covid 19 – Can I enter Spain with a Ukrainian passport traveling from a non-EU country?

NB: Travel is currently ill-advised unless you’re fully vaccinated due to very high cases levels all around the world. Consider postponing your trip or instead traveling to a country where you can get vaccinated locally, such as the US, if you haven’t been vaccinated just yet.

Flying directly to Spain? No, unless you’ve been vaccinated with an EU-approved vaccine (which aren’t available in Cuba yet, as they’re using local ones instead?) as described by @mlc. But there’s always the Croatia loophole, which has been available for more than a year now to gain access to any EU country regardless of your residency. Croatia is visa-free for Ukrainian citizens so this option will work for you.

According to IATA, the following foreign citizens may enter Spain:

passengers arriving from Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland (Rep.), Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden or Switzerland;

So passengers traveling from Ukraine are not included unless there’s residents. However there’s a “loophole” where you can first enter Croatia and then fly to any EU country of your choosing. The IATA page has the following requirements for Croatia:

  • passengers traveling as tourists with proof of paid accommodation;

The Croatian National Tourist Board confirms this:

Third-country nationals not covered by the above mentioned points may
enter the Republic of Croatia from third countries if they are:

  • persons who travel for tourist reasons and have confirmation of paid accommodation in a hotel, camp, private renter or rented vessel
    and other form of tourist accommodation or are owners of houses or
    vessels in the Republic of Croatia;

Persons referred to in items 7,
8, and 9 will be allowed to enter the Republic of Croatia with:

  • Presentation of a certificate of negative PCR or rapid antigen test for SARS-CoV-2 listed on the Joint List of Rapid Antigen Tests
    Mutually Recognized by the Member States of the European Union,
    published by the European Commission, if the test result is not older
    than 48 hours testing until arrival at the border crossing.

So what you could do is fly from Cuba to Croatia (I’m seeing an Air France flight that could work, as France still allows for transit), stay there for a day and then fly to Spain. Note that you’ll need a COVID test in both Cuba and Croatia. On the way back you could just fly straight from Spain to Cuba.

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There are many countries that tax every single cent entrepreneurs earn and even alleged returns, apart of to tax for the bureaucracy maintenance. No mind if the business is online or offline.

About Latin America (Mercosur) countries I know
There are countries like Argentina where companies end up closing because the tax system constitutes an heavy burden at the point it’s impossible to follow with the business. Uruguay looks like to face the same matter. Brazil stays in a somewhat better condition, but medium sized companies gets too burdened by taxes too. Small sized companies pay between 10 and 27% of taxes on the income, more or less as the Brazilian small sized enterprises.
In any way, to become freelancers in Argentina looks like convenient as to open an individual micro-enterprise in Brazil: in such cases, there is only a small amount to pay to social security in a monthly basis to ensure pension rights.

About south European countries I know
Italian entrepreneurs pay 70% of their income, apart of the VAT and other compulsory bureaucracy.
Spain: between 49 and 61%.
Portugal is very much better than Italy and Spain: small and medium sized companies pay 21% of taxes.

What about your countries?

customs and immigration – Can I enter Spain with an Ukrainian passport traveling from a non-EU country?

I have dual citizenship (Cuban and Ukrainian) and I currently reside in Cuba. I don’t have a Ukrainian residency.

Since July 27th, Ukraine is included in the list of countries that are not considered at risk for Spain. This can be checked here.

Do I have to be a Ukrainian resident to be able to enter Spain? Would coming from Cuba disallow me from entering Spain?

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I am a Yemeni Citizen Living and working in Azerbaijan , My password will expire and I wont be able to renew my temporary residency.

We don’t have Yemeni Embassy in Azerbaijan, I have contacted my Embassy in Malaysia as I have some connections there , they said I can send required docs and get new passport, They will send it by DHL.

Is it fine if i do that , My new passport wont have any stamps on it, and I am worried they wont accept it when I submit ?

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I need to change the country of my Apple ID, and I already found that fortunately any apps that did cost money will be available for free download after I do this (as long as the app exists in my new country of course).

But I couldn’t find out whether the data of the app is also kept when I redownload an app I already have on my device – like the progress in a game, any data that is stored like photos or documents etc.

Does anyone happen to know?