transit – Transiting BUD in Times of COVID

I’m supposed to fly from BUD to the US at the end of the month. Due to COVID restrictions, as a US citizen, I can’t enter Hungary; however, according to the BUD airport website and various government websites, I can transit BUD if I show proof of onward travel as long as it’s within 24 hours. I would appreciate some advice/guidance on my plan:

In order to remain in the transit area and stay airside, I’ve booked a separate ticket from Paris to BUD, and I’d arrive late at night. I’d spend less than 7 hours in BUD before catching my flight to the US (via Paris) the next morning. Is this permitted? (I’m worried about being denied boarding on my evening flight to BUD from Paris.) The BUD airport website seems to suggest that transit passengers (who are non-Hungarian citizens) can stay airside and they provide blankets, cots, and wifi before catching their next flight, and I seem to fulfill all the requirements listed.

covid 19 – Travelling from England to Northern Ireland via Ireland

Our trip to Northern Ireland got cancelled last year due to lockdowns but we have a credit for the ferry crossing that I’m tentatively looking at rebooking.

Our journey plan is this:

  • Leave home in England (my partner and I are both British)
  • Drive through Wales
  • Get the ferry from Holyhead to Dublin
  • Drive up to Northern Ireland immediately from the ferry to stay in a holiday cottage
  • Stay from Thursday and leave on Monday
  • Drive back from NI to Dublin ferry port
  • Get the ferry back from Dublin to Holyhead
  • Drive home from Holyhead

This would be our first ever trip to NI. I can get my head around all the stuff about only meeting friends outside, etc. etc., and I know under current rules that we’re allowed to travel anywhere in the UK, but what I can’t get my head around is how the trip would be affected by the couple of hours in Ireland.

Edit: to address some comments, our booking credit is with Irish Ferries so unfortunately Holyhead->Dublin or Pembroke->Rosslare are our only choices of route.

The IE government website has information about entering Ireland during the pandemic:

The NI government website also has information about travelling during the pandemic:

The UK government website has this information:

But despite reading all of these pages, I still can’t work out:

  • If our trip is viable (it’s not possible to do a long weekend in NI if we’d have to quarantine for 10 days in an Irish hotel beforehand!)
  • What paperwork / tests we have to do and when (it’s not possible to take a test 2 days before entering the UK if we’ve only been out of the UK for 3 hours)

We wouldn’t be stopping in Ireland, purely transiting through in our car. The total length of the trip would be 5 days, with only a couple of hours driving in Ireland on day 1 and day 5.

So my question is, what are the practicalities of taking a long weekend trip to Northern Ireland from England, via Wales/Ireland?

Thanks in advance.

❕NEWS – Miami Pharmacy Accepts Bitcoin From Conference Attendees for COVID Tests | Proxies-free

Earlier before the recent or just concluded Bitcoin conference held in Miami , the progressive health care pharmacy in Miami announced it willingness to accept payment for covid test in Bitcoin from the participants considering that the participants could be up to 50,000 people.

What do you think of this move?.

covid 19 – Can I enter Denmark by car without a PCR test?


If you live in Netherlands, that is an orange country (yes I know, but now also according to the Danish classification) you need:

  • Test before arriving in Denmark
  • Test after arrival
  • Isolation after arrival

The tests could be PCR or quick antigen tests.

All requirements are void if you are fully vaccinated more than two weeks ago or was previously infected.

Note that the country classifications can change very week.

covid 19 – Do I need PCR test to enter Switzerland by vehicle from Germany?

No. The Federal Office of Public Health (BAG/OFSP) has the information you need.

As of June 3, the last German states (Land Sachsen and Thüringen) are removed from the high-risk list. But the situation can again change and states may be added back.

From a low-risk country/region, you may enter by private vehicle, bike or as a pedestrian without particular conditions. If you take a bus or train, an entry form needs to be filled in. If you are taking a flight, a negative test is also necessary. Exemptions apply for persons coming from border regions, fully vaccinated persons within last six months, persons who recovered from COVID-19 in the past 6 months and other grounds (see the link for more detailed information).

covid 19 – Quarantine protocol when reaching small airports in Germany from main airports

I have to travel soon to Leipzig (Germany) from Dublin (Ireland), and most flights (from Lufthansa, KLM, Ryanair) either go to other bigger airports (such as Frankfurt, Berlin, or Dresden) or go to these and couple them with a train to Leipzig.

As of May 21st, Dublin is still a risk area for most German states, so I would have to quarantine when I arrive there. However, I am having trouble finding any information on whether they allow for taking an ICE to another airport, which (it seems to me) would completely defeat the purpose of a quarantine upon arrival.

Does someone know where to find information about this, or what the current protocol is? Would I have to find a direct flight to Leipzig?

covid 19 – Are duplicate Greek PLFs required to provide accurate vaccination information?

I was trying to fill in the Greek PLF for entry into the country tomorrow. Now, I noticed that despite the form asking for the number of people in my household, it did not give me any options to enter the vaccination details for the other people in my household (we differ in everything, including date of vaccination and type of vaccine used). Does this mean that we should still submit different PLFs (one for both of us) to provide the Greek authorities with our details?

I should add that as part of the declaration, I had to check a checkbox that said “Only one PLF will be submitted per household”, which I obviously checked, but I was expecting to be able to fill in all of the details for both of us.