Shortcode output at the top of the content

The shortcode generated by this function – a list of all sites in a multisite – is output over the content in the loop, no matter where it is placed in the editor.

I looked at the other related WPSE questions and answers and found that this is related to using the feature echo instead of returnbut it is not as easy as replacing the instances of echo With return in the function below. Or add Echo = 0 with a WP function like wp_list_pages ()

Any ideas? Where is the function that needs to be returned rather than playing it?

// Output a single menu item
function projects_menu_entry ($ id, $ title, $ link_self)
global $ blog_id;
if ($ link_self || $ id! = $ blog_id) {
echo & # 39;
  • & # 39 ;; if ($ id == $ blog_id) { echo & # 39;& # 39 ;; } $ url = get_home_url ($ id); if (substr ($ url, -1)! = & # 39; / & # 39;) { // Note: I have added a "/" at the end of the URL because WordPress // did not do that automatically in v3.0.4 $ url. = & # 39; / & # 39 ;; } echo & # 39;& # 39 ;. $ title. & # 39;& # 39 ;; if ($ id == $ blog_id) { echo & # 39;& # 39 ;; } echo & # 39;
  • & # 39 ;; } } // Output the entire menu // If $ link_self is false, skip the current site to display the menu on the home page function projects_menu ($ link_self = true) { global $ wpdb; echo & # 39;
      & # 39 ;; projects_menu_entry (1, & # 39; Home & # 39 ;, $ link_self); $ blogs = $ wpdb-> get_results (" SELECT blog_id FROM {$ wpdb-> blogs} WHERE site_id = & # 39; {$ wpdb-> siteid} & # 39; AND spam = & # 39; 0 & # 39; AND deleted = & # 39; 0 & # 39; AND archives = & # 39; 0 & # 39; AND blog_id! = 1 "); $ sites = array (); foreach ($ blogs as $ blog) { $ sites[$blog->blog_id] = get_blog_option ($ blog-> blog_id, & # 39; blogname & # 39;); } location ($ sites); foreach ($ sites as $ blog_id => $ blog_title) { projects_menu_entry ($ blog_id, $ blog_title, $ link_self); } echo & # 39;
    & # 39 ;; } // Inserts [bloglist] shortcode Function bloglist_shortcode ($ atts) { projects_menu (false); } add_shortcode ('bloglist', 'bloglist_shortcode');

    blog – Markup for category list page with content?

    I have a website that lists available jobs in my area.

    I already add to every order detail page vacancy and breadcrumbs Markup and it works like charm.

    I'm confused, however, which of the markups should be added to the category page. Since some of these pages also have a unique content at the bottom of the page (to add word count / SEO), I've dealt with it items,

    But that does not feel right. I have to change my clothes. I look at Collection Page. website, and ItemListbut I can not recognize the differences. What do you recommend in my case?

    Is it also good practice to use BOTH articles and collections on the same category page? Thanks for your time!

    Why is content optimization important in SEO today?

    Why is content optimization important in SEO today?

    + Answer on thread

    1. Why is content optimization important in SEO today?

      Hello friends !! Please describe why content optimization is important in SEO today. and how can SEO focus on content optimization?

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    Web Parts of the Script and Content Editor are missing in SharePoint 2019

    I work with SP 2019 on Prem. One of the strangest problems to notice.
    I have enabled SharePoint Server Publishing and SharePoint Server publishing infrastructure. If you're editing a classic page, you'll see below that there are no web parts available for the content / script editor

    Enter image description here

    See configuration for the web app level below,
    Enter image description here

    I've also disabled and re-enabled the SP Server publishing feature, but still no luck.
    When I create a brand new site collection under the same web application, I see all the classic web parts, script / content editor all, no problems. So I think the site collection is a specific problem.

    If anyone has ever experienced this, please shed some light and thank you in advance for your help.

    javascript – SEO for daily changing content with infinite scroll or more strategy loading

    I've implemented a page that contains listings with truncated teaser content. An infinite number of scrolls are executed to display more entries as you scroll through Javascript. The result is something like Quora. When you click an entry, a new page opens with a unique full content URL. This should be indexed by search engines, not the page with the entries, because the entries are constantly changing as new entries are added.

    I read the Google recommendation from Mueller, Ohye, Kupke, with whom I made Infinite Scrolling SEO compatible, but I do not think it's for a page with ever-changing entries?

    My questions / if you can confirm / comment:

    1. Because the content of my listing page is constantly changing, Mueller's is
      Recommendation is not useful at all, as it has to be content
      constant for at least weeks?
    2. I've read, indexers can not mimic user actions like scrolling,
      Therefore, the user action of infinite scrolling is not selected
      to the top and only the first page is indexed. Then only the first sentence of
      Listing HREF links are indexed?
    3. My infinite scrolling strategy essentially uses a button to load more items
      below the viewport that is fired when you reach the bottom and bottom edges
      Finally, expose the button. Will not the indexer search for it?
      Click the button behind the viewport and click on it. And then on
      Indexing the new individual HREF links? Or is the button Load more
      completely ignored?
    4. So how can you do that kind of SEO-friendly – if you all
      Do you want to index the details when you click on them, not the listing page?
    5. How do Quora and many other similar sites do custom content (which does not use pagination)?

    Thank you in advance.

    Customization – Target specific location for custom content

    I had to display custom content (a post of a specific category) in a specific location on a page.

    I know how to create a custom hook to target the desired location, but since I generate content with a page creator, I do not know how to target a particular position among the generated elements.

    Can you help me achieve this result? Many Thanks

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