Does a multiple-entry Schengen visa permit entry to other Schengen countries without passing through the issuing country?

You can easily enter any country in the Schengen area (25 countries). See, for example, this unofficial Schengen visa website. I've done that personally before.

From personal experience, German immigration does not really agree with this idea. In Frankfurt they refused the entry of a friend because she had received her visa from the Italian embassy. Nevertheless, they let her in after a few tears. Moral of the story: Yes, you can enter Schengen with your Schengen visa, regardless of the issuing country.

Why do liberals fight so hard for the "rights" of people who are not legally in this country?

They are human beings and they have basic human rights such as life, freedom and the pursuit of happiness. Only a monster like Trump and his stupid racist supporters would take away people's lives, freedom, and pursuit of happiness without the need for due process. The Founding Fathers did not say that only citizens have these basic human rights. In addition, the "illegals" were not convicted of crimes. If you've ever driven a car or truck faster than the speed limit, or if you've been driving a jaywalk, you're as "illegal" as the undocumented immigrants. They have violated the law, but virtually all people here on earth who may have violated a law once in their lives.

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Trump tells liberal congressional women they should return to their country forum promotion

WASHINGTON (AP) – President Donald Trump has sharply criticized his criticism of Liberal Democrats, saying on Sunday that four colored congressmen should return to the countries that made them "broken and crippled", ignoring the fact that all women came are American citizens and three were born in the US His attack resulted in a sharp condemnation of the Democrats, who described the statements as racist and breathtakingly divisive.

After a familiar script, the Republicans were largely silent after Trump's morning side against the four women. But the president's nativistic tweets prompted the Democrats to lift their internal divisions to rise in a joint chorus against the president. "

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So we have a president who said there are "very good people on both sides" in the riots in Charlottesville, and who now calls a group of liberal congress women in the color "ALL NATURAL BORN CITIZENS" to return to their country. There are at least four white men in Congress who were not born in the US. Why does not Trump call her? I ask myself why …

Travel to the US with a German residence permit but from another EU country: Will there be a problem for both sides?

I am Indonesian, currently living in Germany and have a German residence permit. I have already received a US visa. My questions are

  1. Can I fly from another EU country to the USA?
  2. I have heard from my colleague that it will be a problem when I arrive in the US, even though I am allowed to fly from another EU country. Because the immigration officer will ask me strictly why I do not fly from Germany. Is that true?

Many Thanks.

I live in Israel. My Google Play country is set to USA. How do I change to Israel?

When I tried to set up Family Link on my child's phone, there was a need to change the above. This fails because the country settings on phones of parents and children are different. Sure enough, his country is set correctly in the Google Play settings.

How can I change mine if account-> country and profile settings are fixed?

Why do liberals pretend that the country was not already divided when Trump took office?

No, you idiot, it was YOUR reaction to Obama, which has led to divisions. It was HER people who hung him up in a picture, HER people who made jokes about having a watermelon bed and a roast chicken on the White House lawn, HER people, him, his wife, and his daughters with monkeys compared. It was YOU who vowed to make him a president even before he took office. It was YOU who claimed he was not a citizen. You attacked him because you did exactly what you praised GW Bush for. You can not blame Obama for what YOU have done. You people are the crass, bigoted ignoramuses who have been practicing non-stop racial lures for 8 years. It was simply in your throng, a vicious black man who was elected president rather than "knowing his right place." GFY. You people are not unfortunate, you are scornful, you should be ashamed, but you are not. You are proud to be like that. You are a shame for the USA.

But the split goes back even further. It really started with Rush Limbaugh in the 80s, then Newt Gingrich in the 90s – this idea that Democrats were not just the loyal political opposition, but the "enemy". YOU @ssholes started it all, then you have the balls to try and blame us.

You are the one without a clue.


Schengen – Can you obtain a visa for a third country in your home country if you are not currently living in your home country?

Suppose a Russian citizen studying in the US (ie living) [on an F-1 visa] would like to get a Schengen visa to visit the Netherlands. If they are in Russia during a break, they can apply for a visa through the Dutch Visa Application Center in Moscow, or their application will be denied (and they will be asked to apply for a US visa in which they currently reside) are not currently living in Russia? Is the answer to this question generalized to visas of all other countries or is it specific to the Netherlands (or Schengen visas)?

I have a question for the Conservatives: how best to keep illegal immigrants away from our country?

First, you need some reasonable laws. It is not a deterrent to have laws that mean you have to look after immigrants in the community for several years until their lawsuits are pending. Several presidents have pointed to the inadequacy of US immigration laws. https: // v = yiXSy0eB …

A physical barrier would be a deterrent.

Finally, the elimination of the money-making aspect of border crossings should be a priority. Money is earned through trafficking and drugs – possibly with weapons. The people who are involved in these "companies" and the people who are willing to turn a blind eye to allow this, should be locked up – and that includes members of Congress.

https: // v = YXNC9t6K …