Redirects – Easy forwarding with countdown

I would like to redirect visitors to my new website. I would like to display a page that is running a countdown "You will be directed to the new site at 4..5..3..2.1 seconds", but I want the user to decide if he will be on the site Site should stay Click on a link before the countdown has expired.
How can I do it practically? My old site is based on Drupal.

Javascript – Create a countdown clock in typescript

Only the code is, give it a date, it will count down how many days, hours, minutes, and seconds are left when an event & # 39; countDown & # 39; is issued and once 0 has expired, the event & # 39; has expired & # 39; is.

How can this code be improved?

Class DateCountDown {
Listener: Map <String, Array>;

Constructor (date: date) {

this.startCountDown (date);
this.listeners = new Map ();
this.listeners.set ("countDown") []);
this.listeners.set ("expired", []);

on (eventName: "countDown"), listener: (values: CountDownValues) => void);
on (eventName: "expired", listener: (isExpired: boolean) => void);
a (eventName: string, Listener: Function) {
this.listeners.get (eventName) .push (listener);

startCountDown (date: date) {
constant thousand = 1000;
const sixty = 60;
const twenty four = 24;

const timer = setInterval (()) => {
const now = new date (). getTime ();
const t = date.valueOf () - now;

const days = Math.floor (t / (thousand * sixty * sixty * twenty-four)));
const hours = Math.floor ((t% (one thousand * sixty * sixty * twenty four)) / (one thousand * sixty * sixty));
const minutes = Math.floor ((t% (one thousand * sixty * sixty)) / (one thousand * sixty));
const seconds = Math.floor ((t% (thousand * sixty)) / thousand);

if (t <= 0) {
                this.listeners.get("expired").forEach(listener =>
                    Listener (true));

this.listeners.get ("countDown"). forEach (listener =>
Listener (new CountDownValues ​​(days, hours, minutes, seconds))
}, 1000);
Class CountDownValues ​​{
Days: number;
Hours: number;
Minutes: number;
Seconds: number;

Constructor (days: number, hours: number, minutes: number, seconds: number) {
this.ays = days;
this.hours = hours;
this.minutes = minutes;
this.seconds = seconds;

var date = new date ();
date.setSeconds (date.getSeconds () + 20);

let countDown = new DateCountDown (date);

countDown.on ("countDown", values ​​=> {
console.log ("from first", values);
countDown.on ("expired", isExpired => {
console.log ("expired:", isExpired);

javascript – Rails simple form with character countdown for input

I try the characters in the content input, The countdown works fine, but the only problem I have is that when the page loads, it does not count the existing value that I put in the content input. I want to count the existing value and then add or delete it like characters. I would like to update the number accordingly. How can I implement these changes?

  <%= simple_form_for @question, remote: true, :validate =>    true, html: {method :: post, id :: question_form} do | f | %>
  <%= f.error_notification %>
, Maximum permissible characters 70.
  <%= f.input :content, label: false, :input_html => {: value => "Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text in the printing and typesetting industry, and Lorem Ipsum has been the industry standard dummy text since the 1500s.", id => "body-field"}%>
  <%= f.button :submit, "Ask", class:" btn btn-primary" %>
  <% end %>

Multiple countdown hours in one day and weekly recurring countdown

Greetings to all. I am looking for help to create a countdown table for events that some of them repeat each day by 3 different hours, some of them on Monday and Saturday 3 different hours etc. etc.

What I want is similar to the following:

Let's get to the bottom of it.

1st Event: Repeats daily at 00:00, 12:00 and 19:00
2nd Event: As above at 02:00, 13:00 and 23:00
3rd Event: As above at 02:00, 14:00 and 21:00
4th Event: As above at 03:00 and 22:00
5th Event: As above at 09:00 and 19:00
Event 6: As above at 07:40 and 22:40
Event 7: As above at 10:00 and 21:00
8th Event: Repeat on Monday and Saturday at 06:00, 14:00 and 20:00
9th Event: Repeat on Wednesday at 06:00, 14:00, 20:00
10th event: repetition on Sunday at 20:30
11th event: Repeat on Friday at 21:00

I've created this sample table so you can understand it better:
cd.jpg "class =" bbCodeImage LbImage

I want this countdown to repeat. The first seven events repeat each day for two or three hours. When the first hour countdown is over, I want to start the second countdown. When the second is done, I want to start with the third. When the last countdown is over, I want the countdown to start for the first hour the next day. I hope I explained it well.

I have no idea how to do it. Can you explain it to me as if I were explaining to a dummy?

Unity – WHY !! CountDown does not work in the IF condition?

I need a way to reduce the countdown within the if statement if I'm stacking more than 3 days in this problem. Do not suggest that Coroutine does not work in my case because I use clones (initiated prefabs)

I know the countdown can only do one frame if it's in an IF statement … Any ideas for it to work … Ty

The game is about cars … and every instantiated car has a random countdown timer

        void update ()
if (car number <cars)
SpawnCars ();

and this is the spawn feature

    void SpawnCars ()
randomSpawnPoint = Random.Range (0, spawnPoints.Length);

randomSpawnCars = Random.Range (0, Cars.Length);

GameObject obj = instantiate (cars[randomSpawnCars]spawnpoints[randomSpawnPoint].position, Quaternion.Euler (-90, 180, 0)) as GameObject;

carNumber ++;

obj.gameObject.tag = "select"; // + k;

rcf = obj.GetComponent();
TextMesh txt = FindObjectOfType();

Time = random. Area (4, 20);

txt.text = (time - Time.deltaTime) .ToString ("0");
Pressure (time);
Print (car number);

Unity – the countdown timer inside while the loop is not working

I instanced unstable cars … the clones had a random countdown timer, each one of them was off and it worked very well, but counting down the non-decreasing not the spawn method is in the WHILE loop and the while Loop in UpDate () … I tried to move the countdown to Update (), but it did not work … no ideas … Thanks!

void update ()
p - = Time.deltaTime;

while (car number <cars && p <= 0)
SpawnCars ();
Print (car number);
p = 5;


and that's the spawn method:

    public void SpawnCars ()
if (SpawnAllowed)
// Choose a random Strat point 1/6
randomSpawnPoint = Random.Range (0, spawnPoints.Length);
// Choose a random car 1/6
randomSpawnCars = Random.Range (0, Cars.Length);
// randomly clone a car (1/6) from random pre_set points (1/6)
GameObject obj = instantiate (cars[randomSpawnCars]spawnpoints[randomSpawnPoint].position, Quaternion.Euler (-90, 180, 0)) as GameObject;
// carNumber counts the number of cloned cars
carNumber ++;
// destroy the cloned car after N seconds
// destroy (obj, 8);
// Every cloned car takes a day
obj.gameObject.tag = "select" + k;
k ++;
rcf = obj.GetComponent();
// textCDT
time = Random.Range (4f, time);
TextMesh txt = FindObjectOfType();

// the timer:
time - = Time.deltaTime;
coolDown = time.ToString ("0");
txt.text = "" + coolDown;



Rapid has submitted a new resource:

Countdown countdown


Provides a countdown timer in the sidebar.

(Example of a countdown in the sidebar)



.NET – create countdown in C #

Galera, that's the following. I am developing a quiz, question and answer game. With Xamarin, I have to create a countdown type: 30 seconds and it goes down until it reaches zero.

But I need this count to be displayed on the app screen.

I tried it in different ways and can not find it 🙁

javascript – Pure JS countdown clock does not convert milliseconds correctly

I have a reasonably pure js countdown clock that I'm having trouble converting right to milliseconds.

Here's a working plunker (next to the date counter)

It should only be 38 days instead of 184.

//// Should be countdown to 4 February 2019 /////

let cd = new countdown ({
cont: document.querySelector (".container"),
end date: 1549263600000,
output translation: {
Year: "years",
Week: "weeks",
Day days",
Hour hours",
Minute: "minutes",
Second: "seconds"
endCallback: null,
outputFormat: "Day | Hour | Minute | Second"

Thanks, I appreciate the help!

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