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Sable Coin



A cryptocurrency designed and dedicated to empower the global Black economy.

MIAMI, Fl. June 1, 2020 – SABLEASSENT Coin Corporation announced that their digital token, Sable Coin, will be released for purchase on June 15, 2020. Sable Coin will be available on the blockchain trading platform under the trading ticker “SAC 1”.


In 2019, globally, Black consumers spent over 5 trillion dollars. The majority of that 5 trillion dollars did not stay with black businesses, consumers and nonprofits. Black dollars stay in their community 6 hours where other communities’ dollars circulate for 30 days. Sable Coin is designed to create circulation among businesses, consumers and non profits to increase trade in the current black global ecosystem. To secure financial resources, Sable Coin was developed and is the featured black-owned cryptocurrency that will circulate in a global Black ecosystem.

Most of the work has been completed by now, as SABLEASSENTS’ ecosystem contains more than 100,000 Black-owned companies who share the same economic vision with more signing up everyday on SABLEASSENT also has a creative strategy for further promotion by using “token ambassadors”. Token ambassadors are black consumers worldwide who see the vision and would assist in spreading our mission and expanding our ecosystem.


Daryl Speaks, CEO & Founder of SABLEASSENT stated, “Our company has token ambassadors in over 50 Black countries around the world who have influential reach in their prospective country.”

Additionally, 30 to 60 days succeeding the launch of Sable Coin on, SABLEASSENT will market and release their digital wallet: a debit system for individuals businesses and Nonprofits.

Badi Oliver, CMO & CoFounder had this to say: “One of our marketing strategies consists of using our businesses and organizations’ relationship with social media, which collectively stands over 8 million people strong.”

After the release of the digital wallet, SABLEASSENT will continue to connect to more businesses with an application program interface and give them a fair means of transactions with Sable Coin. 

The company will also engage in their affiliate programs and partner with individual consumers, as well as colleges and Universities to effectively roll out their exciting digital token, Sable Coin.

Quote – Badi Oliver – “There has never been a better time in the history of the world to launch a Global Black Currency. “

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A quick understanding of how cryptocurrency exchange development works – Cryptocurrencies Corner

There is no doubt that the passion for cryptocurrency businesses among entrepreneurs have widely expanded over recent years. But it is also a known fact that cryptocurrency exchanges are still considered quite risky and unpredictable. Despite this perception still prevailing among a certain number of investors, crypto exchanges have managed to prove that it one of the most profit yielding businesses, and the constantly increasing value has benefitted the investors. The key to making yours profitable as well is to accomplish an authentic cryptocurrency exchange development. 


Now, to develop a cryptocurrency exchange software of your own, There are different ways to go about. The first one is developing from scratch. This involves undergoing a set of processes such as, 


  • Deciding exchange operational location and complying to the regulations based on the area. 

  • Obtaining license 

  • Partnering with bank/payment processor

  • Inducing liquidity 

  • Best features and security integration

  • Constant Maintenance, customer support


To accomplish all these steps will involve a lot of time, money, and proper technical assistance. So, with the rapidly evolving demand and competition, this is not a viable option. Instead, the better choice will be to hire a well-experienced cryptocurrency exchange development company, who will offer reliable ready-made cost-effective solutions. For more information, reach out to Blockchain App Factory, one of the top-liners in the market. 



Cryptocurrency Development Services – Cryptocurrencies Corner



            Ever since the advent, cryptocurrencies have been widely evolving and bringing in remarkable changes to several businesses industries that have transformed into a digital phase. Especially, with the combination of blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies offer enormous advantages to the modern age investors and change the phases of major industries. 


Because of this, the demand is rapidly growing every day that many budding entrepreneurs are willing to set foot in the cryptosphere by developing their own cryptocurrency. If you are one of them, you must first know how to get started. Below is the list of steps that you need to undergo to create your own cryptocurrency. 


How to develop a cryptocurrency


  • Deciding the use-case of your cryptocurrency 

  • Choosing a consensus mechanism 

  • Choosing a blockchain platform to connect with your cryptocurrency 

  • Designing the nodes

  • Setting up blockchain’s internal architecture 

  • Integrating API for the cryptocurrency trade

  • Designing Admin and User Interface

  • Legalization procedure for the cryptocurrency

  • Cryptocurrency mining


You can undergo this process, step by step which will take an ample amount of money, and cost you a fortune. Or, you can choose the right solution i.e to hire a cryptocurrency development services company. One of the most experienced companies in the current market, with a team of market leaders, is the Blockchain App Factory. 


Their expertise will help with all-inclusive cryptocurrency development services from token/coin development, exchange software development, smart contracts development and audit, cutting edge blockchain technology integration, and cryptocurrency mining services. You can get up to speed in the market among your competitors in no time, by launching your crypto in a jiffy at cost-effective prices. You can also acquire personalized customization services based on your preferences. Get in touch with the team of experts to develop your crypto and become a millionaire! 


opengl – Calculating Camera View Frustum Corner for Directional Light Shadow Map

I’m trying to calculate the 8 corners of the view frustum so that I can use them to calculate the ortho projection and view matrix needed to calculate to calculate shadows based on the camera’s position. Currently, I’m not sure how to convert the frustum corners from local space into world space. Currently, I have calculated the frustum corners in local space as follows (correct me if I’m wrong):

float tan = 2.0 * std::tan(m_Camera->FOV * 0.5);
float nearHeight = tan * m_Camera->Near;
float nearWidth = nearHeight * m_Camera->Aspect;
float farHeight = tan * m_Camera->Far;
float farWidth = farHeight * m_Camera->Aspect;

Vec3 nearCenter = m_Camera->Position + m_Camera->Forward * m_Camera->Near;
Vec3 farCenter = m_Camera->Position + m_Camera->Forward * m_Camera->Far;

Vec3 frustumCorners(8) = {
    nearCenter - m_Camera->Up * nearHeight - m_Camera->Right * nearWidth, // Near bottom left
    nearCenter + m_Camera->Up * nearHeight - m_Camera->Right * nearWidth, // Near top left
    nearCenter + m_Camera->Up * nearHeight + m_Camera->Right * nearWidth, // Near top right
    nearCenter - m_Camera->Up * nearHeight + m_Camera->Right * nearWidth, // Near bottom right

    farCenter - m_Camera->Up * farHeight - m_Camera->Right * nearWidth, // Far bottom left
    farCenter + m_Camera->Up * farHeight - m_Camera->Right * nearWidth, // Far top left
    farCenter + m_Camera->Up * farHeight + m_Camera->Right * nearWidth, // Far top right
    farCenter - m_Camera->Up * farHeight + m_Camera->Right * nearWidth, // Far bottom right

How do I move these corners into world space?

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Purchasing Wgrt (Waykichain) – Cryptocurrencies Corner

I am guessing that majority might already be aware of the WGRT’s listing on OKEx. It has created kind of mixed reaction with some extremely pleased while others still thinking about it.

Spoiler: I hold some WGRT and WICC already!!! Now don’t ask me how much, I am not revealing that!

As someone who has experience piloting the Waykichain system (creating and closing CDPs, trading in WaykDex, using WUSD as payment, I am happy to offer you guys my insights on the project:


The system enables you to easily purchase US, China, and Hong Kong stocks. They plan to expand to other territories in the future.

It can be used for lending. Before they only accepted WICC as collateral, but now ETH and BTC are included. Pretty soon, other currencies can be locked up as collateral as well.

It allows paying for cross-transactions at a fraction of the rate of traditional finance without worrying about price volatility like other cryptocurrencies

The system has contingencies in place for catastrophic scenarios or “black swan events”, giving users confidence in the platform.

WGRT holders have the right to propose changes in the system parameters, receiving a share of the revenue generated from the penalty fee and stable fee and are regularly being burned, which means its value keeps rising indefinitely.

The Waykichain system has probably the fastest transaction throughput in all of crypto


Their system is not the easiest to digest. It’s quite complex.

Anyhow, as from the past experiences of IEO on OKEx, it is certain that this project too is going to rock much like most of the projects listed there. WGRT is sure to go to the moon!

Criptomonedas 2020 – Cryptocurrencies Corner

¿Quiénes son las mejores criptomonedas para este 2020?  Pues esto va a depender mucho de los vaivenes del mercado, ya que el dinero digital es especialmente volátil, pero también de la comunidad y la tecnología sobre las que se orientan tanto plataformas como sus tokens.



Capacidad de mercado

En torno al 44%


Cantidad máxima

21 millones de BTC





Capacidad de mercado

En torno al 17%


Cantidad máxima

Sin límites




Ondulación (XRP)

Capacidad de mercado

En torno al 8%


Cantidad máxima

100 millones XRP





Capacidad de mercado

Menos del 1%


Cantidad máxima

1 billón EOS





Capacidad de mercado

En torno al 3%


Cantidad máxima

84 millones LTC



What are some basic ideas for making money in the crypto industry? – Cryptocurrencies Corner

Are you looking into how you could earn some money from the crypto industry? There are many ways to earn money from the crypto industry. In those ways, one of the simpleset & safest methods to earn money is to start own cryptocurrency exchange platform.
The cryptocurrency exchange is the most demanded crypto business in the modern world. So finding the best bitcoin clone script provider is a risky one. One of the best & successful cryptocurrency exchange script providers, Coinsclone got my attention. They are the earlier adopters of this industry. They offer some unique features & world-class exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, Bittrex, LocalBitcoins, & more.
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