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Control panel management

Netedge Technology is a leading technical support and server management company. We are running this business since more than 14 years. We have a great team of certified Systems Administrators who can take care of your servers from initial server setup to critical server and infrastructure management.

We have been managing control panels like Cpanel, Plesk, Directadmin, Plesk, Exim, website panel, dotnetpanel, webmin and more since more than 10 years.


Cpanel = $60/month

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Plesk = $65/month

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Directadmin= $65/month

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Interworx= $65/month

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WebsitePanel= $65/month

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We will be providing these many services for ongoing management.

*Linux and Windows Servers

*24×7 Ticketing Support

*24×7 Chat Support

*24×7 Email Support

*Unlimited Administration Tickets

*Escalate tickets to concerned department if needed.

*24x7x365 Server Monitoring (Free)

*Within 2-4 hours response time guarantee for technical support tickets (Average response time is 30 mins)

*Software support and upgrades

*Server security and optimization

*Control panel installation and configuration

*Server backup and restoration

*Control panel server migration

*Communication with datacenter whenever required

*Free Website migration

*Free chat support software

*Free website security scanner (Speed Optimization, Free DNS, Malware and Bad Bot Protection)

*Free advertise on form website for 1 month

There are more services we are dealing with. Here is the list of it.

Server Management

Linux Server Security

Windows Server Security

Control Panel Security

Game Server Management

PCI Compliance

Dedicated Staffing

Shared Staffing

Remote Desktop Support

Technical Support

Hourly Technical Support

Ticket & Chat Support

One Time Service

Software Development

Virtualization Management

VPS Server Management

VPS Node Management

Web Hosting Support

Control Panel Management

Datacenter Management

IT Infrastructure Automation

Remote Infrastructure Management

Cloud Infrastructure Management

NOC Management

Web Application Management

Mobile Application Management

IOT Application Management

Please feel free to contact us at

Email : if in case of any question.

Website =

Web Hosting Starts $0.55 Monthly Cpanel Control Panel with Free SSL | Proxies-free

Hello, Zain Hosting is serving in the industry since 2010, and having thousands of satisfied clients, you can check our cheapest web hosting plans with Cpanel control panel, free SSL, automatic backups.


$0.99 Monthly
On Yearly Billing

$6.99 Yearly

  • 1 GB Web Hosting Space
  • 10 GB Bandwidth
  • 10 Email Accounts
  • Free SSL with Cpanel
  • 99.9% Uptime
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$1.49 Monthly
On Yearly Billing

$11.99 Yearly

  • 5 GB Web Hosting Space
  • 20 GB Bandwidth
  • 20 Email Accounts
  • Free SSL with Cpanel
  • 99.9% Uptime

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$1.99 Monthly
On Yearly Billing

$19.99 Yearly

  • 10 GB Web Hosting Space
  • 50 GB Bandwidth
  • 50 Email Accounts
  • Free SSL with Cpanel
  • 99.9% Uptime

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$3.99 Monthly
On Yearly Billing

$29.99 Yearly

  • Unlimited Web Hosting Space
  • Unlimited GB Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Free SSL with Cpanel
  • 99.9% Uptime

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You can pay us with credit card, debit card, paypal, perfect money and skrill also.

Commerce Stock Control hooks – Drupal Answers

I have a Commerce Demo site that uses the off canvas flyout cart and I am using the Commerce Simple Stock module to stop items being sold if they are out of stock.

The module changes the stock number and prevents the item being loaded to the cart if already purchased. It sends user/status messages and removes the add to cart button using the following hook: commerce_simple_stock_form_commerce_order_item_add_to_cart_form_alter().

This hook doesn’t work for the Commerce Demo form.

The theme hook for the add to cart button in Commerce Demo is commerce_cart_flyout_add_to_cart_button().

The stock status messages show on the admin pages but not on the product page itself.

How to I hook the stock status message from the module to the product page??

movement – Control how quickly 2D vehicle straightens out

I’m implementing vehicle movement in a 2D environment, where a vehicle consists of a front and a back “axle”, both represented as 2D points. When the front axle moves, the back axle should follow in that direction, mimicking the way vehicles move. The way I have it right now looks like this:

Sharp right

After moving the front point A (white), I place B on the line between A and B such that a constant distance (the vehicle length) is kept. More accurately, I use the vector from A to B, normalize it, multiply it with the vehicle length, and add it to A, to get the new B. When searching for similar issues, I found this question’s answer to come to the same technique.

As you can see, the resulting movement is quite recognizable as vehicle movement. The front also does not need to move as smoothly. Below I moved the front manually by dragging it around. As you can see, backwards movement also works perfectly:

Free movement

I want to use this movement system as the back bone of a puzzle game, so its stiffness is actually an asset, since it is also quite predictable.

The only issue that I have is that it takes a good while for the vehicle to straighten out, by which I mean have the back come in line with the travel direction of the front. I’m looking for a way to control how quick this happens.

I have already played around with biasing/weighing the back point onto the line on which the front appears to be traveling, but that resulted in weird moving behavior for any other scenario than moving in a perfectly straight line. I also haven’t been able to think of a different system that would inherently straighten out quicker.

So… I’m happy to try out any ideas that you might have!


Logic pro X 10.5 control surface setup not appearing

I was trying to delete launchpad from logic pro x and deleted the whole menu on accident please help. I no longer can add or delete any surfaces and do not have setup menu.
I followed these instructions

You have to have the CS prefs on your Mac.. It is created as soon as you launch Logic Pro.. so again, follow the steps exactly as stated.. Do not try to do it another way..

Also do the same for the which is the correct file name.. for Logic’s own prefs.. (The one you tried to use previously was for earlier versions of Logic…)

Make sure you have quit Logic before doing these actions…

You will then find those specific files ….. and you can delete them…

Deleting the prefs and CS prefs file removes all Controller info that Logic uses….

Remember also, to now restart your Mac…….

Now launch LPX and both new Prefs and CS prefs will be created….

Now test….

menu bar – Big Sur Control Centre Configuration

Is there a way to edit the widgets surfaced in control centre by editing a config or plist at all?

Reason for asking is that I was configuring my menu, and cmd+dragged the fast user switching option out of the bar.. however, when I attempted to put it into control centre I noticed the option(s) were greyed out.

(enter image description here)

I think this is policy as my Mac is JAMF controlled.. so now I have gotten rid of the icon by mistake and have no way to get it back!

Ideally I’d like this to be hidden away in Control Centre (see below), but I’d be happy with simply resetting the menu..

(enter image description here)


graphics card – LG Monitor with Freesync not being detected as NVIDIA G-Sync compatible. (G-Sync not showing in the menu of NVIDIA Control Panel)

I have a 1050ti that is supposed to work with G/Free Sync, but apparently, the G-Sync option in the NVIDIA Control Panel is not showing up. Any ideas of why is this happening to me? I searched over the Internet about this but nothing is doing the trick for me. Thanks.

[WTS] Reseller Hosting Accounts| cPanel/WHM control panel| Good Rates!

For those webmasters, who are looking for reliable Reseller Hosting Deals, is the BEST Solution.

HostForWeb, Inc is Chicago’s premier hosting provider, providing reliable, scalable solutions for customers of all sizes and services. Located in the carrier-neutral Equinix Chicago Data Center, HostForWeb, Inc has access to all the major carriers in Chicago without the need for local loop circuits. We started this company with one goal in mind: to provide reliable hosting solutions paired with excellent customer service.

Start Your Own Hosting Business!

Our tools give you the power to easily launch your own hosting service, with a free WHMCS user-friendly billing platform, an intuitive cPanel/WHM control panel, over 300 pre-installed popular apps and much more. Take total control of your packages, set your own prices, and let our anonymous servers guarantee that your clients never hear of us.

CHECK OUT Hostforweb Reseller Hosting Solutions :

HFW-0 Reseller Plan
Storage – 100GB SSD
Bandwidth – 1000GB
cPanel / WHM
Price per month – $24.95

HFW-1 Reseller Plan
Storage – 150GB SSD
Bandwidth – 1500GB
cPanel / WHM
Price per month – $34.95

HFW-2 Reseller Plan
Storage – 200GB SSD
Bandwidth – 2000GB
cPanel / WHM
Price per month – $49.95

HFW-3 Reseller Plan
Storage – 300GB SSD
Bandwidth – 3000GB
cPanel / WHM
Price per month – $69.95

HFW-4 Reseller Plan
Storage – 400GB SSD
Bandwidth – 4000GB
cPanel / WHM
Price per month – $89.95


  • Self-healing Hardware – We store your cloud server centrally, unconnected to the cloud nodes it runs on, and back it up by a seamless failover process. In the highly unlikely event of a node failure, your system is automatically restarted.
  • Scale on Demand – Whatever computing resources you require, (RAM/CPU/Storage), we make them automatically available on demand. Your site will never go down due to high traffic.
  • Fastest in the Industry – Our network infrastructure is redundant, transparent and always available, providing you with a solution that is 10X faster than the average dedicated server.
  • Free Migration Assistance – If you have a pre-existing site with another hosting company, we will gladly take care of your migration process, free of charge. Our customer service representatives are available every hour of the day, every day of the week.
  • 24/7/365 Customer Support – We make a point of being available to our customers when they need us, and not a moment later. No matter when you want help with your server, we’ll be there – that’s a promise.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed – We’re so sure you’ll love our services that we provide you with a 30 day money-back guarantee. No questions asked.

We’ve enjoyed much growth over the years, but that goal has never changed. We can guarantee that no matter how much we grow or what success we enjoy, we will never be led astray from our purpose. We owe everything to our customers, and we will continue to show our appreciation with our reliable solutions and our top-of-the-line service.

Contact information:
Mailing/Remittance Address: HostForWeb, 56 Leonard Street Suite 21A-East, New York, NY 10013
For more contact details, visit:

With HostForWeb’s web hosting services, you’ll have industry leading performance, security, capability and fault tolerance working for you. We know you deserve the best for your hosting, so why not pick us?

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