8 – What is the difference between content and content (depending on the code) in views?

I try to understand what the difference between Content and Content (Vary by Code) in views under the Show Frame. I know that by setting Contentwe can adjust that view mode for the knots, but can not understand how that is different Content (Vary by Code) and can not find any documentation.

What is the difference?

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SEO is content king

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Google and duplicate content: product details and separate feature declaration page

I run the site https://glueckundsegen.de and really really looking for an answer to the following question. We had three SEO agencies and each gave a different answer.

The products require an explanation of the functions, but where should this explanation stand?

  1. On a separate page with functional explanations
  2. On the product detail page (as I did it here: https://glueckundsegen.de/stammbuch-a5-paul) with canonical day course.
  3. On the category page (as I did it here: https://glueckundsegen.de/hochzeitsgaestebuch/)

Node – How to automatically add a PHP code field at the end of a content type when new content is created

I'd like to allow users to add content, but every time they create a new content page, I'll end up automatically adding a field. for example:

When a user presses Add Content, the following is displayed:
Field 1
Field 2
Field 3

when the user fills and saves it. It indicates something like this:
Field 1
Field 2
Field 3
PHP Field

How do I post the same content on multisite?

I try to achieve the following. Any help / advice is greatly appreciated.
1) I have several websites in a subdirectory that use WP names with multiple sites (for example, https://noorshaad.com/uae/, https://noorshaad.com/us/, https: / /noorshaad.com/uk/).
2) I have to post each domain to display the same content and images (recommended image), BUT
3) Show another WordPress theme, plugins & plugin configuration. etc

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How can I search content in Sharepoint documents of the MVC solution with C # content?

You would call the SharePoint Web Services, or if you use SharePoint Online, you could also call Graph Web Services.


Here are some examples of SharePoint Web Services:


With refinement filters:


Example with OR's:


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