Regular expressions and finite automata in the field of compiler construction

In the era of information, technology is changing at a dramatic pace and is also being observed in the field of computer science / information technology. The need for intelligent compilers for high-level languages ​​is increased. During this time, an argument arises regarding the worthlessness of the study of regular expression and the finite automaton in the field of compiler construction. Would you differ with this argument or in favor of this comment? Describe your position in the structure below.


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1. Communicate
2. Offer training
3. Lead by example
4. Develop and implement a positive reporting process
5. involve workers
6. Put your JHSC in action Theory – A Common Name for a Functional Construction of Commutative Algebra?

I'm interested in whether the following construction, which occurs naturally in Commutative Algebra, has some familiar and accepted names.

Given a commutative monoid $ (M, +) $ and a set $ X $Consider the family $ F (X, M) $ of functions $ varphi: X to M $ that has finite support $ supp ( varphi): = {x in X: varphi (x) ne 0 } $ from where $ 0 $ is the neutral element of $ M $ in terms of the commuative operation $ + $,

The sentence $ F (X, M) $ has an obvious structure of a commutative monoid (actually a submonoid of power) $ M ^ X $).

Every function $ f: X to Y $ between sentences induces a monoidic homomorphism $ Ff: F (X, M) to F (Y, M) $ this is for everyone $ varphi in F (X, M) $ the function $ psi: Y to M $, $ psi: y mapsto sum_ {x in f ^ {- 1} (y)} varphi (x) $ (The latter sum is well defined, since it contains only finitely many non-zero terms).

The construction $ F (X, M) $ determines a functor $ F: mathbf {set} on mathbf {Mon} $ from the category $ mathbf {set} $ from sets to the category $ mathbf {Mon} $ of commutative monoids.

If I'm interested, if the radio operator $ F $ has a known reserved name.

Annotation. For some special monoids $ M $ the functor $ F $ is known in algebra. For example,

$ bullet $ for the group $ mathbb Z $ of integers the monoid $ F (X, mathbb Z) $ can be identified with the free Abelian group of $ X $;

$ bullet $ for the cyclic group with 2 elements $ C_2 $the monoid $ F (X, C_2) $ can be identified with the free Boolean group of $ X $,

$ bullet $ for the cyclic group with n elements $ C_n $the monoid $ F (X, C_n) $ can be identified with the free Abelian group of $ X $ in the diversity of the abelian groups that satisfy the identity $ x ^ n = 1 $;

$ bullet $ for the 2-element half lattice $ 2 = {0,1 } $ with the operation $ max $the monoid $ F (X, 2) $ can be identified with the free half grid with the unit above $ X $,

Proof of the construction of the angle 60 degrees

I have a construction from the game Euclidea, Puzzle 4.2:

Enter the image description here

The puzzle is a point $ A $ and line $ overleftrightarrow {BC} $ (Only the line – no point is specified), construct an angle of 60 degrees with the line through the point (shown in orange). I came up with this construction to achieve a goal in the game, to execute the construction with a minimal number of elementary steps.

The construction is:

  1. To draw $ odot A $, with any radius big enough to intersect $ overleftrightarrow {BC} $,
  2. To draw $ odot $,
  3. To draw $ odot D $,
  4. Add $ overleftrightarrow {EA} $ makes a 60 degrees $ angle ABC $like magic.

What is the proof?

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Construction company "Russian Bogatyr"

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at.algebraische Topologie – The group completion in the homology becomes unique by the Plus construction

An article by Mcduff and Segal justifies the following definition: A map of h spaces $ X to Y $ is a group completion if the card is a localization of homology.

In the newspaper, they prove that when $ X $ is a topological monoid, the canonical map $ X to Omega B X $ is a group supplement in the above sense.

Unfortunately, the example where $ X = sqcup_n B Sigma_n $ That does not show the room $ Y $still the map is unique to homotopy:

Here is the map $ X to Y = mathbb {Z} times B Sigma_ infty $ is a group financial statement. That's the card $ X to Y _ + = mathbb {Z} times (B Sigma_ infty) _ + $, $ Y $ has homotopy groups concentrated in grade 1 during $ Y _ + $ has as its homotopy groups the stable homotopy groups of spheres.

In this case, the card $ X to Y to Y _ + $ and $ X to Y _ + $ are the same except for homotopy. This raises the question

Question: In the face of H-space $ X $is every group graduation $ X to Y $
followed by the plus construction card, which will be up to once

The best steps to choosing the construction company?

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    Answer the question in steps so that it is easy to understand.

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