np complete – Concrete example for reducing vertex cover to subset sum

In computer-aided infectivity, we often come across the need to reduce the vertex cover (VC) problem to a subset sum problem …

We do

… mainly to prove that Subset Sum is NP-Complete.

There is no particular reason to go this way. Karp (1) defined the Knapsack problem as: $ a_1, dots, a_r, b in mathbb {Z} $is there a sentence $ S subseteq {1, dots, r } $ so that $ sum_ {i in S} a_i = b $? This is a variant of the sum now called subset. If you prefer to define the subset Sum so that $ b $ is always zero, we'll come back to it soon.

Karp shows that Subset is Sum NPcompletely through the chain of reductions
$$ text {SAT} leq text {3SAT} leq text {Chromatic Number} leq text {Exact Coverage} leq text {Subset} ,. $$
In particular, reducing Exact Cover to Subset Sum creates an instance where the $ a_i $and $ b $ If all are positive, you can specify whether the subset "Is there a subset whose sum is zero?" should be defined $ a_ {r + 1} = – b $,

Because Subset Sum and Vertex Cover are both NPIn full, there is clearly a reduction between them. However, you should not expect that there will be a "nice" reduction in which a small VC instance naturally transforms into a small subset-sum instance where you say, "Aha, now I understand." And that goes for most pairs of NP-complete problems. In complexity theory classes, we teach simple, intuitive reductions, usually between problems that somehow resemble each other, or between SAT or 3SAT and a problem that is not Boolean formulas. This can give the impression that there is a natural reduction between each pair of NP-complete problems; In fact, there is usually no.

(1) Richard M. Karp, Reducibility in combinatorial problems, in the Complexity of computer calculations, Plenary Press, 1972. (PDF)

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Visa – mention of my main interest in traveling to Spain (Flamenco) in cover letter

I travel to Spain for about 25 days at the end of October, followed by 5 days in the Netherlands. My main reason is the study of flamenco culture throughout southern Spain (I also learn flamenco guitar with a teacher in Madrid via Skype). Should I mention this in my cover letter when applying for a Schengen visa? Or am I being too honest here?

Will the people in the embassy think that I'm going to Spain to learn flamenco and will never return? Or will this strengthen my visa application?

I am a contractor working for a Canadian company in my native India.
I apply for a Schengen visa for the first time.

9.0 pie – Incoming calls do not start the phone app to cover the entire screen

An incoming call does not start the phone app on the entire screen. Instead, two buttons appear at the top of the screen: Reject (red) and Answer (green).

Enter image description here

How can I recover the behavior common to the phone app that covers an entire call on an incoming call, displaying a single button that allows you to answer or reject the call?

I'm using Android 9.0 on a GM 8 device from General Mobile.

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How much of the system will cover the safe start?

Background: We're developing for a Debian 9.8 system, but the space we work in is dominated by embedded devices.

According to Wikipedia, Secure Boot can "secure the boot process by preventing the loading of drivers or operating system loaders that are not signed with an acceptable digital signature." By that I mean that code is protected at the kernel level, but not user-level code.

I have some terminology issues with my boss who feels that Secure Boot can protect the entire operating system. I believe that Secure Boot can only back up the entire system if the computer in question is an embedded device (you will never receive any software updates, so you can group all the executables together and sign them). If the device is a typical PC, starting it safely can not provide security (your PC is constantly being updated with software, which means that an executable block is constantly changing and you need to recalculate / sign it entire block with each update).

Am I right or is he? Is there an easy way to extend Secure Boot's protection to our custom user-level software? Is there anything similar to Secure Boot that I should look out for to secure user-level software?

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Choose and buy women's skater dresses and cute pullovers from Luvyle
Choose and buy women's skater dresses and cute pullovers from Luvyle

Apart from the basic motivation to cover your body, garments now have a different meaning. You have the ability to truly change the way you look, so your character is much more. From highlighting your body parts to feeling good about your body, ideal skater dresses for women can make your Cinderella look appear. A full-length skirt with a fit reaching down to the hips and thighs
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