Display – LG UltraFine 5K 27 "flickers when connected via USB-C to MacBook Pro (13 inch, 2018)

When I connect my MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2018) with MacOS Catalina 10.15.4 to my LG UltraFine 5K monitor, I notice a slight flickering in the lower half of the screen. It seems to be decreasing over time.

Is this something I have to worry about – and can I do something about it?

Efficiently find "unfounded edges" in a strongly connected diagram

I encountered a problem that I need to solve regarding dependency graphs. I simplified it as follows:

Consider a strongly connected Graph G = (V, E).

  • We define a subset of the vertices S ⊆ V as Source vertices.
  • We call an edge e = ((a,b) unfounded if there are none easy way from each source vertex to b that includes e. In other words, all paths from a source vertex that contain an edge e, must contain vertex b At least two times.

The problem:

  • Find all unfounded edges in G.

There are some obvious ways to do this inefficiently (e.g. a deep crossing for each edge in G), but I was wondering if there are any O (| E |) Approach. I have been struggling with it for a while and I "almost" solve it in linear time. Maybe that's impossible? I have no idea what the lower limit for efficiency is, and I was hoping that some readers here could help me find some efficient approaches.

wifi – How can the personal hotspot for iOS 13 be prevented from failing after 3 minutes, even if it is connected to the power supply?

The Personal Hotspot on iOS 13 stays active for a long time when paired with a Mac or other iOS device.

If it is passed on to a PC via WIFI, it will fail after 3-7 minutes. If a VPN connection is made via this, the VPN connection is also ended.

My question is: How can the personal hotspot for iOS 13 be prevented from failing after 3 minutes, even if it is connected to the power supply?

18.04 – Bluetooth headphones stop audio output after a while, but remain connected to the laptop

I tried 2 different headphones that I paired with my Dell XPS 13 on Ubuntu 18.04. Every time I play media in my Chrome browser, the audio stops working. When I check the connectivity, the headphones appear connected to my computer.

I've looked up a lot of posts on this topic. I tried Blueman, although it makes no difference for this behavior.

Instant Messaging – Jabber client not connected to a particular registrar?

The Jabber clients I downloaded are trying to get me to register on their website instead of my own ejabberd Server.

I don't want to do that. I have my own website and my own ejabberd run there for my own community.

Are there other clients that are not trying to collect your registration, but are specifying the Jabber server you want to connect to?

My MacBook Air does not click with the trackpad or the mouse connected via USB.

My MacBook is 13 inches tall and I have never had any problems since 2015. My battery doesn't look swollen and my trackpad is still following my finger, but the pointer never turns into a hand, just the arrow. I've tried most of the tips that are already available online, but the issue hasn't been resolved yet. I already have to tap to click on it, and even if I use a USB-connected mouse, it still doesn't click. Any new advice would be great, thanks in advance!

Windows 10 – how to switch between monitor speakers and headphones connected to the monitor?

I think there are similar questions here about switching between speakers and headphones on different ports, but my situation is different.

What I have is an HDMI source that is connected to my monitor and has its own speakers. It also has audio output to which I connected the headphones. The monitor automatically routes the sound to the headphones when connected and only to the speakers when I unplug them.

Is there an easy way to leave the headphones connected to the monitor but to switch between speakers or headphones?

The monitor model is Samsung CF591