:A I end up with A1:A536 (or however long my sheet is at the moment I define the range). If I add rows, it stays as A1:A536. I would like to be able to define the conditional range as simply A:A but this doesn’t work.

Is there any way to do this?

probability theory – Finding conditional density $f:OmegatimesBbb{R}^+toBbb{R}^+_0$ of $X_t$

Let $(B_t)_{tgeq0}$ be a standard Brownian motion on a probability space $(Omega,mathcal{A},P)$ and let $X_t=exp(B_t-frac{1}{2}t)$, for $tgeq0$. Let $(mathcal{F}_t)_{tgeq0}$ with $mathcal{F}_t=sigma(B_s : 0leq sleq t)$ be its natural filtration. Further, let $s,t$ be real numbers with $0lt slt t$.

Given $mathcal{F}_s$, I now want to find a conditional density $f:OmegatimesBbb{R}^+toBbb{R}^+_0$ of $X_t$.

If $f$ is a conditional density, then it should be measurable with respect to the Product $sigma$-algebra $mathcal{F}_sotimesmathcal{B}(Bbb{R}^+)$ and given $mathcal{F}_s$, the function $K:Omegatimesmathcal{B}(Bbb{R}^+)toBbb{R}^+_0, K(omega, A)=int_Af(omega,x)dx$ should be a conditional distribution of $X_t$.

I am unsure how to proceed and would really appreciate any help or solution to this problem, thank you.

c# – Conditional logic based on time of day?

I would like to run code conditionally based on the time of day. The code is within a while loop in several worker tasks that run throughout my programs lifetime. Performing the comparison on every loop iteration seems wasteful, is there a more efficient way to get this desired result?

The restate my question in code, I am asking if there is a more efficient to duplicate this functionality, perhaps using timers or some other scheduling mechanism:

while( workerNotCanceled )
    var time = DateTime.Now;
    if (time.Hour > 8 and time.Hour < 16)