ilo – HP iLO4 Remote Console Java Applet display

We have an HP Proliant DL360 G8 server, with iLO4 installed. I normally uses Firefox to access the iLO web interfacefrom an Ubuntu server. The Ubuntu server hopped through 2 subnets to get to the iLO interface.

ubuntu$ xhost +
ssh -X
ssh -X
firefox -no-remote

Then https://… to logon to the iLO interface. However, when trying to run Remote Console using Java Applet, the normal Ice tea applet window is not showing anything, and there’re no remote window popping up. Is that because of export DISPLAY does not apply to JAVA applets? Is there something I can do to fix this?
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Why difference between Google search console Positions google search postisions

My one new keyword google search console show 4 positions but I can’t find it google search .How can I solve it . Colud you please tell me details


nvidia – Can get an X Window only on the console or on RDP, but not both at the same time

New to Ubuntu, but I’ve been around Linux for while.

I built my first Ubuntu box. Core i5 processor, GeForce GTX1080 graphics. Running gdm3.

Installed xrdp.

I can be logged in at the console, or I can RDP to the box, but I cannot do both at the same time. If I’m on the console, my RDP session logs in, but I get a blank screen. If I log off from the console, I get an X-Window in my RDP but the display on the console switches to “No Signal.”

This is driving me crazy because my Raspberry Pi 4 allows me to be logged into both simultaneously.

I’ve compared xrdp.ini and sesman.ini on both machines, but I can’t find any difference.

Is this possibly an NVidia X-Server issue? Does anyone know how to get simultaneous displays on the console and RDP?

Thanks in advance for any assistance!

verification – Verifying Old Transaction in Bitcoin Core’s console -getrawtransactions does return “no such mempool transaction” error

You’re trying to use an optional feature of Bitcoin Core: the ability to query for old transactions.

This functionality needs:

  • (a) the full blockchain (where else would it get the transaction from)
  • (b) an index by txid so it doesn’t need to read through 270 GB to find what you’re looking for.

The error message you get is telling you that this (b) index is not enabled. When you try to enable it, it fails because you don’t actually have the blockchain (a) in the first place (it’s pruned), so it can’t be indexed.

If you really need this functionality, you’ll need to disable pruning, start syncing from scratch (as it’ll need to download the blockchain again), and enable indexing.

However, you saying “tried to verify” perhaps highlights a misconception you have: getrawtransaction doesn’t verify anything, it just retrieves the transaction in your local copy of the blockchain. Everything is already verified, even when it’s not kept on disk. Generally when you care about a particular transaction, it’s because it directly or indirectly affects your own funds, and the recommended solution for that is simply using good wallet software – it will only show you transactions that are verified and whose entire history is verified.

8 – Ckeditor not loading – Console errors

I have a Drupal 8 website and I am having some issues with the CKeditor loading on nodes. It was loading but something seems to have altered.

I am up to date with Drupal 8.9.12.

Text format page

Basic HTML settings page

Basic Page edit form

Article edit form

Comment edit form

I have tried changing the default theme and the administrative theme to Bartek (as my current theme is a customised Bootstrap Barrio theme), but this has made no difference.

I carn’t find any errors in the database log report.

I tried disabling and re-enabling all the text formats following Re-enabling Core Text Format?

In the JavaScript console I was getting the following.


Does anyone have any idea on where I should start with this?

indexing – SOLR Admin Console is not responding normally

I recently upgraded SOLR from version 8.4.1 to 8.6.3. But, after creating the core, and indexing the same (through Hybris Backoffice), I noticed a peculiar behavior in SOLR Admin Console. When I select the particular Core and try to go to “Query” section, it is automatically redirect to Dashboard. So, I am unable to use SOLR Admin console to check the data or query over the indexed data. It is happening to all other sections that come after selecting the core. In my earlier version, I never faced such issues.

I actually need to upgrade to this particular version of SOLR since hybris does only support this version after SOLR 7.7.x.

Is there anyone who faced this issue? Please help if anyone knew the solution.

office 365 – Authentication with SharePoint Online in Microsoft 365 and simple console application

I need your help with my small application.

I need to create easy console application which will sign into Share Point Online and download some documents from library.

When I am doing this on older SharePoint version it works fine. Unfortunately, its not working on SharePoint Online in Microsoft 365.

string userName = "";
            string passwordPlain = "passw0rd";
            string baseUrl = "";

            var passWord = new SecureString();

            foreach (char c in passwordPlain) 

            var creds = new SharePointOnlineCredentials(userName, passWord);
                var authDiguestToken = GetRequestDigest(creds, baseUrl);

                Console.WriteLine("Result " + authDiguestToken);
            catch (Exception ex)
                Console.WriteLine("nn Exception: nn " + ex.Message);

So in this example I am going to get token value and display on console.

 private static string GetRequestDigest(SharePointOnlineCredentials creds, string baseUrl)
            var client = new RestClient(baseUrl + "_api/");
            var digestRequest = new RestRequest("contextinfo", Method.POST);
            digestRequest.AddHeader("Accept", "application/json");

            //authentication cookie
            client.CookieContainer = new CookieContainer();
            client.CookieContainer.SetCookies(new Uri(baseUrl), creds.GetAuthenticationCookie(new Uri(baseUrl)));

            //I'm using dynamic jsut for demo, it's better to use some strongly typed class  
            return client.Execute<string>(digestRequest).Data;

So in this case I am using cookie, not sure why its not working with other SharePoint Online in Microsoft 365.

Is there something special which needs to be done to get authenticated?
Please help


fix index coverage errors in google search console for $5

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php – Simple Plugin with custom javascript wont work – no console error

Please forgive me, this is probably a duplicate, but I am not sure what to search anymore, as I do not get any error code.

I want to implement text highlighting with javascript from this code example here:

For this, I made this miserable attempt at my first ever custom plugin:

Plugin Name: InPage-Search-Highlight
Plugin URI:  http://link to your plugin homepage
Description: Highlights all occurences of a search term within the same page.
Version:     1.0
Author:      morph3us - based off of
Author URI:
License:     CC0

function inpage_search_highlight() {
    $pluginurl = plugins_url('/inpage-search-highlight/js/hilitor.js');

    echo "<div class='inpage-search' style='margin-top:300px'>
        <script type='text/javascript' src="{$pluginurl}"></script>
        <script type='text/javascript'>
          var myHilitor = new Hilitor('page-template'); // id of the element to parse
          myHilitor.apply('highlight words');

add_shortcode('inpage_search_highlight', 'inpage_search_highlight');

I obviously additionally added a folder named “js” and a file within called “hilitor.js”.
In the latter I copied the code from the website.

The contents of the echo are visible in the chrome developer tools, however no searchbox appears on the actual page.

I have read about “wp_register_script” but didnt fully understand it.
Is it okay in this case to omit it? What am I missing? Thanks in advance!

input – Why do console games not allow completely custom key bindings?

So I plugged in my PlayStation 2 for the first time in ten years and realized that I could not customize my key bindings, only pick from select pre-sets that the developers put in, which I thought was strange. So I checked through a few of my games on Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, and Nintendo 64 and realized that none of them had customizable controls, only control schemes (if even that)!

Why is this? Is it a limitation of the consoles or is it policy from Sony’s and Microsoft’s part that games should only offer select pre-sets, not completely customizable key bindings? The same games have customizable key bindings on PC and have no issues with binding to my Xbox 360 PC controllers.

I don’t own any more modern consoles, so maybe it’s different nowadays. If so, why did the old consoles have these limitations that the new ones do not have?