SCCM deadlined deployment stuck at “In Progress” and “Content Downloaded”

We’re using SCCM current branch to deploy updates to a line of business app fairly regularly. For a long while, we had it down to a pretty predictable rhythm with a success rate above 95%. And new update deployments are created by copying the existing one and modifying it with the new version details, so as to keep as much the same as possible.

Somewhat recently, it has stopped working quite so well. In each deployment, we get about 80 systems that are stuck on “In Progress” and “Content Downloaded”.

Using this guide (which I’ve used for years), I can follow the deployment down through to file download in ContentTransferManager and CAS, which report that the download is complete. However, it doesn’t then move on to AppEnforce to log that it’s starting the install. And I haven’t been able to find anything in AppDiscovery or AppIntentEval that says it’s delaying the install for any reason.

If I wait, they appear to eventually install sometime over the next week, I’m presuming when the next automatic app eval cycle completes on each system. If I right-click the collection and force an app eval cycle, they report back rather quickly (usually within 5 or 10 minutes) that they’ve completed successfully.

I’m struggling to find any info about what’s supposed to trigger the next step, or any other troubleshooting where it seems it just fails to continue. I’m hoping someone here might be able to point me in the right direction.

“Content types that are available to this Document Set have been added or removed” in SharePoint Online

Question: I have a site collection that contains multiple sub sites with documents libraries inside. I need to update the documents set inside those libraries using code. It could be via CSOM, PowerShell or JSOM. I have tried multiples ways of updating properties of those Documents Set but it says “Content types that are available to the Document Set have been added or removed”. CSOM Document Set helper functions only work with SP 2010 ?How could I update properties on a Document Set targeting SP Online using code?

web – Should end-users enter Dates or Numbers based on their browser locales vs based on the page content language?

I have a website for international users. Let’s say the website supports English users only ( All texts on the website are English words ). The website has a submit form that the end-users of the website need to enter Dates, Integers, and Decimals. At back-end side, I will convert all the text-based fields: Date, Integer, and Decimals to Date, Integer, Double objects.

My question is: What kind of Locale I should use to convert all text-based fields to Date, Integer, Double objects?

I have 2 choices: The first choice is I will always use US-Locale for the conversions. The second choice is I will use the end-user browsers setting locales (Request Locales).

If I use the first choice, let’s say the French, Japanese, … etc. users must always enter US Locale Date, Integer, Decimals formats.

If I use the second choice, the French users can enter French Locale Date, Integer, Decimals formats, the Japanese users can enter Japanese Locale Date, Integer, Decimals formats, … etc.

I know each of choice has its own pros an cons. but I would like to know which choice is recommended.


sharepoint server – Configure search service to search only by pages content excluding CreatedBy(Aurhor field)

I have several Search Result Sources configured in CA.

For example result source Documents(search by documents) and Pages(search by Pages content type).

I have custom spfx search results web part.
Web part sends 2 REST API requests to search service including sourceId(sourceId=Result source guid) property.

I need search by CreatedBy field in Documents area and I don’t need search by CreatedBy in Pages area.

There are hundred of sites and webs.

How I can achieve this? – Search by CreatedBy for Documents result source and Search only by page content for Pages result source.

UPD. I tried to manipulate selectProperties parameter but it wasn’t helpful.

forms – Selected radio button shows user more content

I tried to search info for my question but I didn’t found it. I think I just can’t find right search words because this doesn’t feel to be very rare case. If you have topics about this I would like to check it.

Case example:
User can choose one option out of 3 options. At least one of the options provide more content related to selected option.

Where this new content should be shown and why? How would this type of situtation done so it’s accessible?

I made this sketch to make my question more clear.

  • Example 1 shows new content between radio buttons
  • Example 2 shows new content under the radio buttons


8 – Issue using Config Split on content types

I’m working on setting up Config Split to share content type config between a number of multisites. Currently each site has its own config for various content types but, since they should be identical across all sites, I’d like to use Config Split to make it easier to manage.

I’ve configured Config Split with just just split off all config related to a content type with: node.type.mycontenttype. This works fine an all config is split out.

When I try to import it into one of the other sites it first tries to delete all existing config before importing the split. This causes it to fail since entities of that type already exist.

Is there a way around this or am I approaching this incorrectly? Thank you!