8 – How do I create a view with content that belongs to groups as well as not?

I have newsletters, some do not belong to a group (they are universal) and some belong to groups. I want to be able to see both in the same view, depending on whether a filter is applied or not. How can I do this in Drupal 8?

This is similar to this question, which was created for Drupal 7. List your own content of groups and all non-group content on the group page
In Drupal 8, however, the group module is used instead of organic groups.

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sharepoint online – Highlighted content columns

Our SharePoint client hosts multiple client sites, all of which are more or less the same, and can access any client site we and the client receive. Each site also contains a document library called Jobs, a column named Job Description, and a few others. When a client receives a job, it must create a folder in the Jobs library. Details in the columns.

To make sure this is done, I considered the Highlighted Content Web Part to bring in all the new jobs created for the entire tenant. Currently a list view is set. and for the most part, this works, and I can see how Titles, Changed, and Changed are created or edited by details of each list item. Ideally, however, I would also like to insert the column "Job Description" from the folders here. I know that you can create a column of highlighted content through JSON, but I was not sure if that would include the actual text in the column, or if I needed to use CAML or something else to do that. Is that even feasible and if so how?

Any help would be appreciated – thanks!

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Webcrawler – SEO for blogs with asynchronous content

I have a blog site and would like to do a search engine optimization on it.

My website, created in Angular 8, participates in the URL route and uses it to search for the blog. For example, when you visit example.com/blog/dynamic-import The page makes an HTTP request to search example.com/assets/blog/dynamic-import/dynamic-import.md and then decorate the content.

I intend to, a sitemap.xml to direct the crawlers to the HTML pages instead of the static markdown.

I realize that loading the first page is the most important thing for web crawlers. I understand it because the web crawler does not wait long before it leaves the page.

I am worried that, since this is a separate asynchronous operation that takes place after the page has been loaded, web crawlers do not retrieve the content of the blog and therefore do not recognize the keywords.


Can I make sure the content loads before the crawler parses the page?

Is there another way I can contribute the content of the static assets files to the content of the blog pages for the purpose of SEO (for example, a kind of reference)?

Drupal 7 Context Filter: Content: Nid problem

I'm trying to use the context filter to create a view of my new products: Content: Nid. In content nid I decided to specify the default value and type: fixed value. In the Fixed value field only 27 values ​​are added after no further value has been accepted. Is there a limitation on the value added in this area.
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