Updated to MySQL 8.0.13 – Error connecting database connection

I recently updated Mysql to 8.0.13 and got a lot more problems than I expected. Since the update I can not access any WordPress page (including WP-Admin) anymore.

I checked the wp-config.php (although I did not change anything manually) and everything seems fine (since I did not change anything). Funny enough, I can use both the Ubuntu terminal and the MySQL Workbench to connect to the WordPress database with the existing credentials. I'm not sure where to go. According to my research, it is not possible to downgrade from MySQL 8 to 5.

While I have backup copies of WordPress and MySQL, I'm not sure it's safe to restore a backup from MySQL 5 to MySQL 8. I could give some hints here.

Thank you in advance.

Malware – What kind of a strange process is "qemu" connecting to minergate.com?

I noticed that in Little Snitch:

Total: 444 sent B, 0 B received
Starting at xmr.pool.minergate.com (,, port 45700, protocol TCP (6), 222 B sent, 0 B received
Starting at xmr.pool.minergate.com (,, port 45700, protocol TCP (6), 222 B sent, 0 B received

I blocked it but could not stop it. I could not find it in LaunchControl. (I have never installed qemu via homebrew.)

Is this a kind of bitcoin mining malware? How can you find out where it came from?

For now I have deleted only the binary file.

What is the minimum area connecting two circles that are not in parallel planes?

I'm curious about a general answer for inclined planes, but I'm particularly interested in the case where the axis of one circle is perpendicular to the other and the center is on the other axis. To be precise, leave $ C_1 $ be the unit circle in the $ XY $ Plane and $ C_2 $ Be a radius circle $ r $, Center $ (0, 0, h) $with axis parallel to $ x $ Axis.

I hope for an analytical solution, but also curious to answer this kind of question arithmetically.

Astrophotography – Connecting a camera to a telescope

In astrophotography with small telescopes there are basically 3 configurations:

  1. "Main focus" = NO camera lens + NO telescope eyepiece
  2. "Eyepiece Projection" = NO camera lens + YES telescope eyepiece
  3. "afocal" = YES Camera Lens + YES Telescope eyepiece

What about this fourth situation:

YES Camera Lens + NO Telescope Eyepiece

Make it useful? If no, why?

Thank you in advance,

Unwanted obstacles when connecting to the server in Binance

Are you a Binance user who encounters unwanted obstacles when connecting to the server in Binance? Does this disability have a headache? Choose Binance support number around 1833-228-1682 If you need solutions to this problem. The representative of Binance will help you in every possible way. With their proactive approach and quick understanding, they give you precise answers to your problems. Contact an expert today to resolve your issues. Visit the website: –http://www.cryptophonesupport.com/exchange/binance

Turkey – How does transit work for the people connecting in Istanbul when they arrive at the Ataturk Airport on the last day of flight operations?

Do I need a transit visa for Turkey for an intermediate country? You do not need a transit visa for Turkey if you do not leave the airside of the airport.

For example, suppose a citizen of a country in need of a visa to visit Turkey booked a flight that arrives at Atatürk Airport on the last day of service, and his connection is from the new Istanbul airport. (This is likely because the booking system of Turkish Airlines brings the two airports together.)

Does a citizen of such a country need a transit visa for Turkey? Will checked luggage be brought to the new airport, or will it have to be picked up at Ataturk and taken to the new airport and rechecked?

Networking – RDP internal error connecting via VPN and LAN, but over WAN, works fine

Here is my setup.

2 Telus ADSL connections at two different locations

Location 1 has a DSL modem and a TP-Link HL-R600VPN v4 (or whatever is the latest version)
Site 2 has an actiontec3200M and TP-Link HL-R600VPN v1 (or possibly v2).

The actiontec router is set up in bridge mode.

The IpSec tunnel is in place, file sharing is working fine, but I can not get from the computer in place 2 to the computer in place 1 RDP. The first time I try to connect, it's time for me to log in and then look at a black screen and finally out. When I try to reconnect, I get an internal error in the RDP program.

The first time I set up, I was able to connect, but once I disconnected and tried to reconnect, the same would happen with the black screen and then with internal errors on successive attempts. It seemed like I was restarting the computer from position 1, I was able to reconnect once. At another time, I tried several hours later without rebooting, and it worked once, but failed the next time. But in the last few days it does not work at all.

Here are some other things that have struck me.

From Site 2, I can access both routers at both locations via their local addresses.

From Site 1, I can not access the Site 2 router. The router may be blocking only external access or a symptom of the cause of the RDP issue.

When I open port 3389 on the PC at location 1 and establish the connection via RDP from the computer at location 2 with the WAN IP, it will work everytime.

Also, I can not be removed to the computer at location 2 from the computer at location 1 using the LAN

Any thoughts?

Error connecting MySQL on Android with PHP

I'm trying to connect my Android Java application via PHP to my MySQL database and insert data into it. Despite the Android application reporting that the user was successfully registered, the data I try to insert is not displayed in the database.

I use the following codes:

Android Java

The public class MainActivity extends AppCompatActivity
private EditText email address, password, password, phone, member name, name, points;

@Run over
protected void onCreate (bundle savedInstanceState)
super.onCreate (savedInstanceState);
setContentView (R.layout.activity_main);
email = (EditText) findViewById (R.id.email);
password = (EditText) findViewById (R.id.password);
cpf = (EditText) findViewById (R.id.cpf);
phone = (EditText) findViewById (R.id.telephone);
member Since = (EditText) findViewById (MemberName);
name = (EditText) findViewById;
points = (EditText) findViewById;

public void register (view view)
String emailLogin = email.getText (). ToString ();
String passwordLogin = password.getText (). ToString ();
String cpfLogin = cpf.getText (). ToString ();
String phoneLogin = phone.getText (). ToString ();
String memberFromLogin = memberFrom.getText (). ToString ();
String nameLogin = member.FromText (). ToString ();
String pointsLogin = points.getText (). ToString ();

if (! (emailLogin.isEmpty ()) &&! (passwordLogin.isEmpty ()))
Ion.with (MainActivity.this)
.load ("")
.setBodyParameter ("email", emailLogin)
.setBodyParameter ("cpf", cpfLogin)
.setBodyParameter ("password", passwordLogin)
.setBodyParameter ("phone", phoneLogin)
.setBodyParameter ("Name", LoginName)
.setBodyParameter ("memberFrom", memberFromLogin)
.setBodyParameter ("points", pointsLogin)
.asJsonObject ()
.setCallback (new FutureCallback() {
@Run over
public void onCompleted (Exception e, JsonObject result)
try it
Toast.makeText (MainActivity.this, R.string.successCadastro, Toast.LENGTH_LONG) .show ();
} catch (exception)
Toast.makeText (MainActivity.this, R.String.errorCadastro, Toast.LENGTH_LONG) .show ();
Toast.makeText (MainActivity.this, "All fields must be filled in", Toast.LENGTH_LONG) .show ();


/ *
File code connection.php
$ connection = mysqli_connect ("localhost", "root", "", "affiliate");
* /

required_once ("connection.php");

$ name = $ _POST["nomeLogin"];
$ email = $ _POST["emailLogin"];
$ cpf = $ _POST["cpfLogin"];
$ password = $ _POST["senhaLogin"];
$ points = $ _POST["pontosLogin"];
$ phone = $ _POST["telefoneLogin"];
$ memberFrom = $ _POST["membroDesdeLogin"];

Function assignments ($ connection, $ name, $ cpf, $ points, $ phone, $ email, $ password, $ member_desde)
$ query = "Paste into Partner (name, cpf, points, phone, email, password, member_ofde) values ​​(& # 39;; {$ name} & # 39 ;, & # 39; {$ cpf} & # 39; ;, {$ points}, & # 39; {$ phone} & # 39 ;, & # 39; {$ email} & # 39 ;, & # 39; {$ password} & # 39 ;, & # 39; {$ member_index & # 39;} ";

Return mysqli_query ($ connection, $ query);

Networking – When connecting switches between 2 buildings, each building has its own power supply

I have 2 buildings (A + B), each with its own power supply, the buildings are about 20m apart. Between the two buildings there are 3 Kat6 cables (1 active and 2 spare parts).

The cat6 cable is terminated in each building in a patch / data rack.

Both buildings have their own patch panel and a network switch. Building A houses the modem and the router.

My concern is that I have already heard that electrical appliances / appliances are connected via two or more power supplies, as this can cause problems / damage to the electrical appliances / appliances, as different power supplies have different grounds.

Is that a legitimate concern? And what can I do to fix it?

Files and folders on Sharepoint site can not be displayed when connecting through WebDav. Multiple files or folders can not be downloaded

I have a sharepoint site that I have access to. The URL of the website looks like this:
https: //[domainname.com]/ sites / lib-repository /[site-name]

When logging in, I will be automatically redirected to:
https: //[domainname.com]/ sites / lib-repository /[site-name]/_layouts/15/start.aspx#/Shared Documents / Forms / AllItems.aspx

I am not the administrator.

I can view folders and files when using a web browser. I use macOS 10.13 and Safari. When I click on individual files, a "FILES" tab appears at the top of the site, and I can click on the "Download a copy" option under this tab.

However, when I click on Folder, the option "Download Copy" is grayed out.

I'm trying to find a way to download multiple files at the same time or a folder or a few. I googled on options and found out how to connect to WebDav.

However, I tried to connect to the site through Finder> Connect to Server> [input the same URL]and use the same login credentials as the web browser to sign in. I can connectbut can not see files and folders.

Is this something the administrator needs to allow? How can I solve this if I can not contact the administrator?

P.S. The site where SharePoint Server 2013 is running.