Confirmations – I made a mistake sending Bitcoin to the old generated address in Nairaex … The transaction is still not being issued … How can I get back my Bitcoin?

I'm not sure what you mean. Do you mean that the transaction is not yet confirmed? In this case, there are two options.

1) If the original transaction was replaceable (depending on your wallet, this can be set with a check box), you can use RBF (Replace By Fee).

2) If you can not use RBF, you can try doubling the original spend at a significantly higher fee to convince Miner to complete the second transaction before the first transaction, invalidating the first transaction.

If your transaction has already been confirmed, you will need the secret key of the old generated address to create a new transaction from the old address to the new address.

How can I receive confirmations?

I would like to reuse an address that I thought of using api, which returns the amount sent to the address when the acknowledgment reaches the set parameter. If I send more BTC to the same address, the confirmation parameter will not work anymore. Is the other solution for that?

Should security confirmations in a company be adapted for IT systems and not for IT users?

Currently I work in the information security team of my company. I have been asked by management to help review and revise our current IT security policies. I am a trusted, respected member of the IT security team, and the management has previously asked me for help in reviewing the content of the annual safety training

Our current policies are very comprehensive, covering topics such as personal security, cloud security, physical security, logical access security, etc. However, Only the IT security team and the IT function In general, much of this policy is affected. Examples:

  • Parts that talk about access management may not be relevant to a customer service representative who works in a call center.

  • If you are not in the IT department, the requirements for demagnetizing backup media are unlikely to be useful.

My concern is for everyone, regardless of their professional role, to acknowledge all policies that pay less attention to the policies that actually affect them, such as: B. Storing Sensitive Data for HR or Social Engineering Security Measures for a CSR in the Call Center. Put simply, the amount of reading can turn people off or simply click through the guidelines to complete the tedious task. and do not realize the importance of what they read about the company's IT security mission. We are an insurance company working with sensitive customer credit cards and private health information. We also need to comply with the PCI DSS, SOX 404 and DOI regulations.

Based on the feedback in my linked question, I am considering discussing with my management to address general training needs, such as: As the reporting of events and the acceptable use for the future changes untouched. In this way, all users share a common foundation of security requirements. Certain processes, such as For example, responding to incidents can only effectively work with end-user collaboration through timely reporting. This seems a breeze.


  • Is it a good idea to adjust the company policy security acknowledgments based on what is actually relevant to a particular employee's job?

  • If so, how can the applicability of security policies with respect to a particular job role be measured?

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Confirmations – How to Confirm the Altcoin PHP Transaction

I'm currently working on a webapp (for myself) and now come to the part I want to validate when someone sends me a certain amount of Altcoin, say Verge, and when I got that sum in my Verge wallet. I looked around to see if there might be a few APIs, but until now I've only found the Blockchain API, which is only for BTC. Can somebody help me with it?

Edit: The receiving Altcoin addresses are now on Bittrex.