Google Search Console – Check my website for antivirus services. (McAfee, Webroot, Avast, Bitdefender, etc.)

When I publish a new website, it is often discovered by anti-virus programs. The message is always something like …

This site is safe but does not have enough history for us to continue without warning you.

It's easy enough to review my site using Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools, and Norton SafeWeb.

However, I can not find similar options for McAfee, Bitdefender, Webroot, Avast, and so on.

What else can I do to prevent my new but very secure sites from being displayed as "too new to trust"?

Why does HTTPS Chrome check the "!" Mixed content icon, but if I opened the Developer Console, it will show "Fully Safe" when I reload

I have a secure (HTTPS) website where Chrome has the "!" Icon in the URL bar indicating that I have mixed content. So I press F12 (Developer Console), go to the Security tab, which says that there is mixed content, and reload the page.

After reloading the page, the content is completely secure. I've tried different computers, incognito tabs, and clearing cache / cookies and this persists.

Anyway, every time I load a page without When the Developer Console is open, it shows that it is mixed content. Once I open the Developer Console and look around the site, Chrome announces that it's completely secure.

This only happens in Chrome (not Edge).

Example of Chrome's Dev Console:

Enter image description here

Javascript – How To Fix Mobile Usability Issues (Page Resources Are Not Loading) in Google Search Console

Our site is responding, but it does report the following mobile-friendly usability issues in the Google search console.
1. Content wider than the screen
2. Clickable elements too close together
3. To read too small text

When we try to test the URL of a live page in the Google Search Console on the "Mobile Usability" tab, the pages sometimes show a "Some page resources are not loaded" message (for example, CSS and JS Files) "Your page is mobile-friendly" meaning all resources are being loaded. Screenshots attached.

We also implemented the following:
1. All meta tags are well defined
2. We have implemented a CDN for files
3. Reduced the size of CSS and JS files and images to the essentials
4. Provided access to JS and CSS files in the robots.txt file
5. The website works flawlessly on all devices.

What could cause this problem?Problems loading pages

No loading issues in the same URL

SEO – Does blocking URL parameters in Google Search Console remove pages from the index?

GSC has the ability to tell Google how to handle URL parameters. Google suddenly indexed more than 600,000 URLs with parameters on our website. I have set the parameter in GSC to be non-searchable and about 400,000 pages have disappeared from the index. So I thought everything works as expected and the rest of the pages are also removed. After one month, 300,000 pages are indexed again.

Should it work and should I wait or do I have to set the pages as noindex?

Google Search Console – Two WordPress with two sitemaps under the same domain name

I have two WordPress installations under a domain name:

I've created both in the Search Console as independent properties, in the Tag Manager, each with its own tag and container, and so on.

Only recently I noticed that I sitemaps in the ExampleWP2 Search Console will automatically add the same Sitemaps as the Search Console ExampleWP1 Also look in the console. I do not understand how or why, are the properties somehow linked?

I tried deleting all sitemaps, adding them again, and it still happens.

I think I could try to delete all Sitemaps in Search Console for both properties and keep them in the robots.txt of each site. Is that a viable option?

In addition, both accounts will be linked through the same company email address. Is this possibly the cause?

Please advise someone, thanks.