blackberry – very very slow contact lookups when typing names in messages for txts

I have android on a blackberry key2. I noticed after and update a while back it would literally take a minute for name lookup on my phone. Now I do have my phone connected to caldav using baikal enter link description herefor most of my contacts. But this was never a problem before…

I’m just wondering if anyone has had this problem as well?

Can an Android phone pull contact data from somewhere other than Google Contacts?

Is it possible for an Android phone to source contacts data from somewhere other than Google Contacts? If so, does it only do this by syncing, or can it actually connect to some other contact service or provider to source contact details directly?

Or, is Google Contacts literally the only place it will look for contact data?

How to Write a Contact List Program In C++ That Pulls Out the Corresponding Phone Number for an Entered Contact Name

I have written a program in C++ that takes in string values for contact names and contact phone numbers into vectors. What I need to do is have the program output the corresponding phone number for the contact name entered.

(Note: The ‘3’ is supposed to tell the program how many values are to be stored in each vector. In this case, it is 3 contact names and 3 phone numbers. Also, the last ‘Frank’ indicates that the corresponding phone number printed should be for the contact name ‘Frank’.)

Ex. Input: 3 Joe 123-5432 Linda 983-4123 Frank 867-5309 Frank

Ex. Output: 867-5309

When I run the program instead of getting the desired phone number it outputs nothing.

Here is the program that I have written so far:

#include <iostream>
#include <vector>
using namespace std;

string GetPhoneNumber(vector<string> nameVec, vector<string> phoneNumberVec, string contactName)  {
   string theName;
   string thePhoneNum;
   string theContName;
   string correctPhonNum;
   int N;
   int nElements;
   cin >> N;
   cin >> theName;
   cin >> thePhoneNum;
   cin >> theName;
   cin >> thePhoneNum;
   cin >> theName;
   cin >> thePhoneNum;
   cin >> contactName;
   nElements = phoneNumberVec.size(); 
   for (int i = 0; i < nElements; i++)  {
      if (i == N-1)  {
   return "";

int main() {
   vector<string> nameVec;
   vector<string> phoneNumberVec;
   string contactName;
   string correctPhonNum;
   GetPhoneNumber(nameVec, phoneNumberVec, contactName);
   cout << correctPhonNum << endl;

   return 0;

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plugin contact form 7 – Print Current User Display Name

I am trying to print the current user display name with the following. Any help how to make it work?

function filter_product_pwb_brand($value, $post_id, $form_data){
  // $value is the post field value to return, by default it is empty. If you 
  // are filtering a taxonomy you can return either slug/id/array.  in case of ids
  // make sure to cast them integers.
  // (see
  // for more information.)
  // $post_id is the ID of the post to which the form values are being mapped to
  // $form_data is the submitted form data as an array of field-name=>value pairs
  return $value;

php – Create a WordPress Contact Form to call a POST AWS API Gateway and send user data

I am working for a company, and I need to create a WordPress contact form to call an AWS Api Gateway with a POST Request, but the API function needs to get some parameters:

SecurityKey (each user needs this key);
ContentID (The contentID of the page, it’s from different articles, so each article have an ID);
UserID (the logged user ID);
FormEmail (the email that the user will fill in the contact form);
I am struggling to find any answers on how to get these parameters from a WP contact form.

We are using WordPress, AWS Lambada Api Gateway, and Simple Email Service to send the email to the sponsor of the Article. I need a way to get the UserId, UserSession, SecurityKey params when the user is logged in our platform.

Until now, I am able to send the Form Data (Name, Email, Message), but I do not want the user to type the Session, ID, SecurityKey. I tested creating these form fields own my own and submitting the form, and it does work, but I want it to get these values automatically when the user logs in.

This is the code I have now:

        function submitToAPI(e) {
           var URL = "";
                var Namere = /(A-Za-z){1}(A-Za-z)/;
                if (!Namere.test(jQuery("#FormFullName").val())) {
                             alert ("Name can not less than 2 char");
                if (jQuery("#FormEmail").val()=="") {
                    alert ("Please enter your email id");
                var reeamil = /^((w-.)+@((w-)+.)+(w-){2,6})?$/;
                if (!reeamil.test(jQuery("#FormEmail").val())) {
                    alert ("Please enter valid email address");
           var FormFullName = jQuery("#FormFullName").val();
           var FormEmail = jQuery("#FormEmail").val();
           var UserMessage = jQuery("#UserMessage").val();
           var data = {
              FormFullName : FormFullName,
              FormEmail : FormEmail,
              UserMessage : UserMessage                  
             type: "POST",
             url : "",
             dataType: "json",
             crossDomain: "true",
             contentType: "application/json; charset=utf-8",
             data: JSON.stringify(data),
             success: function () {
               // clear form and show a success message
               alert("Thank you for your review. It will be posted shortly.");
             error: function () {
               // show an error message

<form id="contact-form" method="post">
      <input type="text" style="height:35px;" id="FormFullName" placeholder="Enter name here…" class="form-control" /><br/>
      <input type="email" style="height:35px;" id="FormEmail" placeholder="Enter email here…" class="form-control"/><br/>
      <h4>How can we help you?</h4>
      <textarea id="UserMessage" rows="3" placeholder="Enter your message…" class="form-control" style="width:100%;"></textarea><br/>
      <button type="button" onClick="submitToAPI(event)" class="btn btn-lg" style="margin-top:20px;">Submit</button>

PS: we are not using a serverless website yet, we are changing to it in a near future.


iphone – iMessage sent to contact that I did not type or send!

I have an iPhone XR with iOS 14 with security issues in the past. One of my email addresses showed up on to data breach websites and the password I use was the same for all of my accounts like a dummy. Accordingly, my Apple account was hacked at the same time and password was changed by whoever hacked it.

I was really worried about my bank information and things like that so I changed all of the passwords that I could.

For a while everything seem to be going all right, until this morning I noticed a blue bubble message that “I” had sent to my lead at work, and I put quotation marks because it most definitely wasn’t me. And no one else had physical access to my phone at the time. And it was at three in the morning. Here is a picture of the message circled in red that was sent by someone

enter image description here

It was 8 AM before I noticed the message was sent to her and I apologized and told her that it was not me. I might even believe the stretch that it was an accidental voice to text but there is a question mark Emoji on the end that I never use.

At this point with everything that happened with my accounts being hacked I am almost certain that my phone has been compromised somehow by hackers. I’m paranoid about checking my bank account to make sure my money is not wiped out every day.

Has this ever happened to anyone before?

I was reading other forum post about this and people said that it is almost definitely the work of somebody remotely controlling from a computer terminal for malicious reasons. I think at this point I’m going to invest in an android with better security like a OnePlus unless someone has any better recommendations? You really can’t get a whole Lotta protection in Apple’s sandbox 👶🏻