3W INFRA | Reseller offerings for 2 Gbps servers without counters / unlimited bandwidth – possibly free

We are proud of the fact that all dedicated 3W Infra servers have some indispensable features in common. They all meet your highest expectations in terms of Flexibility, security, reliability, scalability (high-volume options) and highest performance at prices that will surprise you, 3W Infra is housed in Amsterdam Equinix AM11 International Business Exchange (IBX) Data center.


• Monthly period
• Monthly payments
• No setup fee
• Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, FreeBSD and ESXi
• Tier 1 transit provider + exchanges (no traffic technology)
• No FBD or restrictions on uplink port usage (eg streaming and CDN allowed)
• Located in the Equinix AM11 International Business Exchange (IBX) data center

1) Single Intel E3-1230 v2 CPU / 32GB RAM / 2x240GB SSD / Software RAID / 2GigE Uplink Port / 2Gbps, Unmeasured Bandwidth / IPMI / 1xIPv4: EUR 150.00 / month
2) Single Intel E3-1230 v2 CPU / 32GB RAM / 2x2TB SATA / Software RAID / 2GigE Uplink Port / 2Gbps, Unmeasured Bandwidth / IPMI / 1xIPv4: EUR 150.00 / month
3) Single Intel E3-1230 v2 CPU / 32 GB RAM / 4 x 4 TB SATA / Software RAID / 2 Gigabit Uplink Port / 2 Gbps, Unmeasured Bandwidth / IPMI / 1xIPv4: EUR 170.00 / month
4) Dual Intel E5620 CPU / 24 GB RAM / 8 x 1.5 TB SATA / Hardware RAID / 2 Gigabit Uplink Port / 2 Gbps, Unmeasured Bandwidth / IPMI / 1xIPv4: EUR 170.00 / month
5) Dual Intel E5-2603 CPU / 32GB RAM / 8x 2TB SATA / Hardware RAID / 2GigE uplink port / 2Gbps, Unmeasured Bandwidth / IPMI / 1xIPv4: EUR 200.00 / month
6) Dual Intel E5-2603 CPU / 64GB RAM / 2x2TB SATA (Enterprise) / Hardware RAID / 2GigE Uplink Port / 2Gbps, Unmeasured Bandwidth / IPMI / 1xIPv4: EUR 200.00 / month
7) Dual Intel E5-2603 v2 CPU / 32 GB RAM / 36 x 2 TB SATA / Hardware RAID (LSI) / 2 Gigabit Uplink Port / 2 Gbps, Unmeasured Bandwidth / IPMI / 1xIPv4: EUR 250,00 / month

IPv4: 1: EUR 1.00
IPv6: / 64: Free
IP Announcement: Free


• Offer valid until: 29th May 2019 (subject to availability)
• Prices are exclusive of VAT.
• The prices are without payment provider (gateway) or transaction fees.
• Pay by PayPal, bank transfer, Visa, MasterCard or iDEAL (prepaid).
• Prepayment June 2019, and the active service period until June 1, 2019 is free.

Information and ordering at sales@3winfra.com. Customization, so more server configurations are available. Just drop us an email to discuss the setup you need.


3W Infra was founded in 2014 by some veterans of the internet and hosting industry Pure-play infrastructure as a service (IaaS) Hosting provider with headquarters in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The corporate quality of the company, ISO 27001 and PCI DSS certified hosting solutions Tailored to the specific needs of each customer, they are designed for scalability and cost-effectiveness, and offer cloud-enabled services such as colocation, dedicated servers, IP connectivity, and comprehensive customer support. These solutions ship with 3W Infra's remote hands engineering services to the world's major Internet hubs in Amsterdam, Frankfurt and London.

As a fast-growing company committed to sustainable growth, 3W Infra serves a dynamic range of different customer types with different needs. The company has a significant number of colocation customers and more than 4,000 physical servers under management, while its global network is now passing 250 Gigabit / s (Gbps) the available bandwidth. 3W Infra's customer base includes some of the largest Internet, broadcast and cloud service providers in Europe and beyond.

More about 3W Infra
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Press Release: 3W Infra Launches Dedicated Servers for "Bring Your Own Drive". (January 30, 2019)
Press Release: IaaS hosting company 3W Infra successfully renews certification for PCI DSS compliance. (4 December 2018)
Press release: Global IaaS vendor, 3W Infra, adds Asteroid IXP to its network ecosystem in Amsterdam. (April 13, 2018)
Press Release: IaaS Hosting Company 3W Infra Introduces Dedicated Server Plans for Dell's Mid and High Performance Areas. (March 29, 2018)
Press Release: IaaS Hosting Provider 3W Infra Introduces Global Startup Accelerator Program (December 20, 2017)
Read all our press releases here, including a complete historical overview of all case studies, articles and press releases.


ASN 60144
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How do I recognize the meaning of SQL counters such as transactions / s and errors / s? [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

  • Batch requests / sec, which are millions of DMV larger than the activity monitor

    3 answers

I've saved a few SQL counters in the last 10 days. I'm looking forward to using this data to create a dashboard for server health. However, my question appears when I start to look at my counters, which include a "metric" / s (transactions / s, errors / s, etc.).

As I understand it, the name means that these counters should show aggregated statistics based on how many errors or transactions occur per second. Everything I read online about these counters seems to confirm this description. In the figure below, however, you will notice that the number is high (423,683 transactions / sec) and is increasing significantly each day. It seems to me that it adds the counter of the transactions / s to the previous sums, if that makes sense. Is this the expected behavior? If so, to get the desired value, do I have to deduct the days from each other to get the transactions / s for that day?

Transactions / s for a single database recorded over many days.

views – Revision counters in the node overview

I want to see how many revisions a node has on the node summary page (/ admin / content).
Those in z. … / node / ID / revisions

It can not find anything Delta revisions or has revisions In views and I can not find any modules for Drupal 8.
It would be perfect if I could solve it with visual relationships or context filters, but I was not lucky yet.

Alternatively, it would also be helpful to show if a node has revisions or not.

I have this "Back to Previous Version" button (icon) linked to the page / node / ID / revisions. If none exist, this results in a no-permission error.
I want to hide it for these nodes.

Thank you in advance.


(This is my second approach to this question, maybe my first one was not clear enough.) I'm sorry.)

Enter the image description here

ICX – Affordable 1G Dedicated Servers Without Counters – From $ 179 / month ✅ DDoS-protected [25% Off]

ICX – Provides high performance dedicated servers with exceptional bandwidth capacity

All our dedicated hosting services include:

– On-site technical support around the clock
BGP Optimized Routing (NOCTION)
– N + 1 HGAR settings
– 20 Gbps DDoS attenuation

Dedicated hosting plans:


– Dual Xeon 5620

– 8 core
– 64 GB DDR3 EEC Ram
– 1 TB SSD
– 1 IPv4
– 1 Gbit / s unmeasured
$ 179 / month – 25% off with coupon code "WHT"


– Dual Xeon E5-2680

– 16 cores
– 128 GB of DDR3 EEC RAM
– 1 TB SSD
– 1 IPv4
– 1 Gbit / s unmeasured
$ 229 / month – 25% off with coupon code "WHT"


Twitter: https://twitter.com/InterConnX_

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/interconnx/

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caching – Store counters in Redis while minimizing potential data loss

For the application I'm working on, I need to create a counter that shows how many times each content has been displayed.

There are two goals here:

  1. Update the counter in real time
  2. Minimize load on MySQL

Right now, we're creating a cache key in Redis for every content that contains the number of views. When a view event occurs, we increase the number of views. If there is no value in the key when reading or writing, we calculate the count of all views with a separate data source (Influxdb).

The problem is that our existing approach is no longer feasible as we are re-structuring our InfluxDB data. It is no longer enough to calculate the number of times for a chart of influx data, for reasons that I will not go into here (just ask).

Basically, we have no way to calculate the number of time views from scratch. We have to rely on the existing meter values ​​and only increase them (never recalculate).

I have the following idea:

  1. Calculate all views of all content and save them in MySQL (this can be done once to sow the data).
  2. When a read / write is performed for the first time, look in MySQL and save it in Redis
  3. Increase the count at Redis each time you write
  4. In a background job, refresh the number of views in the MySQL database about once per hour with the data in Redis.

This results in a maximum of one hour of data loss if Redis drops all keys for a minute 59 before the background job runs.

Is this approach useful? If there is a better way to do it?

to edit

Now that I think a little bit more about it, the concept of a background job that updates all the maps is a bit problematic. If millions of keys are cached, how is the application supposed to know what activity existed and what redis values ​​were copied to MySQL?

So I think there may be a special key in Redis that stores a queue of all card IDs that have been updated. Then the background job can see the unique map IDs in this list and request only that data for the update.