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(Global HostITSmart) Cheap VPS Hosting @ $ 5 / month | 24 * 7 support, no hidden costs – advertising, offers

Global HostITsmart is a Cheap VPS Hosting USA Company that offers you all kinds of web hosting solutions. We assure you that your website is fast, secure and always available so you can focus on your work. We provide everything you need to build, host and manage your website, with 24×7 technical support and a 99.99% uptime guarantee. There are no hidden fees and a 30-day money back guarantee. Choose the world's best web hosting service for your website.

VPS Server Location

Below is a list of prices for Linux VPS hosting:

Linux VPS

Starter plan: @ Only $ 5 / month

  • CPU: 2 Core

  • RAM: 2 GB

  • Hard disk: 20 GB

  • Operating system: CentOS 7 * 64

  • Panel: CWP

Power plan: @ Only $ 10 / month

  • CPU: 2 Core

  • RAM: 4 GB

  • Hard drive: 40 GB

  • Operating system: CentOS 7 * 64

  • Panel: CWP

Business Plan: @ Only $ 20 / month

  • CPU: 4vCPU cores

  • RAM: 8 GB

  • Hard disk: 80 GB hard disk space

  • Bandwidth: 3 TB bandwidth

  • IP: 1IP

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Below is a list of prices for Windows VPS hosting:

Windows VPS

starter plan: @ Only $ 13 / month

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  • Hard drive: 40 GB of hard disk space

  • Bandwidth: 3 TB

  • IP: 1IP

benefit plan: @ Only $ 20.83 / month

  • RAM: 4 GB

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  • IP: 1IP

business plan: @ Only $ 33.33 / month

  • RAM: 8 GB

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Advertising – Smart Display Costs – Google Ads?

How can you determine the cost of Smart Display campaigns in Google ads? I see under the regular column "Costs" and the column "Costs / Conv." Column and it's just NULL, although the campaign has now been implemented 6 times, This Smart Display campaign is optimized for payment per conversion. But I can not figure out how to see what I paid for. Should I look at another column / metric?

Search for bare metal servers with minimal data transfer costs

Search for bare metal servers with minimal data transfer costs Web Hosting Talk

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  1. Search for bare metal servers with minimal data transfer costs

    Hello everyone
    Sorry, if it's the wrong subforum, I'm looking for a hosting service where the cost of data transfer is minimal
    for the file transfer service.
    The server must be bare metal so we can configure it
    Thank you so much !

  2. What would be your preferred location for this server?

  3. How much data transfer do you need? Are we talking about 100 Mbps or 10 Gbps?

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Food for thought, business costs

For part of our business, we use a physical terminal to execute charge cards. Every month the explanation comes in to tell us how much the processor has taken compared to the actual sales, and it's shocking. For a turnover of around $ 10,000, fees of almost $ 750 were charged. Most were not typical "2.9% plus pennies" but consisted of access fees, network fees and several that were difficult to determine what they were intended for. It does appear that some cards that offer buyers "rewards" actually collect the rewards of sellers to pass them on. Basically, we pay directly for their advertising.
We can not do much if we accept these cards.
You might want to check your statements and find out what people are getting away with. Not so long ago, we found that 2Checkout quietly raised our interest rates to more than twice what we should have had, and then stuck to our money for many months while trying to leave. Only when they saw that we had not dealt with them did they finally give it up and release the last of it.

Next, a phone line that we had set up at a location (for the above-mentioned loading machine). We get the bill for the service and it was $ 30 for the month. That is until they had added more in the fees, the wire access fee and the $ 20 surcharges. 2/3 of the added costs?

How many hands are in your pockets that are not noticed because you are not looking closely?
When was the last time you looked seriously? all the costs of running your business to make sure you're getting a fair deal?

Transactions – clarification of UTXO costs

I would like to clarify my doubt about the UTXO issue, I have a transaction, an example of this and the use case for creating this transaction

bc1qz6qtgzkjnvzrf02tl8sczg7q8r0kkws0d5ly5s -> 0.00712451 BTC send to -> 33mMAc6nGyENdKMQTr5SrKoEkwNTeZQUx9

But the transaction contains UTXO, so

a UTXO for 33mMAc6nGyENdKMQTr5SrKoEkwNTeZQUx9 to 0.00700767 BTC
A UTXO for bc1qlctv5xhgw0yalp2vs47u342pegqm5r843c64dv to 0.00011212 BTC

Now I want to understand who is bc1qlctv5xhgw0yalp2vs47u342pegqm5r843c64dv?

  • Is the miner? So is it the fee?
  • Is the fork of the input transaction? For example, if I want to send 2 BTC from one of the 4BTC UTXOs, I need to create a new UTXO 2 output transaction to share the 4BTC UTXO.

fa. function analysis – Maximum costs optimal transport

Kantorovich's optimal transport problem

begin {equation}
tau_c ( mu, nu) = min boundaries _ { pi in Pi ( nu, mu)} int_ {X times Y} c (x, y) d pi (x, y)
end {equation}

Where $ Pi ( mu, nu) = { pi in P (X times Y); pi (A times Y) = mu (A), pi (X times B) = nu (B) } $

It is a well-researched topic when cost function $ c $ is not negative. But if $ c $ is actually a non-positive feature, I could not find any literature that explores it. Namely,
The problem is synonymous with the maximum transport costs
begin {align}
M_c ( mu, nu) & = min bounds _ { pi in Pi ( nu, mu)} int_ {X times Y} – vert c (x, y) vert d pi (x, y) \
& = – max limits _ { pi in Pi ( nu, mu)} int_ {X times Y} vert c (x, y) vert d pi (x, y)

This problem seems to be different from the optimal transport problem in that it is clearly defined and can not provide trivial solutions. For example, consider the maximum cost transport in the interval $ (0.1) $,

$ X = Y = (0,1) $, and $ f = 1 $then obviously $ M_1 (f, f) $ is not $ 0 $, and
begin {equation}
M_1 (f, f) le int _ {(0,1) times (0,1)} 1d pi (x, y) = 1
end {equation}

Actually, I can prove that $ M_1 (f, f) = frac34 $

Any literature on the maximum transport costs is requested.

IHS partial costs for Youth Mobility Visa (UK)

I have reviewed the website of the UK governments and they have a part in paying only for the IHS costs for less than 6 months, which is usually the cost of half a year of an IHS year. If I pay my IHS costs online, there is no option for the duration of my stay and I will be charged for the full two years of the IHS costs.

How can I only pay the partial costs that I do not know if I want to be in the UK all the time?

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