virtual machine – The ‘connected’ box on VMWare sound option is greyed out despited following several to-dos

I recently created a virtual machine through VMware Workstation of Ubuntu 20.04. However, when playing videos or any media, there is no sound.

I am using an Ideapad 5 (Ryzen 7 4800U, Radeon Vega 8, 16GB, 512GB). I have already installed the proper driver of Realtek and enabled the Stereo Mix as in this video ( I have enabled it but there is no sound. When I went through the comments, there was also advice about going to properties of Stereo Mix > second tab from the left (Listen) > enabling ‘listening in’. When doing this, it produces an echo affect on my main system and the ‘connected’ box remains greyed out.

Initially, I thought it was due to some issues of my laptop but I tried making a virtual machine and it works. I want to switch to Virutal Box since it works but the thought of why the sound is not connecting is eating away at me.

Has anyone else faced this same issue?

macbook pro – how to disable external monitors connected to mac book pro without physically disconnecting them

I have 3 external monitors connect to mac book pro .. how ever some time I just want only one monitor, Instead of disconnecting the other two I was looking for a way to disable them , and reenable them when ever I want them without disconnecting them.

windows 10 – Can I get the audio of the XBox Wireless Controller X Series to work when connected via Bluetooth?

I have a a Wireless XBox Controller X Series connected via Bluetooth (no wireless dongle) to my Win10 PC. I can play games fine, yet I cannot see a new audio device.

Connecting the audio jacket with a headphone won’t play any audio when on Bluetooth.

If I connect it via USB-C the sounds plays fine and the audio device is discovered as Headphones XBox Controller.

Is there something I can do to get sound being played through the jack? Is my device broken or is it not supposed to work via Bluetooth connection?

audio – How can I have a iPhone (connected via lightning cable) play back it’s sound on a Macbook?

I have iShowU audio capture (2 ins, 2 outs), and my iPhone (2 ins) in a Aggregate device, and a Multi-Output device with iShowU Audio Capture and my Headphones. When I play audio from my phone and my mic on my mac is set to the aggregate device, and output is Multi-Output.

My mic clearly picks up my phone’s audio but I can’t hear it via my mac’s headphone jack. How can I set it in a way so that my phone plays audio I can hear on my mac?

I’m playing video from Safari, Photos, Chrome. Not iTunes / Apple Music.

Full OS setup in USB pen drive connected to a monitor with USB port

Are there USB drive devices where I can plug it into a monitor with USB port and boot a Ubuntu OS ?
I am asking after coming across this.
I’m not looking for a live Ubuntu OS as the data doesn’t get stored in the USB flash drive. I am looking for full OS setup in the pen drive. Do such things exist ?

A directed graph is semi-connected if the corresponding undirected graph is connected

The following is a problem in CLRS:

A directed graph $G = (V, E)$ is semiconnected if, for all pairs of vertices $u,v in V$,
we have $u$ reachable from $v$ or $v$ reachable from $u$. Give an efficient algorithm to determine whether
or not $G$ is semiconnected. Prove that your algorithm is correct, and analyze its
running time.

I know there exist correct solutions to this using topological sorting and strongly-connected components, but I had a different approach.

My approach:

Construct a new undirected graph $G’$, having an edge ${u,v}$ whenever $(u,v) in E$ or $(v,u) in E$.
The graph $G$ is semiconnected if $G’$ is connected.
Will this method always be correct?

Safari not loading webpages when connected to a SSTP VPN macOS Big Sur

I successfully connected to a SSTP VPN (don’t ask me why my company still uses it)
I can ping webpages with their domain name and via IP address.
But when I try to load the same webpage via Safari it takes a long time and it will result in a “cannot load page” error message.

Am I missing a setting ?

extra flags for the VPN connection:

usepeerdns require-mschap-v2 refuse-eap noauth noipdefault defaultroute

networking – Need to create a vpn server that connected to other server

I have a server that is windows and I made up a VPN server with it, I name it server_1

I’ve another server and its centos that I made up a wireguard VPN server on it too and I name it server_2

now I need to connect with my pc with VPN to server_1 while server_1 is connected to server_2,
Is there any way to do this?
I’ve tried some ways, but the problem is when server_1 is connecting to server_2 with VPN, then server_1 IP’s is changing and I don’t have access from pc to it.


Can I use an HDD on/off (6) switch controller with drives connected to an Adaptec 71605 16 port card?

attempting to build huge x299 to upgrade my Asrock Z87 Extreme 11ac
many of the storage drives are only required to be on “occasinally”
so to save on power consumption etc I’ve got hold of a 5.25 unit
with 6 on off switches and I wish to connect 2 hard drives to each “switch”
allowing me to keep 12 drives OFF or ON as required

my issue is that if I were to use an Adaptec ASR-71605 (in JBOD – non RAID)
will it allow some of the drives to function in this way
or will they simply not show up without rebooting

an alternative is to use two different non raid controllers (8 port each)

complete novice when it comes to understanding the complexities of raid controllers
as I’ve only ever required them to expand SATA ports and nothing else

apologies if i’m in the wrong place but I’m chomping at the bit to proceed with my huge pooter build

JouJye Super Gaming Chassis
ASUS X299 ROG Rampage VI Extreme
i9 9960X
G.Skill 8 x 8GB (64GB) DDR4 2666Mhz
3x 1TB m.2
18 Drives of 10 and 12Tb with one 14TB…. totalling 195TB

in the ideal world I am led to believe that a QNap is a must
but with what I’ve spent on the X299 build it’s gonna be
some considerable time (if ever) before I can afford such a unit