list – how to convert maps into a string

hello I get data in sqlite

getuserIDPW(String email) async{
    final db = await database;
    var res = await db.query("person",columns: ('email', 'password') ,where: "email = ?", whereArgs: (email));
    return res.isNotEmpty? res : Null;


var useridpw = await DBHelper().getuserIDPW(_email);

So I have the result of & # 39; ({email: kmail, password: 123123}) & # 39; receive

But I want string like this: var tmpEmail = & kmail & # 39 ;;

How do I get string in the map?

I would be grateful if someone helped me.

Unit – Convert the Rainbow Shader history to a 3-color gradient

I'm trying to convert this rainbow shader into just three colors.
I thought I could set the three colors in the shader file, but I do not understand how to link them through the shader help file.

Shader helper:

fixed4 frag(fragmentInput i) : SV_TARGET
    fixed2 lPos = i.localPosition / _Spread;
    half time = _Time.y * _Speed / _Spread;
    half timeWithOffset = time + _TimeOffset;
    fixed sine = sin(timeWithOffset);
    fixed cosine = cos(timeWithOffset);

    fixed hue = (-lPos.y) / 2.0;
    hue += time;

    while (hue < 0.0) hue += 1.0;
        while (hue > 1.0) hue -= 1.0;
            fixed4 hsl = fixed4(hue, _Saturation, _Luminosity, 1.0);

    return HSLtoRGB(hsl);

I have added these properties above

_Color3 ("Top", Color) = (1,1,0,1)    
_Color2 ("Middle", Color) = (1,1,0,1)
_Color1 ("Bottom", Color) = (1,1,0,1)

I am not sure where to put them in the code so they have the colors that will be used.

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