CSF blocked all countries except one


In CSF I want to block all contries to access to server and only enable 1 country.

I checked some guides and they told this:

1- nano /etc/csf/csf.conf

2- CC_ALLOW = “”

3- CC_DENY = “”

But how can i put in “CC_DENY” for disable access from all countries and only accept one?.

I need write all contry codes?: AF, AL, DZ, etc.

Thank you very much.

Why does the US have so many Coronavirus deaths compared to other populous Asian countries?

Those countries’ population are nowhere near the US population. US population: 327 million. Japan: 150 million. Vietnam: 100 million. South Korea: 52 million. Taiwan:  24 million. Thailand: 70 million. Hong Kong:  7 million

Did any of those leaders golf when there was a crisis. 

We didn’t have enough kits to test everyone so only those with severe symptoms were tested right away. Then when more kits were available, the mild symptoms got tested. But by then, who knows how many people got infected by those that had no symptoms. If contact tracing were put in place, those that were near the positives would be told to quarantine or at least get tested to show they weren’t infected. 

Hong Kong, Japan, and Taiwan are islands so it’s easy to cut off access from other countries. Japan is a bunch of islands so it’s easy to keep the infected to a certain island. 

I highly doubt Vietnam has 0 deaths. Different countries have different requirements for a covid death. Look at Belgium. There is no way Belgium is the leader in deaths per million. Belgium said that previous deaths that might have been caused by covid but weren’t tested were reported as covid. The US reports it as a covid death if the person tests positive. Other countries don’t report it as a covid death if there are other conditions that might have killed them. Is it a covid death if someone has terminal cancer and tests positive for covid. Did the cancer kill them first or did covid kill them first. Most likely those countries said cancer killed them. 

The US does a lot of tests so there’s a better chance to catch someone with covid before they die. With those countries, are they doing enough tests. If there’s 100 people and only 10 gets tested. Of those 10, 1 dies. Of the 90 that didn’t get tested, 5 dies. So is it 1 covid death or 6 covid deaths. 

Many GOP countries are reopening their economies. Do you think infection rates and deaths will increase in these areas?

It is not just GOP countries. And yes, there will likely be a small increase in infections.

Keep in mind that the point of shutdown was to smooth the curve so that not too many people get sick immediately and overwhelm the hospitals. Mission accomplished. The goal was never to sit still and wait for the virus to go away completely. It is not an option.

Planning – electrical compatibility between different countries

For electrical appliances that are connected to a single-phase circuit, you are largely right. Most devices even work at 50 and 60 Hz.

Without going into the differences between India and the UK, there are a few other things to consider:

  • Especially in poorer countries with unreliable distribution networks, the actual voltage can deviate significantly from the specified voltage. Operating an electrical device below and above its nominal voltage can lead to damage.

  • Even if plugs and sockets are partially compatible and seem to fit, you may not be properly grounded if necessary. It is at least a potential safety risk if you connect a device that requires a grounded outlet to an ungrounded outlet or an incompatible outlet, which does not connect the grounding pin.

  • The safety requirements for electrical devices vary widely from country to country. Even if a device works and is safe to use (for a definition of safe), it is illegal in some countries to operate devices that have not been approved by a national certification organization.

  • A curiosity of UK electrical installations is that most plugs need to be fused. Using a cheap travel adapter without a fuse can pose a fire hazard. This isn't just about multiple levels of security, as Rory suggested in his comment. In the UK, an entire residential unit is typically wired to a single circuit protected by a 30 / 32A fuse. Most other 230 V countries use multiple circuits instead, which are protected by 10 or 16 A fuses. Without a secured plug, a faulty device in the UK can cause the full 30 / 32A to be pulled through the device's power cord, which is very unlikely to handle such high currents. The high current can cause the cable to heat up and catch fire. In other countries, the main fuse trips with a lower current, so the power cord itself does not have to be secured with a smaller fuse.

For high power devices (heaters, stoves, AC) that require a multi-phase connection (usually three-phase or two-phase), there are several other issues to consider, and in some cases, even unusual deviations within the same country. AFAIK, both India and the UK, have three-phase networks with 400 V Y connection, so you shouldn't have any problems.

Air Travel – Why does IATA's Timatic ask about the countries they have visited in the past 6 days when looking for a destination?

Why does Timatic from IATA (https://www.iatatravelcentre.com/) ask about the countries that have been visited in the past 6 days looking for a destination?

I understand that immigration officials sometimes have to look at recent travel history when deciding whether to allow entry, but I wonder why they choose 6 days rather than a different number of days.

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USA – If someone in one of the "Five Eyes" countries is denied a visa, does this affect their subsequent visa applications in other "Five Eyes" countries?

Well, I'm not an expert myself, but I had a roommate from El Salvador who lived in Taiwan. He applied for an Australian tourist visa to visit his sister and was refused. A year later, he applied for and received a tourist visa for the United States. What has changed? Now when he applied for the Australian, he was still a student when he applied for the United States. He had already got a job in Taiwan.

Since these 5 countries exchange visa information with each other, I would say yes, if you are refused a visa, this will affect subsequent applications in other of the 5 countries. However, if you improve your profile by having a good job, savings, and travel history, then you can change the outcome of your application.

Escort, content selling platform with 67 countries

Why are you selling this site?
I want to sell this page because I currently don't have time to continue operating it.
I lack a bit of marketing and sales know-how here.
Maybe someone can be found who can handle this project and continue

How is it monetized?
The platform offers various ways to make money.
There, escorts have the opportunity to advertise your services in order to place the Internet.
This is done either free of charge with restricted functions or as a paid premium.

In addition, the platform offers accompanying persons the opportunity to earn additional money with their own content such as pictures or videos.
The platform accepts a percentage of every deposit.

Does this website contain social media accounts?
No, but with an interface to Twitter that automatically transmits new content as a tweet with shared links.

How much time does this site take to run?
I can move this platform without problems within 2 weeks.
Only a few framework conditions would have to be clarified in advance.

Please note the topic: operational requirements

What are the challenges of running this website?
I find that difficult to explain. But I think that someone from the adult industry will have no big problems pushing the platform forward.

Operational requirements
This platform is currently operated on a dedicated system with ESXi. Each individual service is therefore saved as a VM.

For the operation I use nginx, php7.2, mysql, sphinxsearch, redis and a good CDN for the pictures and videos.

In addition, payment interfaces such as PayPal, Skrill and Neteller are connected. API access is required here.

These dependencies must be clarified before the move.