8 – What controls the placement of links relative to the body?

I am struggling with getting the “Read more” and “Add new comment” links placed below the body on a custom node content type called “Wikitext” that has been created using the GUI on a Drupal 8.9.17 website.

The site is running the default theme (Bartik) and I have not edited any templates. The built-in content type “Article” shows these links below the body. “Wikitext” is supposed to be identical to “Article”, but displays them above the body.

I’ve unticked “Show reply form on the same page as comments” on the comment settings form for both content types.

Below the acreenshot is a copy of the “Manage display” form. It is identical for both content types, and has “Links” and “Comments” as the last two fields to display.

I have looked very carefully, but cannot locate anywhere in the GUI where I can control the placements of these links. Does anybody know where to look?

Screenshot showing link placement

Block Controls not showing – WordPress Development Stack Exchange

I’m building my first Gutenberg block and the problem that I have is that the block control toolbar doesn’t show.
I’ve spend hours comparing my code with other Gutenberg blocks, but couldn’t find what is wrong in my code.
I would highly appreciate if someone could look at my code and advice.

Here is my code:

import { registerBlockType } from '@wordpress/blocks';
import { 
        } from '@wordpress/block-editor';
import { 
    IconButton } from '@wordpress/components';
registerBlockType( 'luxworx-blocks/author-block', {
    apiVersion: 2,
    title: 'Luxworx: Author Block',
    icon: 'universal-access-alt',
    category: 'design',
    example: {},
    attributes: {
        title: {
            type: 'string',
            source: 'html',
            selector: 'h2'
        body: {
            type: 'string',
            source: 'html',
            selector: 'p'
        textColor: {
            type: 'string',
            default: 'black'
        bgColor: {
            type: 'string',
            default: 'white'
        authorImage: {
            type: 'string',
            default: null

    edit( {attributes, setAttributes}) {

        // Custom functions
        function updateTitle (newTitle) {
            setAttributes( { title: newTitle}) 
        function updateBody (newBody) {
            setAttributes( { body: newBody}) 
        function onTextColorChange (newColor) {
            setAttributes( {textColor: newColor})
        function onBgColorChange (newColor2) {
            setAttributes( {bgColor: newColor2})
        function onSelectImage(newImage) {
            setAttributes( {authorImage: newImage.sizes.full.url })
        return (
            <InspectorControls key="lx-authors-block-setting" style={ { marginBottom:'40px'} }>
                <PanelBody title={ 'Color setting' }>
                    <p><strong>Select text color:</strong></p>
                    <ColorPalette value={ attributes.textColor }
                                    onChange={ onTextColorChange } />
                    <p><strong>Select block bacground color:</strong></p>
                    <ColorPalette value={ attributes.bgColor }
                                    onChange={ onBgColorChange } />
                <PanelBody title={ 'Author image'}>
                    <p><strong>Select author image:</strong></p>
                        onSelect={ onSelectImage }
                        value={ attributes.authorImage }
                        render={ ( { open } ) => (
                                onClick={ open }
                                className="editor-media-placeholder__button button is-default">
                                Author Image
                        ) } />
            <div className="lx-authors-block wp-block" key="container" style={{ backgroundColor: attributes.bgColor}}>
                <img src={ attributes.authorImage} className="lx-authors-image" />
                <div className="lx-author-info">
                                placeholder="Authors name"
                                style={ {color: attributes.textColor }} />
                                placeholder="Authors bio"
                                style={ {color:attributes.textColor}} />
    save( {attributes}) {
        return (
            <div className="lx-authors-block wp-block" style={{ backgroundColor: attributes.bgColor }}>
                <img src={ attributes.authorImage} className="lx-authors-image" />
                <div className="lx-author-info">
                    <h2 style={ { color: attributes.textColor }}>{attributes.title}</h2>
                    <RichText.Content tagName="p"
                                    style={ {color:attributes.textColor}}
} );

All kinds of 2key controls

I want to find all possible ways to control a game using 2 keys on input.

1. Summarize the problem

I find a brand new game engine that has only two inputs but great potential! And the community of this engine needs as many control methods as possible. I want to find, develop and share all of them! (Player may control not only character but any possible types of game.)

2. Provide details and any research

Сapabilities of keys:

  • press one key (short hold)
  • hold one key
  • press both keys (short hold)
  • hold both

Input method: 2 keys on a keyboard or 2 halves of sensor screen.

3. When appropriate, describe what you’ve tried

Examples of existing methods (dir -> direction):

  • key1: switch dir (right, down, left, up, right, down, …); key2: move
  • key1: switch dir (right, left, right, left, …); key2: move
  • key1: left move; key2: right move
  • key1: turn left; key2: turn right; hold both: move forward

If you have any ideas, please, leave the answers!

schengen – border controls for Andorra and other micro states?

I’ve seen several mentions here of the lack of border control in Andorra, and indeed, I saw none when I entered nor when I left. But a web search finds a lot of pages stating they do maintain border control and none (that I saw) saying the opposite.

Several source make Monaco, San Marino and the Vatican City “de facto” members due to reduced or no border control, but when I tried to add Andorra in Wikipedia, it was reverted on the grounds it needed a citation. (though the citation for the other three is a 404.)

Anything official for Andorra or the other three?

Override PS4’s Dualshock Controllers in system controls (Windows 10)

Windows 10. PS4 Dualshock controller. This is not for Unity but for the operating system as a whole.

I want the “O” to be “pressed” if it’s y-axis measures more than 6m/s². (PS4’s built-in accelerometer)

I want that condition to be applied in every game I play BUT the game still sees it as “O”

Is this possible? I am a beginner by the way. Thank you all for your answers. enter image description here

What controls the inter-block interval in proof-of-stake?

In proof-of-work, the interval between 2 blocks is controlled by the mining difficulty: at all times, it must take roughly 10 minutes to mine a block, so every two weeks we adjust the mining target accordingly.

However, in proof-of-stake, it takes a few seconds at most for a staker to verify and sign a block, so what prevents proof-of-stake systems to be flooded by a ton of new blocks every minute?

Thank you for your help.

music – Is there a menu bar application that can give YouTube video controls?

When playing music on YouTube, the controls for the music show up on Apple’s default audio menu bar icon. However, the icon does not give controls for seeing which video is playing (when ads are the current audio) or for skipping adds. In addition, a playlist control would be useful. Does anybody know any apps/extensions that could make this a reality?

risk management – Cyber controls implementation at contract manufacturers

risk management – Cyber controls implementation at contract manufacturers – Information Security Stack Exchange

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