How can I request a refund from Condor Airlines without calling them?

A friend of mine had a ticket with Condor Airlines from Seattle to Prague that was due to depart via Frankfurt on March 16. The flight Frankfurt-Prague (LH1400) has been canceled, so my friend wants a refund for the return flight.

However, Condor's telephone agents are currently unavailable. Can I somehow request a refund via email? Your website doesn't seem to offer such an option.

Luggage – Confused by the baggage regulations and the weighing of Condor

My girlfriend and I are flying with Condor for the first time next week. It will be my first international flight, so I do not quite know what to expect. We've heard that Condor has mostly been able to avoid the nightmares associated with RyanAir, but this issue has surprised us a bit.

We went to Economy Light and underestimated how much they would charge for luggage and what their actual limits were. However, we are allowed to bring 8kg each, TOTAL. That's between a carry-on and a personal item. We pack easily, but I'm still worried that we will not be able to do that, and I'm trying to figure out how and how rigorously this is enforced and how far we can prevent it (cargo pants, etc. I mean hell, if I fill a Nalgene with water before I get in, that's about a kilogram right there!

I think the main question is how and when they weigh your bag. I got it that they have a scale at the gate and weigh in everything when boarding, my girlfriend finds that implausible. She thought they would do it if they checked in before security, but that does not make sense to me either. What's stopping you from buying and collecting 30kg of stuff at the airport? Or is that expressly allowed? She seemed to believe it.

Checking a 23kg bag would cost $ 75, and I would really love to avoid that.

Another piece is about the TOTAL part of it. It sounds like the 8 kg limit is not as unusual as I thought, but usually only for your main carry-on and without your "personal item", usually a purse for my girlfriend and a small daypack for me. Do I interpret correctly that we will also bring that on balance?