Convert Eregi to preg_match? | Web Hosting Talk

Convert Eregi to preg_match? | Web Hosting Talk

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  1. Convert Eregi to preg_match?

    I received a snippet of code in a mail form script that Eregi uses to test for injection signs and that is out of date. I need to convert it to preg_match, but I really don't "understand" it. Any suggestions to change this?

    PHP Code:

    /* Check for injection characters */
    function check_injection_chars($s) {    
    return (
    eregi("r"$s) || eregi("n"$s) || eregi("%0a"$s) || eregi("%0d"$s)) ? TRUE FALSE;} 

    It looks like it is evaluating the form fields and looking for these characters. If it finds it, it is evaluated as true, otherwise as false, and it can be continued. How can this be implemented?

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Sub Button2_Click ()

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Dim abc As Worksheet

Set abc = Sheets ("sheet2")

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Using the header insert option is not my option since I am developing a scalable report.

Please help me if you have the same problem and find a solution.

Thanks a lot!

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