android – Why is screen HEIGHT not taken into consideration while designing responsive layouts for mobile apps?


When we’re talking about the interfaces, we’re obliged to take into account the devices that makes us possible to display the content we aim to see. So that the main medium when the term responsivity was introduced was computer screens/displays and web through computers.

As you might imagine displays of all the computers/notebooks, the screens are rectangular on default and people using these displays intend to make browsers/applications minimized via reducing it’s width rather than the height as it opens more broader and wider area.


Doesn’t responsive layout mean that my app should look the same in devices of all widths and heights?

Well, it’s just because in these days mostly people are mobile users and the term need to be updated as the term responsivity originally also covers the same issue. Or there might be attempts to describe the concept differentially as only mobile users ran into this seperation since web is mostly on rectangular screens.

If 2 devices have a lot of difference in HEIGHT, my app in one device
will look drastically different from the one in other device

Besides you’re totally correct and even it’s the same for width for development point of view, it might mostly happening beacuse the heights are used %100 to fit all the screen sizes for mobile preferably. But that’s not my main arguement and point to avoid using responsivity as a height on mobile or web eventually.

web – Is Cumulative Layout Shift a consideration while the page is still visibly loading?

As pointed out by musefan in his comment, CLS is problematic, even if the page is under a dark overlay, because the user may start to read the content.

musefan suggests “keeping all the content hidden until it’s ready”. This is the best approach, however, care should be taken in order not to create the impression that the page loads slowly.

It is a known issue that reducing CLS while following modern performance best practices can be tricky.

According to Cumulative Layout Shift in Practice (blog article),

Websites that are tuning for performance may be exposing themselves to more layout shifts unintentionally. Besides lazy loading, fast-loading sites optimize for a quick first paint, to get something on screen for the visitor’s eyes. As additional content comes in, it may be shifting the page around significantly.

One way to fix CLS without affecting performance would be to display only a loading screen, or spinner, or some kind of placeholder to the user, until all the page content is fully loaded. Another approach is using skeleton loading pages, which galenrutledge describes in his answer.

web – Is Cumulative Layout Shift a consideration while the page is still loading?

Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) refers to unexpected change in the position of content on a page, and usually happens because resources are loaded asynchronously or DOM elements get added to the page above existing content.

CLS can be problematic if it occurs in the instant a user wants to interact with an element on the screen, which might cause them to click or press something else.

But is CLS relevant during page load? In the time before the page becomes interactive, can a shift in the page’s layout lead to a bad UX?

I am referring to the case where the user will see a spinner as well as potentially a dark overlay over the page, so they are unlikely to be trying to interact with the page. While the problem described above may not happen, I am wondering if CLS may still cause confusion due to elements momentarily being rendered in a location which is not their final location.

nt.number theory – certification of half prime numbers and balanced half prime numbers without consideration

We can recognize prime numbers in polynomial time. Before that we had a Prattity Certificate from Pratt.

Certify an integer $ N = PQ $ To be semi-prime, we can give the factors $ P $ and $ Q $ and we can test them to be and test prime numbers $ N = PQ $ holds.

There cannot be a certificate that is similar to the Pratt certificate, as this would require knowledge $ phi (N) $ what boils down to factoring.

  1. There is another proof of originality with no properties of $ phi (N) = N-1 $ when $ N $ is prime?

  2. Is there another certificate for semiprimes?

  3. What if we only considered balanced halves where $ P $ and $ Q $ be the same length?

Graph theory – what contradicts this function: consideration of the sizes of the example sentences

Assume that $ X = {a, b } \ $ and $ f: X rightarrow X $

The following statements must be contradictory: Something lurks here that tells us that this is not a function.

  1. $ # {x: f ^ {1} (x) = a } = 1 \ $

  2. $ # {x: f ^ {2} (x) = a } = 2 \ $

  3. $ # {x: f ^ {1} (x) = b } = 1 \ $

  4. $ # {x: f ^ {2} (x) = b } = 0 \ $

What I know: we can show this combinatorially

I know the information that is coded as a matrix (of lines) of models with entries $ S_ {ij} = # f ^ {- j} (x_i) $ is given by

$ S = left ( begin {array} {ccc}
1 & 2 \
1 & 0 \
end {array} right) $

For example rent $ x_ {1} = a $ and $ x_ {2} = b $ and the number of items under two uses of $ f $ result in the first domain element, $ x_ {1} = a $ is given by $ S _ {(1,2)} = 2 $ implies $ f (f (a)) = a = f (f (b)) $

Reverse engineering gives two possible forward "picture" matrices (from rows) with entries $ F_ {ij} = f ^ {j} (x_i) $ a $ a $ and a $ b $ in column 1 and two $ a $is in column 2.

So the options are either

$ F_ {1} = left ( begin {array} {ccc}
f (a) = a & f (f (a)) = a \
f (b) = b & f (f (b)) = a \
end {array} right) $


$ F_ {2} = left ( begin {array} {ccc}
f (a) = b & f (f (a)) = a \
f (b) = a & f (f (b)) = a \
end {array} right) $

Both contradict f is functional as $ F_ {1} $ implies $ f (b) = b $ and $ f (b) = a $ through line 2, since the entries correspond $ F_ {ij} = f ^ {j} (x_i) $. Likewise in $ F_ {2} $ it implies that implies $ f (a) = b $ by entry (1,1) and $ f (b) = a $ by entry (1,2).

Combinatorially, we can see the problem, but I want to be able to see the problem by looking at the mere list of specified sizes at the top of the post.

What I suspect is that the conditions would require a domain size of three $ f $ be functional. I just don't see a simple, clear way forward.

Best quotes for inspiration, love, valentines day, mothers day

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"Latin hiding places see examples of maxims from 2000 years ago, for example Ubi Concordia, Ibi Victoria," where there is solidarity, there is triumph. "These phrases usually involve a keen understanding that is incorporated into remarkable formulations. They are little triumphs of speaking, in the old and positive feeling of the word, "he says.
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Love is an amazing collection of feelings, practices, and beliefs related to solid feelings of love, defense, warmth, and respect for someone. Love can also be used to refer to non-human beings, norms, and strict beliefs. For example, a person can indicate that the person appreciates their pooch, loves the opportunity, or loves God.

Love has always been a popular topic among logicists, artists, essayists, and researchers, and various people and gatherings have regularly argued about their definition. While the vast majority agree that worship conveys firm feelings of love, there are numerous differences in its exact meaning, and an individual's “I love you” can mean something that is not the same as the other. Some possible meanings of worship are:
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There was a lot of discussion about whether love is a decision, whether it is long-lived or short-lived, and whether the affection between relatives and life partners is changed organically or anchored socially. Love can change from individual to individual and culture to culture. Each of the discussions about affection may be precise at a specific time and place. For example, in some cases love can be a decision, while in other cases it feels wild.

since when is "I want you to do me a favor" a consideration?

Considerations in and of themselves are neither illegal nor unethical. I take a Starbucks coffee and in return I give you money. That's fine. What is illegal and unethical is the misuse of the power of your office to condition the release of foreign aid under the promise that the foreign nation in question will assist you in polluting your political opponent. If you put your political aspirations above the interests and will of your own nation, then you are a traitor to your nation.

Do you see the difference? It's not in return, because Trump wanted the Ukrainian government to do him a favor. It is a consideration, because Trump will release the military aid for Ukraine, they would do him a favor. Not for the US, but for Trump and only for Trump. He was the only company to benefit from the transaction, and the only reason he finally released the aid was that his stalemate (and why he was stuck) had become public knowledge. He used your taxpayer money and possibly the lives of people to pollute the son of a political rival. How do you justify that?

Sondlands testimony has completely relieved Trump! No consideration, no blackmail, no bribe. Sorry, liberals?

Actually, if he rejects his testimony, it looks like he's standing next to Roger Stone.

But I had a hunch that Sondland and Trump have staged their own coup. He grinned all the time. Then Trump did not spot him on Twitter. That's lazy.

😄 No matter how you turn it, Muffin … Dishonesty of the Trumper Right, always looks great for the real Left.

If consideration is not a criminal offense, why did Covfefe say ad naseum "no return" over and over again?

The constitution states that criminal acts are "offenses and crimes". So the president could be charged for over-speeding. This is an offense, but the constitution has not formulated any specific violations, just the general statement. Congress would never charge anyone for a traffic ticket, but he could. Personally, I think that Trump has committed MORE than an offense and that he can be charged for his actions. — Simple rule to remember, Trump is lying. If there is any doubt, remember this rule – Trump is lying. There was a return expected from Trump. He lies to cover it up, and his brain dead followers have decided to believe his lies instead of the truth.

amazon web services – Consideration when loading images from the S3 bucket

I'm working on an e-commerce site where users can upload images for the product they want to sell on the site. The website runs on a Windows / IIS server.

I'm currently using the Windows file system to save the images, but as the size of the images increases, I've decided to move them to the AWS S3 bucket. My only concern is that I'm not sure how good the performance would be? Is there any way to improve S3's load time? Does AWS offer a faster alternative?