Confusing Cisco enable password format


Totally confused by this Cisco password format:

enable password level 15 encrypted 382fda4a4a26e6637edac0eb8b8ba4581087d32d

Overall string is 40 bytes long:

$ echo -n 382fda4a4a26e6637edac0eb8b8ba4581087d32d | wc -c

Example of configs with these hashes can be see e.g. here.
No special characters except for (a-z0-9). It does not fall under any of Type X Cisco password taxonomy (Types 0,4,5,7,8,9). Hashcat does not include any available cracking mode for it.

What kind of woodo is that? Is is secure? Should I be worried that original password string may be recovered.

does we confusing between ram addressing and ram storage?

if we have cpu with Architecture 32-bit so we can only adress 4GB from row of ram(one row are holds 64 bit, its depended of the EDB and how the ram created) so why its said that the ram will storage only 4GB. doesnt it wrong ?because one row are hold 64-bit so if we have 32-bit cpu the ram will holds(4GB = 34359738368 Bit x 64 bit = 256 GB). and when we said this ram are 4GB(have 4GB of row)

i dont know if i am understading wrong or we use terms wrong way?

bash – Confusing behavior when running script from cron

I have a simple script. Here’s the code:


dt=$(date '+%d-%m-%Y-%H:%M:%S');

# This captures the current screen
cd `echo ${saveLoc}/1`;
/usr/bin/scrot -z -b `echo $scrot_name_fmt`;

# This captures the webcam
cd `echo ${saveLoc}/2`;
/usr/bin/streamer -f jpeg -o `echo $streamer_name_fmt`;

echo "${dt} saved";

This script does two things:

  1. Take screenshot and save it in /root/test/1 directory
  2. Take webcam shot and save it in /root/test/2 directory

When I run the script, it works as expected and I see two image files added to each directory. When the script is run by cron, I see the webcam shot in directory 2 but no screenshot in directory 1. Here’s the cron job setup:

* * * * * root sh /root/test/ >> /root/test/logScript.log

Don’t know what could be the problem and some help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

cryptography – How does the SpellingCorrectionList function work? (with confusing example)

I tried the SpellingCorrectionList function on some chunks of code strings to get translation suggestions. The results are kind of wild. I understand guesses are not going to be great on a string of nonsense, but for example I had a couple strings like “BULTG” and “BULTIE”. In my results I got “BULGY”, “BULGE”, and “BULLETIN” but I did not get “BULLET” or “BUILT” which I think are a lot closer to these argument strings. Any explanation for why this would happen?

checkboxes – Are round check boxes confusing or an accepted standard?

If I saw that in an interface – I would assume only one item can be checked, especially before any had been selected. Only the wording of the title would indicate to me that multiple selection is possible. I think this design would lead to a greater than normal number of people choosing a single item rather than a selection of items.

I don’t see the benefit here in bucking accepted trends other than to make it all curvy everywhere, but pretty rounded rectangles would do the job just as well, be more intuitive and more standard.

I don’t dislike the appearance from a pure graphical perspective – I just don’t think it’s right from the affordance perspective.

— edit update —

I redesigned it with rounded squares:

enter image description here

— further update —

As an interesting addendum – I found this (below) on a Google spreadsheets viewform survey (from UXPin) recently. It combines the outer shape of a checkbox, so that multiple-answer questions and single-answer questions have options that look quite similar in appearance, but the single-answer options have the inner circular shape of a radio button.

I had no confusion as to how it might be used, but I found this representation very unusual – in fact this was the first time I’d seen it. I find this quite interesting.

enter image description here

source code – I am new to Coding and its all really confusing to me and I don’t know where to start

So I’ve been learning swift for the past two weeks im putting in like 13 hour days because I really want to learn im watching a lot of YouTube videos and they cover the basics but im not really sure how to use it in an actual app or game. I finished the Apple Swift Playground and that helped a lot but I still am very confused for example it took me 3 hours of “fixing” my app and the issue was that I didn’t connect the image on the story board (not sure what its called) to the code, it took me 3 hours and someone had to help me so how would I actually learn code. I usually have good memory but I seem to forget all the code I wrote as soon as I turn the page.

Lagrangian question with confusing variables

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Confusing problem with a customer's website

Hello, I'm new to the forum. I've been working on SEO and content creation in general for a few years now, but this is the first time I've come to a dead end.

I will try to explain everything as best I can.

This is the website:

January 1st, 24th, customer contacted me about his website. Says he has a lot of things to do. His first concern is that the page is extremely slow (over 20 seconds to load and over 8MB slow for all pages). The second problem is the side ranking. He claims to have been on page 1 from March 2019 to at least September 2019. When I searched for the site, I saw it on page 3, which was really bad.

2. I'm working on it and find that the site used uncompressed images and bloated a lot of code. I ask him and say I know nothing about it. I fix the problem and it takes an average of 2 seconds to load the site.

It gets strange here.

The site has a lot of content, no external links, almost no internal links, which is really strange. I had to upload and replace all of the site's media again since there was no other way to compress them with a WordPress plugin (I'm talking about JPGS with over 4K resolution, which in some cases was 5MB in size. I tried to use some tools to prevent this from re-uploading, but none could compress them under 1MB).

The site also had a lot of SEO problems according to Nibbler, UberSuggest and many other tools that I don't remember at the moment.

After uploading the images again, fixing SEO problems, adding relevant attributes to relevant images and focusing on certain keywords for the other pages, I see that the website is now on page 6.

I've done multiple tests and multiple scans and fixed many issues. I haven't changed anything in the last 2 weeks and the page is always decreasing.

Also relevant: no search console or analysis was set up on the website, but I think the previous webmaster or SEO guy used Ubersuggest to review the website and that's the only evidence I have that the website once did was on page 1. The only thing I can imagine is that the website may have been hit by the June 2019 update as it shows the decline in page rank.

My questions to the community are:
What could I possibly miss here?
Am I paranoid because I don't have enough time to see improvements? I know that ranking takes time, but I've never seen a website drop so dramatically so quickly when it comes to correcting page rank.

Any help is appreciated.