1,541 Spotify Premium Accs (with country coverage) 21.11.19

Hello everyone, I would like to thank this community as a thank you for accepting my account as part of this great forum. Here I updated about 1.541 Spotify premium accounts (with country coverage) on 21.11.19 and created it myself. payable for 6 months without a problem, I hope you like it!




1,541 Spotify Premium Accs (with country coverage) 21.11.19

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Customs and immigration – Stopover in a non-EU country: Do I need a passport?

You need a passport if you need to handle the immigration to Kiev. If you fly with a low-cost airline such as Ryanair or otherwise need to transfer between terminals D and F at KBP, you will need to go through immigration to Ukraine, which requires a passport. However, Italian citizens do not need a visa to enter Ukraine. If both segments of the airline are connected to Ukraine International, you should be able to travel to Kiev without any immigration as these two flights use Terminal D. Since you are physically leaving the EU, it is best to have a passport, even if you may not need it when an emergency occurs or plans are changed.

Republicans: If it is not easy to ask a foreign country to interfere in our electoral process, then …?

Since there is no evidence that Trump has asked a foreign country to participate in our elections, your question is pointless.

The one who paid a foreigner (Chris Steele) to buy unchecked information from the Russians was Hillary Clinton. Who then used this information to obtain arrest warrants to hear Trump's election campaign, and then leaked this Russian information to influence the recent elections.

Funny how the people conducting investigations on "Russian agreements" never see this very real example of collusion.

The whole thing is political and not based on facts or reality.

User expectation – country selection with region filters

I'm building a design for the user to select a single country or multiple countries that are historically / culturally grouped (eg United Kingdom).

I'm just looking for feedback and wondering if anyone has seen anything like that.

Dropdown 1: Region (Whole World, Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, etc.)

Drowdown 2: Country (all, then list of eligible countries based on dropdown 1)

The user first selects a region (eg Europe) and then a country (eg Germany).

If Country = All, the search results show all countries in the selected region (or all countries if region = whole world).

Changing the region changes the options in the list of countries.

One topic I have is dealing with regions like the UK. Without taking Brexit into account, British countries are also in the Europe region. A country in several regions is not a problem. The problem is that there are so many regions (Great Britain, British Isles, Balkans, Caribbean, etc.). I can absolutely see that users want results to be returned for "all countries in the UK".

Should I only have many regions? All world, continents (EU, Africa etc.), then these special subgroups (UK etc.)? Or would you sort all world, then continents + special regions (sorted from A to Z)?

Country of the website on confirmed URLs

I think it will be nice and convenient to have the country column in the list of verified URLs. If the GSA can identify the country (based on the domain tld and others), it is helpful for people who do not work with xxx, xxx, xxx URLs to avoid certain tlds / hosts. I know this is possible while posting, but I think it may be useful to reorient some websites / languages.
I'm not sure if it's easy or not, but the data is already collected at checkout (last checked).
What do you think?

How to prove commitment to a country applying for a Schengen visa?

Me and my wife are from Azerbaijan. We live in Germany because I live in Berlin with a Blue Card. Recently we have invited the aunt of my wife, who is her closest relative, to visit us for 10 days.

The aunt applied for a Schengen short-stay visa to visit the family. The visa was rejected as well as the consistent withdrawal, since the proof of attachment to the country was not sufficient, ie the proof that it will return, was not sufficient.

She is 56 years old, unemployed, not married and has no children.

As evidence of the bond with the country she submitted:

  • The proof of owning an apartment in Azerbaijan
  • Return to Azerbaijan
  • Letter of Commitment – Official invitation from me, for which I vouch for the cover of her stay and her expenses and which I hold to be responsible if she does not return to Azerbaijan
  • Family records for her brother, who lives in Azerbaijan

As I mentioned earlier, my wife and aunt are closest relatives, and they are desperate because of these rejections.

I was surprised by rejections when I recently successfully invited my mother. We have friends in Berlin who have successfully invited relatives with similar situations for a short stay in Germany.

Are there any ways to improve the application, apart from a job that is not easy at her age?

Spain – meeting of a family member in an EU country with the EU residence card

I am an EU citizen who is married to a non-EU citizen and this Christmas we travel to visit my family in Spain but we will travel separately because of work. He has the EU-issued residence card issued by the United Kingdom a few months ago when we both live and work in the UK. I know that he is allowed to travel alone as long as he comes to see me, but I wondered what he was asked at the airport and how he can show that he's coming to Spain with me. I'll pick him up from the airport in Spain, not sure if that would be enough or if he needs any documents or additional evidence. If he is traveling alone for the first time, I'm worried that he will have problems at the airport.
In summary, I would like to know if he can only travel with his residence card or if he needs a visa or other document.
Thank you in advance!!

tls – How does a country block / censor an encrypted website (HTTPS)?

TL; DR: TLS only saves the content of a message. Not the metadata.

When communicating over the clear network, it should be noted that some parts of a particular communication with standard technologies can not be secured. Unless you use TOR, your ISP can tell who you are talking to, even if you use TLS.

To use an analogy, imagine you send an envelope through the post office. The contents of the envelope are completely inaccessible to anyone other than the recipient. Even if a postman somehow saw the content, he would not be able to understand it (maybe you first drew it through a Caesar cipher? Hehe).

However, in order for the post office to send them to the correct address, the outside of the envelope must be marked with a legible representation of the destination address. If the postal service did not want someone to send letters to "Joe Schmoe, 123 Fake Street," he simply could not deliver letters with that address.

Since the postal service can not read the content of the message, he can not identify the intention of the letter. The only information they have is the fact that the intended recipient is Joe Schmoe. Not only can you check the letters that they think are malicious. All or nothing.

Similarly, in the IP protocol (the routing protocol that TCP is running on), the sender and recipient fields are clearly marked. TLS can not encrypt this for two reasons:

  • TLS runs over TCP / IP and therefore can not change any parts of the packages that belong to those protocols.
  • If the IP section were encrypted, the carrier service (ISP router) might not know where to go.

The firewall that forces your ISP or your country to handle all traffic can not validate TLS traffic. You only know the metadata provided by the TCP / IP protocol. They also believe that the website you are trying to access is rather bad than good, so they manage all traffic from and to the website, regardless of content.

There is a way to secure even the metadata of online communication, but this is slow and not very scalable. TOR Hidden Services are an attempt to implement this. Of course, hidden services only work within the TOR network, which can only be accessed when connecting to a machine through the Clear network first. This means that the ISP or the firewall will continue to know that you are forwarding your data via the onion. No matter how you try, you will always leak something Metadata. If they wish, they can reset all connections to TOR nodes in addition to the site they are currently blocking.

When you try to connect directly to a specific IP address through a firewall, and the firewall has explicit rules to block traffic to or from that particular IP address, a direct connection to that IP address is always unsuccessful. You must establish an indirect connection, either via TOR, a VPN, or another proxy service.