XMLTV GUI or Console EPG Downloader only fails when running Windows 10 Scheduled Tasks

I'm using the XMLTV GUI grabber to get Schedules Direct (North America) TV Program Schedule Guide (EPG) information for my PVR software on Windows 10. I have no problems interacting at all. Data files are generated containing all desired information.

However, if they run as a scheduled task, either XmltvConsole.exe or XmltvGui.exe / Grab will not retrieve data and log messages such as

5:15:01 - 0 programs found
5:15:02 - No programs found, aborting xml writing

This would normally indicate that no channels are configured for the selected grabber. Of course, I see in the GUI that I have added every available channel to my selected channel list.

I've made sure that the scheduled task runs as my user account, whether I'm logged in or not, and I've tried several settings for the "Run In" box in the scheduled task: I've used the program directory under C: Program Files (x86), the user folder of my user account, and nothing at all. I have checked that the task is done correctly.

catalina – Spotlight indexing occasionally raises an error returned by the daemon: error domain = com.apple.accounts code = 9 in the console

Last week, Spotlight on my Mac indexed my 256GB drive with about 200% more or less constant CPU utilization, and nowhere else did it go. That's why today I opened the console and filtered it for Spotlight processes. Mostly, these are just "successfully retrieved policies," but from time to time (every few minutes), the error message "error returned by the daemon: error domain = com.apple.accounts code = 9" appears. Does this cause the problems? What does that mean? How do I fix this?

System Specifications: Enter image description here

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Drupal Console: How can I use debug: config to retrieve individual items in multi-item configurations?

For example, I can run in the Drush

drush cget search_api.server.iges_solr backend_config.connector_config.port

and get a useful answer.

('search_api.server.iges_solr:backend_config.connector_config.port': 8988)

In the Drupal console, I tried the same formatting as the command drush. A colon was attempted between the main configuration item and the subelement

(drupal dc search_api.server.iges_solr:backend_config.connector_config.port)

I tried a whole bunch of other things and read the documents without success. Is it possible to get along without gripping?