Web Part – Consistent console errors in SharePoint Online

I just created my first SharePoint Online site. Just a simple page with some default web parts (image, messages, document library, list, events, file embedding). Everything seems to work fine (except what seems to be a) margin-right CSS issue in the News Web Part), but I get an uninterrupted flood of console bugs when I stay on the page longer.

For example, I'm in Chrome and I reloaded the page when I started typing that question. In 2-3 minutes I have up to 85 errors and 12 warnings. The mistakes are omnipresent

Warning! Using this tool exposes you to potential security threats that could result in other users gaining access to your personal Office 365 data (documents, emails, conversations, etc.). Make sure that you trust the person or organization that asked you to access this tool before proceeding.

Warning security threat

to mixed content errors related to a browser.pipe.aria.microsoft.com:

Mixed content: The page at & # 39; & # 39; was loaded via HTTPS but requested an insecure XMLHttpRequest endpoint & # 39; & # 39; at. This request has been blocked. The content must be delivered via HTTPS.

about errors that are related to the PowerPoint embedding that I have:

Access to XMLHttpRequest at "https://browser.pipe.aria.microsoft.com/ping" from the origin "https://powerpoint.officeapps.live.com" was blocked by the CORS policy: No "Allow access control" -Origin & # 39; header exists in the requested resource.

Given my experience with SharePoint (literally absent), I would not be completely surprised if I did something wrong, but since I did not use custom Web Parts or created other topics, I'm a bit clueless about what it might be.

Is it normal to get all these console errors?

Forward errors generated through the Google Webmaster Console

My website has 2 redirects. These errors have occurred in the last few months. In the last 10 years there have been no errors on the website. Please indicate how I can fix these errors. The website https://www.tillsvisalaw.com/

The following errors:

(1) Image https://stats.g.doubleclick.net/r/collect?v=…etc. redirection error

(2) Image https://www.google-analytics.com/r/collect?
Actual Code (I tried to add the screenshot. I received an error?

Complete redirect error from webmaster console account

redirection error
https://www.google-analytics.com/r/collect?v=1&_v=j79&a=179029967&t=pageview&_s=1&dl=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.tillsvisalaw.com%2F&ul=en-us&de=UTF-8&dt= Buffalo% 20Immigration% 2C% 20Visa% 20law% 2C% 20Attorney% 20in% 20New% 20York% 2C% 20U.SA% 2C% 20Lawyer% 2C% 20Family% 20Visa% 2C% 20Fiancee% 2C% 20Visa% 20Law% 20for% 20bor% 20Crossing from% 2C% 20United% 20States% 20Entry% 2C% 20Permanent% 20Visa & sd = 24-bit & sr = 412×732 & vp = 980×1741 & je = 0 & _utma = 181033250.1322411620.1571009347.1571009347.110. % 7Cutmcmd% 3D (none) & _ utmht = 1571009347048 & _u = IQBCAEAB ~ & jid = 2134876339 & gjid = 1129389342 & cid = 1322411620.1571009347 & tid = UA-33066024-1 & _gid = 1023494929.157-1

Notebooks – How do I export a cell in the News Console to PDF?

Using V12 on Windows.

That's the problem. I'm calling an external function (Rubi in this case, but it could be anything) that prints a cell (image) to the console at the end. I just want to capture this cell and export it to a PDF file.

Even if I redirect the output to the current notebook, I can not use the command Export("image.pdf", NotebookRead(PreviousCell())); to do what I want, because the code calling the external function loops.

Is there a way to do the same thing Export("image.pdf", NotebookRead(PreviousCell())); but use the message console as a notebook instead of the current notebook?

To make it clearer, here is an MWE.

CurrentValue($FrontEnd, {"PrintAction"}) = {"PrintToConsole"};

(*a function which prints an image to console*)
externalFunction(max_) := Print(Plot(Sin(x), {x, -max, max}));

(*run a loop calling the function, and export its output*)

 (*need something like this*)
 (*Export("t.pdf",MessagesNotebookRead(PreviousCell())); ??*) 
 {n, 1, 5}

Enter image description here

Forwarding the print to the current notebook does not work

CurrentValue($FrontEnd, {"PrintAction"}) = {"PrintToNotebook"};
externalFunction(max_) := Print(Plot(Sin(x), {x, -max, max}));
 Export("t.pdf", NotebookRead(PreviousCell()));
 {n, 1, 5}

Since PreviousCell() In the above is not what I want, it will read the cell before the actual loop itself.

That too is not possible

CurrentValue($FrontEnd, {"PrintAction"}) = {"PrintToNotebook"};
externalFunction(max_) := Print(Plot(Sin(x), {x, -max, max}));
 Export("t.pdf", externalFunction(n))
 {n, 1, 5}

I could not instruct Mathematica to use the Message Console notebook as a notebook for the message console PreviousCell()

How best to export a cell in the message console to a PDF file? It will be the last cell every time, as in the example above. This happens in a loop. Each iteration generates a Rubi cell in the message console and I need to capture that cell as an image.


If anyone wants to try this with the actual Rubi issue, here is a MWE

<< Rubi`
CurrentValue($FrontEnd, {"PrintAction"}) = {"PrintToConsole"};
Do (
 Steps(Int(x Sin(x), x));
 (*save output in console to image, how?*)
 Steps(Int(x Cos(x), x))
 (*save output in console to image, how?*)
 {n, 2}

Enter image description here

8 – Drupal Console Composer Installation – Missing Features

I tried installing the Drupal console for the first time. I was looking for a way to create boiler plate modules, blocks, etc.

My problem is that after completing the installation process, the following list of features seems to be incomplete, according to everything I read online. Incomplete, as there is only one generation function and none for creating blocks, modules, etc .:

Available commands: 
  about                        Displays basic information about Drupal Console project
  chain                        Chain command execution
  check                        System requirement checker
  exec                         Execute an external command.
  help                         Displays help for a command
  init                         Copy configuration files.
  list                         Lists all available commands
  server (serve,rs)            Runs PHP built-in web server
  database:add (dba)           Add a database to settings.php
  database:client (dbc)        Launch a DB client if it's available
  database:connect (dbco,sqlc) Shows DB connection
  database:query (dbq,sqlq)    Executes a SQL statement directly as argument
  database:restore (dbr)       Restore structure and contents of a database.
  debug:chain (dch)            List available chain files.
  debug:dotenv                 Debug Dotenv debug values.
  debug:settings (dse)         List user Drupal Console settings.
  debug:site (dsi)             List all known local and remote sites.
  debug:update:composer (duc)  Displays current updates available from the composer file
  develop:contribute           Download Drupal + Drupal Console to contribute.
  docker:init                  Create a docker-compose.yml file
  dotenv:init                  Add support and required config to work with an .env file
  generate:site:alias (gsa)    Generates a site alias.
  quick:start                  Download, install and serve a new Drupal project
  settings:set                 Change a specific setting value in DrupalConsole config file
  site:install (si)            Install a Drupal project
  site:new                     Download a new Drupal project

I used the following command:

sudo composer global require drupal/console:@stable

Can someone give me some advice on how to get a more complete list of features?


I do not know if this error will be displayed as the first issue Drupal is running in my terminal and has something to do with my problem:

 (ERROR) Class DrupalCoreDrupalKernel does not exist.

So far, my attempts to google this bug have not yielded solutions.

Google Search Console – Reverse Proxy in IIS has implications for SEO in some way

I am creating a website with Angular and have enabled server-side rendering using the node js server.
Our site is hosted on an IIS server. To get content from Node Server, we use a reverse proxy (Application Request Routing AAR). Let me know.

To my knowledge, this is not a 302 redirect, so the overall ranking and traffic sap will not be affected.

Google Search Console – Using Relative URLs in

I've just noticed that Google Support "Consolidating duplicate URLs" says the following:

Use absolute paths instead of relative paths with rel = "canonical"
Link element.

Use this structure: https://www.example.com/dresses/green/greendresss.html
Not This structure: /dresses/green/greendress.html

I always just used the file name without extension, as in:


The following was reported on the Google Webmaster reporting pages without obvious issues:

User declared canonical

Using the detached filename is much easier than typing the entire URL.

(Note that the page contains multiple URLs only with / without the ".html" suffix.)

Is there a reason to change this (and a few hundred others) to show the full URL?

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