What constitutes "web content" and "authoring tool" for the purposes of the VPAT?

I’m filling out a VPAT for our company’s product and having some difficulty understanding the terminology. Our product is an integration tool for flowing data between different systems. The frontend is web-based, while the backend is all JAVA. The tool allows users to create and manage integrations, which are represented in the web UI. Does this constitute "web content", and thereby make our product an "authoring tool"? I’ve been able to find some definitions of "authoring tool" but not much for "web content". I’m having a really hard time finding out where to draw the line.

Usability engineering – A / B tests: calculate the average number of "clicks on content" of the participants.

I am currently using Excel to calculate some of the quantitative data I have gathered from participants. So far I've come to this% score:

Enter the image description here

Note: I know the metrics for Completion time of the task is calculated as follows:

(max_score - participant_score)/(max_score - minimum_score)

My main question:
Is there a similar equation / formula for the "number of clicks of participants" on a particular page?

Select "Approved Content" on YouTube Kids

I set up YouTube Kids for my child with the "Approved content only" setting.

During the initial setup, I was asked which videos I would like to approve. I only approved one video because I thought I could approve more later. As a result, she saw "Approved for you" with this one video that she could grind as many times as she wanted, without ads. That was great, but I'm a little tired from this one approved video. 😅

Now I can't find any way to approve more videos through the web UI (or even the Android mobile UI). The YouTube Kids Parental Guide also does not contain information about approving or listing content.

How do you approve new videos in YouTube Kids?

SharePoint Modern Experience – "Expand content" cannot be completed

That may seem like an absolutely stupid question, but I really can't figure it out and it borders on insanity.

I accidentally clicked the expand content button (below) in a Modern Experience library and removed the quick link bar, the options bar at the top (the one the button is in), and pretty much everything else. I can't finish it and there is nothing I could find online.

The culprit

Source of immense frustration

wordpress.com – WordPress – SSL not working – "Mixed content" and "Unable to load resource" browser console errors

I wanted to run SSL on my website (tomcar24.pl) but I probably cannot because of a console error:


I tried to find this old domain geriamedica.pl (I used it in the development of the website), but I cannot at all. I downloaded all sorts of folders – theme and plugins – didn't find anything. The topic has been changed to standard and bugs have been fixed, so the problem is probably somewhere in the topic. The bug when creating files in WP includes has also been checked, but there is no such domain. What else could I do? This error only occurs on the homepage – subpages and wpadmin work perfectly.

What should I do and check now?

Accessibility – Where should the keyboard focus go when the "Load more content" button is clicked?

Where should the keyboard focus go if the "Load More" button is clicked? On websites that show this functionality; Either the focus moves to the top of the page when the button is clicked, or the focus jumps beyond the new content.

I find these methods problematic because keyboard and assistive technology users know where to launch the new content – and can easily get to that point.

I'm looking for a solution, and while I can think of a few ways I could do it, I'm not sure which approach I find the best from the accessibility point of view.

  1. The focus is shifted to the beginning of the new content. That could be
    achieved with a tab index-1 and scripting to put the focus.
  2. New content is loaded after the "Load more" button continues to appear
    Position and focus remain on the button. At the end of the new
    Content will display a new "Load More" button.

I am looking for best practice features that can also be accessed

Sites that have already been checked for the functionality of the Load More Content button

  1. Show More button https://amp.dev/documentation/examples/interactivity-dynamic-content/show_more_button/
  2. Add a button to load more content https://www.solodev.com/blog/web-design/adding-a-load-more-button-to-your-content.stml
  3. How do I add another button for an HTML / CSS page?

Objection to a Google rejected search console "Remove Outdated Content"

Using the Google Search Console Removed Remote Deprecated Content:

I've requested that my profile pages be removed or re-indexed on two third-party websites that I just removed my actual name both of which were disapproved (the goal of the request was that they do not appear or contain in the search results for me my remote name in excerpts or URL)

When searching for my name: "John Doe" on google.com, for Site1 (twice asked, second was more explanatory, but still rejected):

site1 (unmodified public profile address): site1.com/people/username1
site1 (former page title): John Doe on Site 1
site1 (current page title): J D on Site 1
site1 (words on the page removed): "John Doe" (now displayed as "J D" on-site)

At site2, the words "John Doe" are not displayed on the page, but in the URL (request is also rejected):

site2 (former address): site2.com/profiles/john-doe.html
site2 (current address): site2.com/profiles/user-name-other.html
site2 (page title unchanged): Username Other Page

However, this second site forwards the entry of a non-existent username into a common directory rather than a 404 error or other type of error. For example, follow these steps:

site2.com/profiles/non-existent-username-url.html (or)

forward to:


On my last try, these two removal / reindexing requests were rejected, so the search for my name (for example, "John Doe") still returns both in the search results, apparently not re-indexed:

Page 1 still contains John Doe in the title of the snippet, although it has now been changed to the initials J D in the title

The Site 2 snippet still contains my name as part of the URL ("john-doe.html"), although this has also been changed, and as for any non-existent username, the specified directory (and not my profile) will forwarded (From Google perspective, the page still "exists" and returns no error).

2013 – Can not create a list view to filter my wiki pages containing the following text: & # 39; T: & # 39; in their "Page content" box

I'm working on a corporate wiki site collection within our Sharepoint On-Premise 2013. I want to create a list view that shows all wiki pages that contain the following "T:" in their "page content". So I created a new list view and defined the following filter: –
Enter the image description here

However, there are no items displayed in the list view, although we have about 200 pages containing the following text: –

T: Support Unit Documents

t: customer

can someone advise me please?

Even if I define the following filter, I get nothing: –
Enter the image description here

If I remove now only the "T:", I get results !!
Enter the image description here

In my case, however, I would like to receive only pages that contain this text "T: ".