delphi – Cool grid and paint

I am trying to update a grid to which a double-click refreshes the color of certain rows.

In this case, I double-click on the grid and go through it. The value of the first field is compared with the value of the field
Field that comes from a query …

The fact is, in a particular case, if the values ​​are the same, I want you to paint the whole line in red …

The fact is that it drives me crazy and paints everything and I do not understand what happens.

I leave code:

procedure TAvisosUrgentes.JvDBUltimGrid1DblClick(Sender: TObject);
var x: Integer;     //Indice para recorrer la query de Refresco
aviso:Variant; //Variable Aviso actual al recorrer el Dataset
ds :TDataSet; //Variable de la fuente de datos



  while (not ds.Eof) do begin

    aviso:= JvDBUltimGrid1.DataSource.DataSet.FieldByName('CODAVS').Value;

    for x:=0 to FDQRefrescar.recordcount -1 do begin
        if FDQRefrescar.FieldByName('CODAVS').Value= aviso then

The End;

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